THE 2006 'KIDS'

Until the new guys get established we thought it would be good
if we used one page to introduce you to all the new kids in care.

As they get older they will each go to their own page.

So far we have done 3 of the new kids Tales - 3 more to go, Tommy, Pipit and Marlu.
We hope you enjoy meeting them.

Oscar's Tale

Just before we were due to start our Annual General meeting,
on Saturday 30th September 2006, our kitchen filled
with joeys, possums and birds brought in by our vet, Jules.

Luckily we found home for all the joeys, except one.


Oscar was orphaned the day before
when his mother was killed in a road accident on a mine site.
Her joey was taken to the local veterinary clinic,
and then brought to us.

We were very busy at that time.
The day of the charity meeting was chaotic,
but having an influx of new animals and birds
we spent then next few days making sure they were properly housed.

About 4 days later we realised that one young joey,
that was supposed to be moving on to new carers,
had sort of 'slipped under the door'.

Oscar was feeling quite at home
with his new friends.

Oscar's mates

To make it worse one young student, William,
had fallen totally in love with our new joey.
Oscar and William
And Oscar had fallen in love with Will.

So another new joey joined the Gang.

Oscar settled into life at Roo Gully very well indeed.

He quite liked snuggling up with Arnie on the couch.
Arnie Oscar
Bindi Oscar
And Bindi was quite a good looking gal.
Then Oscar met Pipit,
our very friendly young Western Brush wallaby joey.
She is a very loving little wallaby
who just loves meeting newcomers.
Pipit annoy Oscar
Oscar Pipit
As Oscar found out while out enjoying the sun.


At first he tried to ignore her.

Oscar Pipit
Pipit oscar
But Pipit persisted in introducing herself,
despite his futile attempts to play hard to get.
Before long Pipit was walking all over him.
Oscar Pipit
Oscar Pipit
And after we were all left thinking if Oscar was asking us,
'Hey, who is this kid with the weird stripes on her face?'
Oscar soon found out that some other Roo Gully residents
could be a little bit 'friendly' too.
Although it was Oscar who first approached Arnie.
oscar meet Arnie
Oscar Arnie close
He obviously thought Arnie
was soon lying too close for comfort.

So what does a macho guy do in this kind of situation?

Well, he simply allows his body to 'express' his feelings!

And poor Arnie,
smelling the whiff, certainly got the message.
Arnie yuk
Oscar Arnie close
Oscar then gave Arnie a hard stare which clearly told
his new friend he didn't mind his company
but he wasn't into any 'funny' business!
Like all young joeys Oscar was a little nervous when he first arrived.
He was reluctant to be alone.
Oscar worried
Oscar Arnie look
And a little afraid when he saw the big wide world.
But his confidence grew quickly
and he now loves his walks around the sanctuary
often leading the way home.
Joeys walk
Oscar browse
Oscar also loves browsing.
Smelling the flowers.
Oscar flower
Oscar hide
Hiding down by the creek.
And his bottles of milk.
Oscar bottle
Oscar finish bottle
But he sometimes chooses a more obscure position.
Which means he spills milk on his lips.
oscar milk lips
Clean milk
And has to clean it off afterwards.
Oscar is a very amusing young joey, and we are pleased to say
that some of his funny expressions have been captured on camera for you to enjoy.
Oscar scratch
Oscar fun pose
Oscar thinks
Thinking hurts
Oscar clean
Sadly, though, life is not all good for Oscar.
Although he feeds well, and is putting on weight,
he seems to be growing tall and skinny.
Oscar Gawky
Oscar thinking
And sometimes he even looks underweight.
At first we just thought this was his body build
because we have discovered over the years of raising joeys
that Western Grey kangaroos are either tall and slender or short and dumpy.
Oscar hops
Then we started noticing that although Oscar
hopped around and played with the others...
...he would lay down at every opportunity.
oscar bag
Checking hearts
So we compared his heart rate to the other joeys
and also did some urine tests.

These revealed that Oscar was passing just a little too much protein
which could suggest he has a kidney problem.

We discussed this with Jules, our vet, who also examined him.

So although Oscar doesn't know it yet
he's going for a day out soon to our Veterinary Hospital
where he will have further urine and blood tests,
an ECG, and also a chest X ray.
In the meantime Oscar appears to be quite well.
He enjoys being outside with the others
oscar gawps
Oscar hides
That is as long as there is somewhere comfy
to have a lie down when he feels like it.

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Bindi's Tale

Bindi arrived in the arms of a distraught couple
on, Thursday, the 4th September 2006.

Her mum had been raised by them
and still visited their property every day.

Bindi's mum
As did all the other roos they had raised over the past 15 years.
Bindi's famaily
Then Bindi's older brother came home without his mum.

Sadly her body was discovered
on a near by road.

His young sister was inside the pouch.

