AGORI BARHAR (Zamindari)

LOCATION: Oudh (Mirzapur Dist.) AREA: 29,767 kmē VILLAGES: 523 (1921) POPULATION: xx RELIGION: Hindu

PRESENT RULER: Raja ABUSHAN BRAHAM SHAH, present Raja of Agori-Barhar since 1971.
born 19th November 1954, educated at Welham Boys School, Dehra Dun; married 1982, Rani Sharda Singh, daughter of Kunwar Bharat Singh of Gangwal, and his wife, Kunwarani Mandavi Devi, and has issue. PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: An impartible estate, it originally was comprised of the present districts of Sonbhadra and part of Mirzapur district. It was divided into two parganas of Agori, which was 18,477 kmē and Barhar, which was 11,290 kmē in area, thus making it the largest estate in area in the United Provinces of Agra and Oudh. Raja Paramardideva of Mahoba, ancestor of the family and contempory of Raja Prithviraj III of Delhi, who attacked Mahoba as the Raja was the ally of Raja Jaichand of Kannauj, and occupied it for a time. Raja Paramardi Deva fled for his life with his friends and family, and though Mahoba was re-occupied by the Raja with the help of Jaichand of Kannauj, the glory of the capital never returned. During this time one of the sons of Raja Paramardi Deva, called Ashajit, fled eastwards in the turmoil that followed. His sons or grand sons called Barimal and Bharimal, captured Agori from the Kaharwar Raja and made them selves the independent rulers of Agori and Barhar. The elder brother Barimal took the kingdom of Agori and Barhar, and the younger brother Bharimal became the independent ruler of Bardi. Within this zamindari, sixteen taluqas have been assigned for the maintenance of the Babus (collateral agnates). Rulers were.....
SOURCE: The assistance of Kunwar Hemang Singh Rajawat is gratefully acknowledged, October 2005.
1. The descendants of the eldest son became extinct in 1794 and those of the second son in 1871.