Nicky is a Euro, or Common wallaroo,
a species renowned for being full of mischief.
And as this photo of him suggests,
Nicky is a typical Euro!


Nicky cheeky

Nicky was brought to us on the 20th January,
and when you watch our forthcoming TV series, the 'Roo Gully Diaries',
you will realise it is one day in the history of Roo Gully no one will ever forget.

Thankfully Nicky's arrival was the best part of that incident packed day.

Nicky arrives
8 month old Nicky was brought to us by a lady in town,
who had rescued him while she was working at a property
near the town of Cue, 1,000 kilometres north of Roo Gully.

Sadly his mother had to be destroyed after injurying herself inside a goat corral.
It was Christmas Day and so he was named Nicky, after Saint Nicholas.

His first carer brought him to us when she realised that she could not care for Nicky long term.
It broke her heart to let him go, but she made the right decision,
because Nicky settled in well and still gets to see his first mum.

Right from day one we knew
that living with a Euro was going to be different!

Nicky is extremely mischievous, but his cute little smile,
always meant no one can ever get angry with him.


But he certainly kepts everyone on their toes.

Nicky loved exploring and climbing.

Nicky explores
Nicky nosey
Nicky cheeky
Nicky loved hopping and exploring.
Nicky in flight
Nicky landing
Nicky hops
Nicky loved eating.
Nicky eats nuts
Nicky eats garden
Nicky eats grass
Nicky loved meeting people and playing.
Nicky plays with Ruth
Nicky plays
But Nicky was not so sure about meeting a chicken!
Nicky meets chicken
Nicky Looks

Yes, Nicky was hard work
because we never knew what mischief
he was going to get into next.

But everyone loved him.

Trouble was he knew it!!
Nicky winks

We thought Nicky might become better behaved as he got older.

How wrong we were!

Nicky pLANS

Because Nicky is as mischievous as ever!

We decided to take Nicky down to the creek,
and quickly knew it was not a safe environment for an adventurous Euro.

Nicky at creek
Nicky looks creek
So for now he shares the wallaby enclosure.
Nicky stalks Winnie
Nicky loves teasing the young wallabies,
and even tries to push his luck
with Winnie, our older wallaby.
But he was not quite so brave
when he met Quackers the duckling.

Nicky meets Quackers

Nicky still shares the house too,
which means nothing is safe.
Nicky with brush
Nicky with toy
Not even us!
Nicky fights Carol
Fortunately, Nicky still likes to sleep.
And although he adores lying in the sunshine
He really prefers his home comforts.
Nicky head on pillow
Nicky asleep
Any couch or a bed will do!
And the best part of our day
is when Nicky is asleep.
Nicky cocky
Because he always wakes up
planning his next mischief!

On behalf of Nicky and his mates we thank you for caring

Nicky's Tale © Roo Gully 2005

Photos courtesy of Roo Gully,Kayleigh Andrews, Dana Dror, Jana Klinberg, Baharan Kazemi