BADNORE (Thikana)

VILLAGES: 60 (1931)
REVENUE: Rs 60,000 (1931)
STATE: Udaipur DYNASTY: Rathore - Mertia clan RELIGION: Hindu

POPULATION: 15,242 (1901) SEAT: Badnor

PRESENT RULER: Thakur RAGHURAJ SINGH, 18th and present Thakur Sahib of Badnore
married Thakurani Yeshwant Kumari, born 23rd February 1938, daughter of HH Maharawat Sir Ram Singhji II Bahadur of Pratapgarh (Rajasthan), and has issue.
  • Kanwar Ranjay Singh, born 9th November 1961, married 5th December 1988, Kanwarani Archana Kumari of Pratapgarh (U.P.), youngest daughter of Raja Abhay Pratap Singh of Pratapgarh (U.P.), and his wife, Rani Asha Kumari, and has issue.
    • Bhanwar Baisa Anantika Kumari
    • Bhanwar Baisa Krittika Kumari
  • Kanwar Sanjay Singh, born 8th July 1965, married Kanwarani Satyarajeshwari Singh, daughter of HH Maharaja Raj Raj Singh Deo, 31st Maharaja of Patna, and his wife, HH Maharani Premlata Kumari Devi (now HH the Rajmata of Patna) of Patna, and has issue.
    • Bhanwar Banna Akshatt Singh
    • Bhanwar Banna Aadeeshvar Singh
PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: An estate located to the North of Mewar near the border of the British district of Merwara. The ancestor of this branch of the Rathore Dynasty was Rao Duda of Jodhpur, who was granted the Jagir of Merta. His grandson, Rao Jaimal was granted the Jagir of Badnore in 1554 by the Maharana of Mewar for services rendered. Rulers were.....
  1. Rao JAI MAL I, 5th Rao of Merta and 1st Thakur Saheb of Badnore 1554/1568, born 17th September 1507, married and had issue, 14 sons. He died 1568 at Chittor.
    • Rao Mukand Das (qv)
    • Rao Ram Das, died 18th June 1576 at the Battle of Haldighati.
    • Rao Kesho Das, he was a commander of 300 under Padshah Akbar and his descendants held land at Bada budsu and Borawad, married and had issue.
      • Kunwar Girdhar Singh, died May 1630.
    • Thakur Vithal Das, he served at the Mughal court; married and had issue, the families of Budsu and Badu.
      • Rani Mertaniji, married Raja Raisal of Amarsar, and had issue.
    • Rao Madho Das, married and had issue, the families of Maidas, Alaniawas and Bijathal.
      • Thakur Sundar Das, he was granted the thikana of Manjhi; married and had issue.
    • Thakur Govind Das, he held the estates of Kuchaman and Mithari, married and had issue.
      • Thakur Sanwal Das, Thakur Saheb of Punlota, married and had issue.
        • Thakur Raghunath Singh, 1st Thakur Saheb of Maroth 1660/1683, born about 1610, married and had issue, eight sons (see Maroth). He died about 1683.
    • Thakur Haridasji
    • Thakur Shyam Das, he was killed in a battle against Mughal forces of Padshah Akbar
    • Thakur Kalyandasji of Kherwa and Borunda
    • Thakur Narayandasji of Lambia.
    • Thakur Dwarka Das
    • Thakur Narsingh Das
    • Thakur Sadul Singh, he died defending the family of Sharafuddin at Nagaur.
    • Thakur Sultan Singhji, he held land in Merta, Gular and Javala, married and had issue, the Kishanpura family.
    • Thakur Anup Singh [not recorded by author, Banki Das]
    • Thakur (name unknown, one of above?),

  2. Rao MUKAND DAS, 2nd Thakur of Badnore 1568/-, married and had issue, the Mukandasot-Mertia clan. He died in battle near Kumbhalgarh.
    • Rao Manman Das (qv)
    • Thakur Shyamal Das, married and had issue.
      • Thakur Sahib Singh, third son, he was granted the estate of Bari Rupaheli.

  3. Rao MANMAN DAS, 3rd Thakur of Badnore, married and had issue.
    • Rao Sanwal Das (qv)
    • Kunwar Sabal Singh, sixth son, married and had issue, the Dabla family.

  4. Rao SANWAL DAS, 4th Thakur of Badnore, he fought on several occasions against Padshah Aurangzeb's armies; married and had issue.
    • Thakur Jaswant Singh (qv)
    • Kunwar Amar Singh, fifth son, fl.1700, he was granted the Jagir of Nimbahera.

  5. Thakur JASWANT SINGH, 5th Thakur of Badnore

  6. Thakur JOGI DAS, 6th Thakur of Badnore

  7. Thakur JAI MAL II, 7th Thakur of Badnore

  8. Thakur JAI SINGH, 8th Thakur of Badnore, married and had issue.
    • Kunwar Sangram Singh, he was granted the Jagir of Jagpura in Bhilwara Distt., Udaipur.

