Megan, our new Western Grey joey, is an unusual newcomer
because she is not an orphan.
She was discovered hanging in a fence by her feet
but after being rescued could not be reunited with her mother
because she had suffered horrendous injuries.
Struggling for hours trying to free herself from the wire
she had deep cuts on both feet that are too wide to stitch.
Luckily, even though we can see the tendons on each foot
they are still intact and working.
Megan cuts to feet
Despite our fears for Megan's future, she is doing very well.
She is being treated by Jules and Graham, our vets,
and is on an extended course of antibiotics
to help ward off infection.
Megan treated
Megan is a very brave little roo.
And lies quietly while we change her bandages.
megan bandage
She is also a loving little girl
and loves her cuddles.
Megan cuddled
Megan was understandably nervous after her experience.
Megan nervous
And we all spent many hours with her
building her confidence.
Thankfully, our efforts paid off
and she was soon exploring the bedroom.
Megan braver
Then Megan started to spend some time outside on the lawn.
Megan under brolly
During the hottest part of the day
she has to lie in the shade of the umbrella.
That is where Megan met Ella,
and she soon became friends
with our young wallaby.
Megan meets Ella
Megan still has a long way to go,
and it will be many weeks, even months, before her feet will heal.
Megan scratch
But she can walk and even hop a little.
And she loves a good scratch.
Megan in sun
Megan scratch ear
Before falling asleep in the sunshine.
Megan asleep

On behalf of Megan and her mates we thank you for caring

Megan's Tale © Roo Gully 2005

Photos courtesy of Roo Gully,Kayleigh Andrews, Baharan Kazemi