AGENCIES A list of Agencies, Residencies, Groups and Sub-agencies in Princely India13-4-2016
BENGAL (Estates) 37 Zamindaris within Bengal as at the abolishment of estates on 16th May 195123-6-2011
BIHAR (Estates) 38 Zamindaris within Bihar as at the abolishment of estates6-11-2010
CHHINDWARA (Jagirs) 10 Jagirs in Chhindwara District of Central Provinces2-9-2013
CHAUBE (Jagirs)7 Princely States within Central India2-9-GFD2013
DHAR (Estates) 22 Estates in Dhar Princely State, paying tribute to the Darbar, dated 1921.23-2-2015
DYNASTIES and CLANS A list of some Rajput Dynasties and a selection of prominent clans6-7-2016
HYDERABAD (Paigah Jagirs) 18 Jagirs within Hyderabad belonging to the Paigah family. 29-5-2016
HYDERABAD(Samasthans) 16 Samasthans within Hyderabad as at the abolishment of estates in 1952 28-10-2010
ISTIMRARI (Jodhpur) 66 istimrari estates in Ajmer District of Jodhpur state as of 1893 23-10-2012
JETPUR (Taluks) 25 Taluks as part of the original Jetpur state in Saurashtra 26-10-2012
KANKREJ THANAa collection of 37 petty estates under Palanpur Agency in 19215-6-2016
KHASI (States) 25 Princely States comprising The Federation of the Khasi States now in present day Meghalaya 28-7-2014
KOLHAPUR (Jagirs) 12 Jagirs within Kolhapur state 28-10-2010
MADRAS (Zamindaris)Zamindaris in the Madras Presidency as determined by a survey in 1877 26-9-2014
ORISSA (Estates) 51 Princely Estates within Orissa 3-11-2010
OUDH (Taluqs) 275 Taluqs within the United Provinces of Agra and Oudh as at 1875 16-11-2011
OUDH (Zamindaris) Zamindaris within the United Provinces of Agra and Oudh arranged according to size17-1-2013
PROMINENT FAMILIES Prominent Families in India (Noble and non-Noble) 16-12-2011
SANTALPUR THANAa collection of 45 petty estates under Palanpur Agency5-6-2016
SHEKHAWATI ESTATES A list of estates within the Shekhawati region of Jaipur21-9-2014
SHIMLA ESTATES a selection of former Princely states and estates in the the present-day Himachal Pradesh areal 18-5-2016
SIKH MISLS 12 Sikh Confederacies established in 1748 within the Punjab 4-12-2011
SIRAYAT The Nobles of 16 Princely States within Rajasthan, listed by state 24-10-2012
THARAD THANAa collection of 43 petty estates under Palanpur Agency5-6-2016
WAO THANAa collection of 25 petty estates under Palanpur Agency5-6-2016
ZAILDARI 18 Zaildari (estates) paying tribute to the Princely State of Keonthal 11-1-2016