LOCATION: Uttar Pradesh (Etah Dist.)AREA: 77 kmē VILLAGES: 168 + 100 pattis (1928) POPULATION: xx RELIGION: Hindu
REVENUE: Rs 10 lakhs (1911) DYNASTY/LINEAGE: Jadon SEAT: xx ACCESSION: xx

PRESENT HEAD OF HOUSE: The Raja Saheb of Awagarh, 23rd Raja Saheb of Awagarh and Head of the Jadon rajputs in Uttar Pradesh (The Palace Belvedere, Awagarh Estate, Mallital, Nainital City, 263001, India)

PREDECESSORS and SHORT HISTORY: Predecessor state was founded in the fourteenth century by Raja Sohan Pal of Biana and of Nasi and who settled in Jalesar. The Senior branch of the family is said to be represented by the head of the Umargarh family. One of Raja Sohan Pal's descendants, is alleged to have been adopted by Rao Anna Pal, a younger brother of  the Raja of Karauli, and from him is descended Thakur Chhatarbhuj Singh, founder of the present jagir of Awargarh in 1701. Alternately, Raja Sohan Pal, ancestor of the Awagarh family, was adopted by the brother of a Raja of Karauli, either way, their claim to be agnatic relations of the rulers of Karauli is not admitted by the Raja of Karauli (1910). Estate holders were.... OTHER MEMBERS:
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