Missy, our little Western Brush wallaby, died on 5th August 2004.

Missy's body was sent to Murdoch University in Perth for autopsy,
and the report has been posted on our Autopsy page.

But before you read that we ask you to share the life of our special little wallaby.

Missy looks
Missy arrived to live at Roo Gully on 18th March 2004.
She had been orphaned in a road accident and weighed 1.275 kilos.
Our little wallaby, with her fur making her look like a toilet brush,
soon settled into life at Roo Gully
Missy on lawn
She was cheeky and very loving, and easy to love.
I was about to fall in love with my 4th wallaby,
but for Ben, our UK student, it was to be his first wallaby love.
Carol with Missy
Ben with Missy
In the beginning we struggled to find her a name.
We thought of Bella, Evie, Susie, Pixie and a few others,
but none seemed to suit her.
Missy on couch
Then I walked into the lounge one night to see her sprawled on the couch looking very comfortable indeed, and I just said to Ben that she looked like a proper Missy.
The name stuck,
and suited her very confident personality.
Missy comfortable
Missy was to take this confidence outside.
Missy explores
She was inquisitive, and loved exploring.
She enjoyed meeting the birds
whose aviaries back onto the wallaby compound.
Missy looks magpies
Missy meets Winnie
And she was very excited when she met another wallaby!
Our older wallaby, Winnie,
was quite nervous of this newcomer.
Winnie nervous
But Missy was not deterred and followed Winnie into her enclosure.
Missy by gate
Missy enters pen
We filmed some interesting behaviour between the 2 wallabies,
but within days Missy had won over Winnie and they became mates.
Wallaby mates
Missy winks
However there was never any doubt who was the boss!
And it wasn't Winnie.

Life was good for many months with our wallabies.
Missy weaned from milk and started spending her nights outside with Winnie,
but she still liked to join us inside the house whenever she felt like it.

Then on the 3rd August Missy became sick.
She was rushed to veterinary hospital where she was given emergency treatment,
for a suspected massive bacterial infection and returned home, on a drip.

Missy sick but eats
She was treated with aggressive antibiotics,
and received intensive care, nursed around the clock.
ben cares for Missy
Missy drinks milk
We had hoped we were winning the battle
on the 2nd day because she had periods where she stood,
ate a variety of her favourite plants, grasses and treats,
and even drank milk.
And then early that evening she began suffering from convulsions.
We kept her going through the night with medication,
and were pleased when, at 3am, she got up, walked around the bedroom and even ate.
Sadly 4 hours later she started convulsing again,
and despite everything we tried to do she died.
Missy sick

Following her autopsy, Missy's body was cremated
at Lawnswood Pet Crematorium in Perth.

Missy's ashes
And her ashes have now arrived home.
Work is starting on a monument for Missy
in our bush cemetery where her ashes will rest.

Missy's short life at Roo Gully, and maybe even her death,
will we hope advance the care and treatment or these precious macropods.

She was a very special little wallaby and I know we all miss her.

On behalf of Missy we thank you for caring, and for loving her too
Missy's Tale © Roo Gully 2004