JOEYS 2007 - The New Kids

The 2007 Joey Season got off to a very busy start
with the arrival of 2 young Western Grey kangaroo joeys
who were orphaned on the same night, from the same mob, by roo shooters.

We named them Luna and Leo.

Luna is the oldest joey,
and a confident young female,
but also a little bit crazy so now
we are all really beginning to think
that 'Luna' could actually be short for Lunatic!
In comparison Leo is a very timid boy,
which in our experience is typical of most young male roos,
and as you can see he is also a deep thinker too!
A few weeks later another little joey arrived from the same mob.
Her mother had been killed by dogs.
We named her Lily.
Lily is by far the youngest of the trio,
and so of course like Leo is quite timid
but watching her it won't be long before
she is hopping around as confidently as Luna.

And then a young joey was found by bushwalkers
standing beside his mother who had suffered a serious leg fracture.

Alfie is a challenge.

He didn't want to live with humans.
He didn't even want to live with other joeys.

He wanted his mum.
Alfie lonely
Fortunately Alfie is settling in to his new home.
And he is making friends with Luna.
But he still gives the impression the whole world owes him!


All 4 joeys seem to be doing well, but they still have a long way to go,
because even in these early days each one has given us some worry and a few sleepless nights.

So once again it's fingers crossed and let's hope.

One thing for certain is that everyone at Roo Gully
will do everything in their power to give these 4 joeys the best chance possible.

And YOU can help too
by supporting our 'Adoption' programme or by giving a donation.

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On behalf of Luna, Leo, Lily & Alfie we thank you for caring

Joeys 2007 © Roo Gully 2007

Photos courtesy of Roo Gully & Corinna Krueger.