  9. Thakur SULTAN SINGH, 9th Thakur of Badnore

  10. Thakur AKHAI SINGH, 10th Thakur of Badnore

  11. Thakur GAJ SINGH, 11th Thakur of Badnore

  12. Thakur JAIT SINGH, 12th Thakur of Badnore fl.1760

  13. Thakur JODH SINGH, 13th Thakur of Badnore, married and had issue.
    • Thakur Paratap Singh (qv)
    • generations
      • Thakur Girdhari Singh, he was granted the estate of Rampura.

  14. Thakur PRATAP SINGH, 14th Thakur of Badnore

  15. Thakur KESRI SINGH, 15th Thakur of Badnore, married and had issue.
    • Kunwar (name unknown) Singh, married and had issue.
      • Thakur Govind Singh (qv)
      • Kunwar (name unknown) Singh, he was adopted into the Rampura family.

  16. Thakur GOVIND SINGH, 16th Thakur of Badnore 1889/-, born 4th September 1871, succeeded in 1889; married and had adoptive issue. He died 1922.
    • (A) Thakur Gopal Singh (qv)

  17. Thakur GOPAL SINGH, 17th Thakur of Badnore 1922/-, born 1901, married in November 1922, Thakurani Raj Kanwar, daughter of Thakur Devi Singhji Bahadur, Thakur Saheb of Chomu, and had issue.
    • Rani Rattan Kumari, married Rao Raghubir Singh of Srimathura, and had issue.
      • Rao Narendra Singh, Rao Saheb of Srimathura 1986/-, born 30th June 1947, married 30th October 1979, Kumari Sunita Devi [Rani Sunita Kumari of Srimathura], daughter of Raja Rajinder Singh of Baghal, and his wife, Rani Tara Devi, and has issue.
        • Rajkumari Radhika Kumari, born 14th April 1982.
        • Rajkumar Jai Singh, born 6th June 1985.
    • Thakur Raghuraj Singh (qv)
    • Thakur Vijayendra Pal Singh, born 12th May 1948 in Badnore, Distt. Bhilwara (Rajasthan), B.A. (Hons.) English, Business Management Qualifications. Educated at Mayo College, Government College, Ajmer (Rajasthan) and Administrative Staff College, Hyderabad. Member, Rajasthan Legislative Assembly (four terms) 1977/1980 and 1985/1990 and 1993/1999. Chairman, Committee on Government Assurances 1993/1998. Cabinet Minister, Irrigation, Rajasthan 1998. Vice-President, Bharatiya Janata Party, Rajasthan 1998/- . Elected to 13th Lok Sabha 1999. Member, Committee on Energy and Convenor of its Sub-Committee on Action Taken Report 1999/2000. Member of the Wild Life Preservation Board, Rajasthan for the last 20 years; and of the Steering Committee, “Project Tiger”, Convenor of the Sub-Committee on Electricity Bill, 2001; Convenor, Sub-Committee on Nuclear Energy; Member, Joint Parliamentary Committee on Stock Market Scam 2001/2002; Member, Consultative Committee, Ministry of External Affairs 2001/2003, Re-elected to the 14th Lok Sabha 2004; married 25th November 1978, Thakurani Alka Singh and has issue, one son and one daughter. (Jal Mahal, Badnore-311 302, Bhilwara, Rajasthan, India)

  18. Thakur RAGHURAJ SINGH, 18th Thakur of Badnore (see above)
  • Baisa (name unknown), daughter of the Thakur Sahib of Badnore, married Raj Rana Khuman Singh of Delwara.
  • Baisa (name unknown) [Maharani Rathoriji of Jhalawar], daughter of the Thakur Sahib of Badnore, married (as his third wife), Maharaja Rana Madan Singh of Jhalawar.
  • Thakur Tej Singh of Badnore, married and had issue.
    • Rani Mertaniji, married (as his second wife), Raja Bhim Singh II, Raja Saheb of Banera 1805/1830, and had issue.
  • Kunwar Sabal Singh of Badnore, married and had issue.
    • Rani Mertaniji, married (as his second wife), Raja Akshay Singh, Raja Saheb of Banera 1905/1909, and had issue.
  • Kunwarani Ajab Kunwar, died January 1886, married Kunwar Jaswant Singh, died vpsp January 1886, son of Rawat Shri Krishna Singhji, 12th Rawat of Deogarh.
  • Rani Karuna Sahi of Badnore Thikana in Rajasthan, married Rao Aditya Pratap Sahi of Deara of Deara Estate in Uttar Pradesh, and had issue.
    • Kunwarani Manisha Singh, married Kunwar Yash Pratap Singh of Jaso, and has issue, one daughter.
  • Rathore Thakur Jag Singh of Badnore, married and had issue.
    • Rani Chandra Kanwar, married (as his fifth wife), Rao Kesari Singh, 1st Rao Saheb of Parsoli 1656/1692.