Maple played a part in one of the most important events
ever to happen at Roo Gully.
Maple looks
Her mother is Heidi.
And she shares her mother
with her adopted sister Bracken.

They are an unusual family and their story is amazing.

Maple was born on the 13th December 2000.

All of the joeys born at Roo Gully are named after trees, flowers or plants,
and Maple got her name because we had Canadian friends staying with us.

Up until she became a young at foot Maple lived a normal life with her mother.

Maple kiss Heidi
Heidi and Maple

Then Rosie, Bracken's mother died unexpectedly.
Bracken was an orphan.

To everyone's surprise Heidi adopted Bracken,
and Maple accepted the situation.

We often saw her waiting patiently
while Bracken fed first.
Bracken feeds Maple looks
Heidi and Maple
But she still shared
those special moments with her mum.
Heidi's girls were completely different.
Bracken was dominant like her mother, Rosie,
and Heidi had her hands full teaching her to box.
Heidi Bracken play
Heidi Maple nuzzle
But Maple was more timid and very gentle.
Despite these differences, they were a happy family.
Maple Bracken paddock
Maple Bracken lawn
And the 2 girls formed a strong bond.
We knew from filming her in secret that Maple was a happy joey,
often enjoying a frolic in the early morning mist.
Maple in mist
Maple sunkick
But she was always more wary if she knew we were around.
Maple alert
We accepted her nervousness.
Maple alert paddock
And think it may be one of the factors
that led her to being one of the mob's sentries.
It was a role she started to assume at an early age.
Maple looks paddock
And it is a role she kept as she got older.
Maple alert lying
Maple sentry
Maple still lives with us,
and still has a close bond with her mother Heidi and Bracken.
Maple and mob
She is a happy member of the Roo Gully mob.
But sadly for us still a little wary of humans.
Maple wary
She will not allow anyone to stroke her,
but she has no objection to us taking photos.
In fact she doesn't mind that at all - as long we don't get too close!
Maple pretty
On behalf of Maple and her mates we thank you for caring

Maple's Tale © Roo Gully 2005.

Photos courtesy of Roo Gully, Kristina Pick, Kayleigh Andrews.