AUNDH (Princely State)

AREA: 1,297.59km² PRIVY PURSE: 5,212Rs ACCESSION: 8th March 1948
STATE: Bombay DYNASTY: Pant Pratinidhi RELIGION: Hindu
VILLAGES: POPULATION: 64,560 (1921) REVENUE: 445,591 Rs (1930)
AGENCY: Satara Agency (1930)

PRESENT RULER: The Chief of Aundh, ranks as a 1st Class Sardar of the Deccan (Pant Niwas, Bhandarkar Road, Deccan Gymkhana, Poona, India)
PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: Maratha State founded in 1699. The ruling family is descended from Trimbak Krihna, a Yajurvedic Brahmin, who was kulkarni or village accountant of Kinhai, a village belonging to the chief of Aundh situated in the Koregaon Taluka of the Satara District. His son entered the service of Raja Rajaram of Satara, and so distinguished himself in the field, that the Raja , who already promoted hom to the rank of Sardar in 1690, conferred on him the ttile of Pratinidhi (Victory) in 1698. Rulers were....
  • Yamaji Pant Kulkarni, Kinhaikar (from the village Kinahi), had one son.
    • Krishna Rao Pant, had two sons.
      • Appaji Pant, no issue
      • Trimbak Pant, married and had issue, two sons, including.
        • Pratinidhi Parusharam Trimbak Shamsher Bahadur (see below)

  1. Pratinidhi PARUSHARAM TRIMBAK Shamsher Bahadur, 1st Chief of Aundh 1699/1718, born 1660, he was granted the title of Pratinidhi in 1698, which was granted back to a previous holder, but was then regranted to him in 1700 by the widow of Raja Rajaram; he again lost the title twice before before being reappointed in 1714 by Raja Shahuji, who made the title hereditary, within the family; married and had issue. He died 27th May 1718.
    • Shrimant Krishnaji Parusharam Trimbak, Chief of Vishalgad, appointed Pratinidhi by the Raja of Kolhapur at Vishalgadh, married and had issue.
      • Gangadhar Rao Pant, married and had issue.
        • Meherban Shrimant Shriniwas Rao Gangadhar [Bhagwant Rao] (qv)
    • Trimbak Rao Pant, died sp.
    • Shrimant Shriniwas Rao Parusharam [Shripat Rao] (qv)
    • Shrimant Jagjivan Rao Parusharam [aka Dadobha] (qv)
    • Sadashiv Rao Pant, died sp.
    • Godu Bai, married to Ghugardare.
    • Yesu Bai, married to Kolekar Deshpande.

  2. Meherban Shrimant SHRINAWAS RAO PARUSHARAM, 2nd Pant Pratinidhi of Aundh 1718/1746. He died spm on 25th November 1746.

  3. Meherban Shrimant JAGJIVAN RAO PARUSHARAM, 3rd Pant Pratinidhi of Aundh 1746/1749 and 1752/1754, deposed by the Peshwa in 1749 but was reinstated in 1752. He died sp in 1754.

  4. Meherban Shrimant SHRINAWAS RAO GANGADHAR, 4th Pant Pratinidhi of Aundh 1749/1752 and 1754/1762 and 1763/1765 and -/1776, married and had issue. He died 5th April 1776.
    • Meherban Shrimant Bhaskar Rao Shriniwas (qv)

  5. Meherban Shrimant BHASKAR RAO SHRINIWAS, 6th Pant Pratininidhi of Aund 1762/1763, died 1763.

  6. Meherban Shrimant BHAGWANT RAO, 5th Pant Pratinidhi of Aundh 1765/1777, married and had issue, an only son. He died 30th August 1777.
    • Meherban Shrimant Parusharam Rao Shrinivas (qv)

  7. Meherban Shrimant PARUSHARAM RAO SHRINAWAS [THOTO PANT], 6th Pant Pratinidhi of Aundh 1777/1848, born 30th August 1777 (on the same day as his father's death), deposed in 1806 and thrown into prison by the Peshwa; he was released and re-instated on the Peshwa's death in 1818; he adopted the title of Pant in 1846, on which occasion he paid a nazar of 25,000Rs to the Raja of Satara, married two wives, from whom he later separated, he adopted his successor in 1843. He died sp on 11th June 1848.

  8. Meherban Shrimant Shrimant SHRINIVASRAO PARUSHARAM [ANNA SAHIB], 7th Pant Pratinidhi of Aundh 1848/1901, adopted from Hibarekar family at the age of 10, born 27th November 1833, educated privately, succeeded to the gaddi on 11th June 1848, Member of the Bombay Legislative Council 1866/1868, married 1stly, 1850, Radha Bai, born 1845, daughter of Mutalik, married 2ndly, Thaku Bai, daughter of Narayan Daji Sabnis of Bhushangarh, and had issue, four sons and four daughters. He died 1901.
    • Meherban Shrimant Parusharam Rao Shrinivas [Dada Sahib] (qv).
    • Shrimant Gangadhar Rao Shrinivas [Tatya Sahib] Pant, married and had issue, two sons.
      • Shrimant Shrinivas Rao Gangadhar [Anna Sahib] Pant
      • Shrimant Jagjiwan Rao Gangadhar Pant.
    • Meherban Shrimant Bhavan Rao Shrinivas [Bala Sahib] (qv).
    • Shrimant Bhagwant Rao Shrinivas Pant, married a lady of the Nevarekar family.
    • Goja Bai [Akka Sahib]
    • Shrimant Laxman Rao Pant

  9. Meherban Shrimant PARUSHARAM RAO SHRINIVAS alias DADA SAHIB, 8th Pant Pratinidhi of Aundh 1901/1905, born 17th February 1858, Succeeded on the death of his father in 1901, installed on the gaddi 20th February 1902, married and had issue, two sons. He died 1905.
    • Meherban Shrimant Gopal Krishna Rao Parushuram [Nana Sahib] (qv).
    • Shrimant Vithal Rao Parushuram [Bhau Sahib], born 1890, educated at Rajkumar College, Rajkot and New English School, Poona. Disowned by his father and grandfather due to doubt about his legitimacy.

