Flynn arrived at Roo Gully at the beginning of November
after being found standing next to his dead mother on the side of a local highway.
Flynn cheeky

He was an older joey, who right from the beginning
let us know he didn't really need human care,
and we knew he was going to be trouble with a capital 'T'!

Flynn meets Megan
Although Megan was very interested
in meeting a newcomer, she really didn't like Flynn.
But then Megan really doesn't like any young kangaroos apart from her mate Ella.
We think this is because she has needed so much care from us
after suffering horrific injuries to her feet,
and so she's not keen on sharing her humans with anyone else.
Oh, we tried to get them to be mates,
encouraging them to get to know each other
on the couch every evening.
Megan Flynn pouch
Flynn with Megan
And Flynn really did try to be friends with Megan.
But maybe he just tried a little too hard
because he followed Megan everywhere.
Flynn Megan kitchen
And before too long the fur was flying between these 2 joeys,
with Megan usually winning!
Megan Flynn spar up
Megan Flynn box
Flynn always gave the impression that he knew everything.
But he didn't.
He still needed us
to tempt him to eat native bushes.
Flynn and Abbie
And his efforts in trying to master the art of eating grevillea
sure gave us some entertaining moments!
Flynn holds grevillea
Flynn fails grevillea
There is no doubt that Flynn melted our hearts.
Flynn endearing
He was comical.
Flynn scratch
Flynn handsome
And also very handsome.
But he never melted Megan's heart.
And it didn't help when he finally got a taste for grevillea.
Meg Flynn grevillea
Meg look Flynn
Because by the look on her face
Megan thought he was getting more than his fair share!
Things were getting decidedly frosty between them.
Meg snub Flynn
Flynn and Ella
But luckily for Flynn he found a friend in Ella,
our little wallaby who loves everyone.
And eventually Megan tolerated the new boy.
Meg Flynn Ella lounge
Flynn mess
But poor Flynn continued to blot his copy book,
because it was always him who ended the evening
by tipping over the dried food container and making a mess.
However, his endearing look always meant he was soon forgiven.
Everyone loved him, no matter how much work he caused us.
Flynn sorry
Megan might have been the boss inside the house,
but, because he was more bushwise, Flynn was definitely the boss outside.
This soon began to worry us,
because we often saw Flynn looking longingly at the creek.
Flynn look creek
And we worried even more when we spotted Ella looking longingly too.
Flynn Ella look creek
She was far too young to be allowed access to the bush,
far too easy prey for eagles, foxes or feral cats,
so for her own safety Ella was then confined
to the house and the wallaby enclosure.
We were equally worried when we saw Megan looking longingly at the creek too.
Meg Flynn look creek
Megan definitely didn't have
the ability to outrun any predator.
And so we really panicked the morning Flynn and Megan went missing.
They were left alone for literally minutes
and vanished from sight down the creek.
Meg Flynn down creek

No one will ever know what adventures they had
or what fears they experienced out on their own
but thankfully Megan come home safely with Bron later that night.
Flynn did not return until the following night,
and it was obvious he had not enjoyed his first solo trip into the bush.
But we knew then that the bush was calling him,
and he was going to become a huge problem.

We were right.

Flynn hide tree
After that episode, when it was time to come home,
Flynn would sneak behind bushes and trees
hoping not to be seen.
And when that failed he would hide in the long grass.
Flynn hide grass
It quickly became a prolonged battle to get him home each night
and we spent many hours coaxing him into his pouch when the sun was setting.
Carol after Flynn
Carol coax Flynn
Funnily enough though, he always enjoyed his evenings inside.
Flynn Kayleigh
He loved cuddling up with an exhausted volunteer.
And he always enjoyed his bottle of milk.
Meg Flynn bottles
Flynn stands pouch
But in the early hours of the morning
it was no surprise to see Flynn standing
in his pouch asking if it was time to go bush.
It was in his blood.
Knowing this we thought it best he met some of the Gang.
He pushed his luck a little with Meeka
who soon sent him packing.
Flynn meet Meeka
Flynn meet Bron
But of course he found a substitute mother in Bron.
As expected she took him under her wing.
They became an 'item'.
Bron and Flynn

After that some nights Flynn would come home
and sleep in his pouch, but most nights he wouldn't.
Thankfully he was always home with Bron in the morning.

Then came the morning Bron came home alone.

Flynn scratch bedroom
We will never know if Flynn fell foul to eagle, fox or feral cat.
But thankfully, despite intensive searches,
we have never found his body anywhere at Roo Gully.
So our hopes are that Flynn managed to get out of fenced area,
fairly easy at the moment after the recent flood damage,
and that he is living a wonderful life with the wild roos.
Flynn scratch sun
One thing for certain,
we will never forget our adorable young Flynn,
who gave so much love,
but could have been too confident for his own good.
Flynn inquistive
Wherever you are Flynn we wish you well
and hope you are living the life you always yearned to live.
We love you, and still miss you,
and maybe one day we hope we might see you again.


On behalf of Flynn and his mates we thank you for caring

Flynn's Tale © Roo Gully 2006

Photos courtesy of Roo Gully, Kayleigh Andrews, Abbie Norbury.