Heidi is one of the kangaroos you will get to meet
in 'The Roo Gully Diaries'.
And after following part of her story in Episodes 1 & 2
I am sure you will all agree she is a very special roo indeed.
Heidi looks
Heidi began her life at Roo Gully on the 6th November 1999.
She was orphaned by a shooting a few weeks before,
and was brought to us by her first family because they had a small child
who was too active for a frightened young joey.
They named her Heidi
because she was always hiding in her pouch.
Heidi in pouch
Heidi cheeky
She was very shy with us too in the beginning,
but we soon found out she was a cheeky young joey.
At that time we were also caring for a young boy, named Sevvy,
who wasn't too sure about sharing his home with another joey.
And it didn't help their relationship when Heidi enjoyed teasing him.
She could run like the wind.
Heidi teases Sevvy
Sevvy annoyed Heidi
And Sevvy couldn't because
he had come to us with a broken leg.
There was only one solution.
Sevvy remained a 'Mummy's Boy'.
Heidi loved
While Heidi became a 'Daddy's Girl'.

Thankfully Heidi did win Sevvy over,
and they became good mates.

It was so funny to see them about to start their first night out with the mob.
Both looked as frightened as each other.
But they did it.
Although I admit Heidi adapted to life outside much quicker than Sevvy did!

Sevvy Heidi at door
Heidi loved fun and games.
She was very boisterous,
maybe too boisterous for Sevvy at times.
Heidi play Sevvy
And so it wasn't long before she found a new friend in the mob, Rosie.
Heidi Rosie
Even though Rosie was older they paired up
and enjoyed many adventures together in the bush.
This was all happening in the days before Roo Gully was fenced,
and the wild bucks were still visiting.
Rosie became a mother
while Heidi was still enjoying bottles of milk.
Heidi bottle
Heidi paddock
But her turn came the following year.
Heidi gave birth to a daughter, Maple.
Maple peeps
Rosie Bracken
And a month later
Rosie had her second daughter, Bracken.
Then tragedy struck.
Rosie suddenly became sick and died.
Bracken was an orphan.
Bracken alone

Everyone was devastated at losing Rosie,
and of course worried about Bracken.

We were hoping that another mother might adopt Bracken,
even though some scientists told us this never happened.

But then these scientists had not met Heidi!

Heidi feeds Bracken
Because that is exactly what Heidi did.
It was a wonderful ending to a very sad story.
And Heidi went on to raise
her 2 girls side by side.
Heidi and girls

Today Heidi is still a happy and healthy roo.

She adores the winter sun.

Heidi scratch sun
Heidi winter sun
And in summer nothing beats a dust bath.
Heidi stretch sand
Heidi roll sand
Before sleeping.
Heidi asleep sand
So yes, we think Heidi is a very special roo.
Heidi cheeky look
And, at times, she is still a cheeky roo too.
On behalf of Heidi and her mates we thank you for caring

Heidi's Tale © Roo Gully 2005.

Photos courtesy of Roo Gully, Norma McGhie, Carol Ann Magrin.