  10. Meherban Shrimant GOPAL KRISHNA RAO PARUSHARAM alias NANA SAHIB, 9th Pant Pratinidhi of Aundh 1905/1909, succeeded on the death of his father in 1905, installed on the gaddi on 3rd November 1905, temperorily deposed in July 1909 by British Authorities for the investigation of his involvement in a conspiracy to murder his state Karbhari, Mr Jacob Bapuji Israel, deposed permanantly by the British government, in favour of his uncle, 4th November 1909.

  11. HH Meherban Shrimant Raja BHAVAN RAO SHRINIVAS alias BALA SAHIB, 10th Pant Pratinidhi of Aundh 1909/1951, born 24th October 1868 (#2) and succeeded 4th November 1909; educated at Satara High School and Deccan College, Poona (B.A.); Chief Secretary 1896/1901, C.B.E. [cr.1946], married 1stly, Rani Amba Bai Sahib, married 2ndly, 1906, (name unknown), born 1890, died 1915, married 3rdly, 1913, Shrimati Soubhagyavati Rani Rama Bai Sahib [Mai Sahib] of the Rode family, born 1898, and had issue, seven sons and seven daughters. He died 13th April 1951 ( #1 ).
    • Shrimant Trimbakrao Pant [Raje Sahib] B.A., LL.B., born 1888, married and had issue, three children. He died 1923.
      • Akka Sahib
      • Meherban Shrimant Bhagwant Rao Trimbak [Bapu Sahib] (qv)
      • Maina Bai
    • Parshuram Rao Pant [Appa Sahib], Padma Shri 1954, born 12th September 1912 (#3), educated at Deccan College, Poona, University of Bombay (BA) and Oxford University (MA); Barrister-at-Law, Lincoln's Inn; Education Minister and Prime Minister of Aundh State 1944/1948; Member of A.I.C.C., 1948; Commissioner for the Government of India in British East Africa 1948/1954; appointed Consul General for Belgian Congo and Ruanda-Urundi in November 1950 and Commissioner for Central Africa and Nyasaland in December 1950; Officer on Special Duty, Ministry of External Affairs 1954/1955; Political Officer in Sikkim and Bhutan with control over Indian Missions in Tibet 1955/1961; Indian Ambassador to Indonesia 1961/1964, to Norway 1964/1966, to the UAR 1966/1969, to Italy 1972/1975 and High Commissioner in London 1969/1972; author of "Tensions and Tolerance" 1965, "Aggression and Violence: Gandhian Experiments to fight them" 1968; "Yoga" 1968 (Arabic edition); "Surya Namaskar" 1969 (Italian edition); "Mahatma Gandhi: A Moment in Time" 1973; "Mandala, An Awakening" 1976; "Progress, Power, Peace and India" 1978; "Survival of the Individual" 1981; interests include.. photography, yoga, tennis, ski-ing and gliding, married 1942, Shrimant Dr. Nalini Raje (née Dravid), M.B.B.S., F.R.C.S., and had issue. He died 5th October 1992.
      • Aditi Raje
      • Aniketrao Parashuram Rao Pant
      • Avlokita Raje
    • Madhav Rao Pant [Bapu Sahib], born 1916, married Lilatai Sulakhe.
    • Krishna Rao Pant [Aaba Sahib], born 1926.
    • Gangadhar Rao Pant [Tatya Sahib], born in December 1928.
    • Dr. Sadashiv Rao Pant , born 1932, married Dr. Pushpa Raje
    • Gopal Rao Pant [Bala Sahib], born 1935?.
    • Ginu Bai
    • Vasanti Raje
    • Varsha Raje
    • Sundara Raje
    • Sharada Raje
    • Mangala Raje

  12. Meherban Shrimant BHAGWANT RAO TRIMBAK [BAPU SAHIB], 11th Pant Pratinidhi of Aundh 1951/1962, born 1919, married Shrimant Lalita Gauri Raje Sahiba, died 8th April 2007 aged 87, daughter of G.V. Mavalankar, the first Speaker of the Lok Sabha, and had issue, one son and one daughter.
    • Shrimant Shailajaraje (Tairaje) Jatar, married and has issue.
      • Udayanraje Jatar
      • Sameeranraje Jatar
    • Meherban Shrimant Shripat Rao Bhagwant Rao (qv)

  13. Meherban Shrimant SHRIPAT RAO BHAGWANT RAO, 12th Pant Pratinidhi of Aundh 1962/1997, born 1947, married, and had issue, one son. He died 28th September 1997.
    • Meherban Shrimant Bhagwant Rao Shripat Rao (qv)

  14. Meherban Shrimant BHAGWANT RAO SHRIPAT RAO, 13th Pant Pratinidhi of Aundh 1997/1999, born 1972, ascended the gaddi 29th September 1997, married Rani Gayatri Devi, a parsi lady who converted to the Hindu religion, she was elected to Zilla Parishad from Audh constituency in November 1999; and had issue, two daughters. He died 2nd March 1999 in a motor cycle accident in Pune.
    • Rajkumari Charushila Raje, born 1995
    • Rajkumari Harshita Raje, born 1997
Courtesy of Abhijit Malwade © June 2002

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