Bindi's brother

After years of raising joeys
the couple decided they could no longer face the heartache
that often comes with caring for animals.
And so brought Bindi to Roo Gully.

Their only request was that she be called Bindi,
in honour of the late Steve Irwin's daughter.

Bindi meets Arnie
Arnie was really pleased
to meet his new friend.
And gave her a welcoming kiss.
Like all orphaned joeys Bindi was quite nervous
when she first explored her new home.
Bindi looks
Bindi wary
But we all fell in love with her
when she gave us one of her quirky looks.
Bindi quirky look
Bindi quickly settled into life at Roo Gully,
and soon made some new friends
She liked lying with Pipit,
our Western Brush wallaby joey.
Bindi meets Pipit
Bindi and Jess
And adored sleeping with Jessie.
She became a favourite
with all the volunteers and students.
Bindi Ian
But Bindi's favourite human is Sandra,
one of our Dutch volunteers.
Bindi Sandra
Bindi looks Sandra
It wasn't long before Bindi was taken outside.
It was a scary new world,
but Sandra gave her a reassuring cuddle.
Bindi looks
And after a good look around...
...she set off for her first hop.
Bindi Hop
Bindi is an amusing young joey.
Bindi nose

She hates bush flies up her nose.

But then we all do!!

And she loves a good roo scratch.
Bindi scratch
Bindi cocky
But sometimes she gets confused
where her arms should be!

The young joeys are now being taught the geography of Roo Gully,
ready for the day they join the main mob.

Bindi was unsure when she first saw the creek.
Bindi look creek

So she has taken on the role of sentry,
always watching to make sure her little group is safe.

Which we are sure they will be,
because Bindi takes her assumed role very seriously indeed.
Bindi looks

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Arnie's Tale

Arnie's mother was shot on the night of the 23rd August 2006.
A guy apparently shot many roos,
leaving their bodies to rot where they had dropped.
And he didn't check any pouches for joeys,
something that is a legal requirement of all shooters in WA,
but difficult to police in the Australian bush, which to all animal lovers is tragic.

15 hours later neighbouring farmers climbed the fence
and grabbed 2 dead roos to feed their dogs.
Arnie was discovered shivering in one of the pouches.

Arnie paddock

After a phone call to Roo Gully
Arnie started life with us on the 24th August,
arriving as a very cold and frightened young roo
that had yet to grow his fur.

Arnie did well after his initial 24 hours in our humidicrib to warm him up,
and a few days later we decided to take him down to meet his future mob.

Abby was very interested
to meet this newcomer.
Arnie meet Abby
Arnie met Leila
As was Leila.
And as usual Molly needed to see
whether the new kid was a boy or a girl!
Arnie meet Molly

Then Arnie met Bron, our Kindergarten teacher.

For many years Bron has looked after the new kids
but we wondered how she would react once she had her new joey.
Did she take on her role because she yearned her own joey?
Or was she really our Kindergarten teacher?

To our surprise Bron took a genuine interest in young Arnie,
and he quite liked her.

Bron Arnie
Arnie meet Bron
Bron even gave him a Roo Gully welcome hug.
Bron hugs Arnie
And then she remembered her own boy in her pouch.
Bron check Joey
Arnie was very surprised ...
Arnie look see a head peep out of Bron's pouch.
And young Jasper was equally surprised
to see who his mum had been hugging.
Despite his young age on arrival Arnie continued to thrive and grow.
Even though she was bigger than him
he tried very hard to show Bindi it was not such
a scary world at Roo Gully when she first came into care.
Arnie Bindi bedroom
Arnie suck toe
And typical of many young joeys
he loved sucking his toe.

All was going well for Arnie - maybe too well!
Because a few weeks later he hopped
the wrong way on the lawn and SNAP - he fractured a bone in his foot!!!

Poor Arnie.

He suffered a terrible indignity when a bald headed, bearded guy examined him.

That bald headed, bearded guy
just happened to be our vet, Jules!
Arnie being examined
And when Jules looked serious.
Then so did Arnie!!
Arnie look

But Arnie needn't have worried about the diagnosis.
Jules said it was not that serious.

In fact Arnie didn't even need a plaster cast.

Arnie splint
Some Vet Wrap as a more supple splint
was all that was needed.
And then Arnie was offered his toe.
Arnie offered toe
Arnie suck toe
Which he eagerly latched on to.
Phew! His first meeting with the vet was over!
Then it was time for bed
with his favourite student - Laura..
Arnie Laura
Which Arnie thought was OK, as long as he could suck that toe!!
Arnie splint
Arnie sucking toe
So as Arnie says
'Watch this Space mates, because "I'll be back" with another adventure!'
Arnie winks

'And despite what these pictures show
I wasn't that frightened of that vet!!'

Until next time eh Arnie!

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Photos courtesy of Roo Gully, Ian Henderson, William Oliver, Laura Keighley,
Sandra van der Poel, Susanne Kessens, and Bindi's first human parents.