BALASINOR (Princely State)

(9 gun salute)

AREA: 490 kmē PRIVY PURSE: 68,000Rs ACCESSION: 10th June 1948
STATE: Bombay DYNASTY: Babi (Yousufzai Pathan)
VILLAGES: 104 POPULATION: 44,030 (1921) REVENUE: 2,66,983Rs (1930)
AGENCY: Rewa Kantha Agency (1930)

PRESENT RULER:HH Nawab Babi Shri MUHAMMED SALABAT KHANJI II Babi Sahib Bahadur, 9th Nawab of Balasinor since 1945.
born 20th May 1944 in Baroda, succeeded 2nd February 1945, married Begum Farhat Sultana, daughter of Sahibzada Zarbadast Khan Husam-ul-mulk of Palanpur, and his wife, Sahibzadi, Noor Bakhte Begum; educated at Walsingham Covent, Bombay, and has issue.
  • Nawabzadi Meher Afshan Sultana, born 1966, married 19th January 1986.
  • Nawabzadi Anjum Sultana, born 1970, married 25th December 1994 in Balasinor, Nawab Abdul Majid Khan Diler Jang Bahadur of Savanur, and has issue.
  • Nawabzadi Aaliya Sultana, born 1974.
  • Nawabzada Sultan Muhammed Salauddin Khan, born 1979, educated at Rajkumar College, Rajkot.
PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: The family was founded by a Door-Keeper (Babi) to the Mughal Emperor in the 17th century. A Second Class state in the Rewa Kantha agency. The family of the chief of this State had descended from Sardar Mahamad Khan, fourth in descent from Sher Khan Babi I who was made "Babi" (Door keeper) of the Imperial Court. Sher Khan was subsequently commandant of the Koli district of Chunwal to the northwest of Ahmedabad. The rulers were....
  1. Nawab Babi MUHAMMED KHANJI, 1st Nawab of Balasinor 1761/-; married and had issue.
    • Nawab Babi Jamiyatkhanji II Muhammed Khanji (qv)
    • Nawabzadi (name unknown), married Naver Khanji of Cambai, and had issue.
      • Nawab Babi Abid Khanji Naverkhanji (qv)
      • Nawab Babi Idal Khanji Naverkhanji [aka Jalalkhanji] (qv)

  2. Nawab Babi JAMIYAT KHANJI II MUHAMMED KHANJI, 2nd Nawab of Balasinor; married and had issue.
    • Nawab Babi Salabatkhanji I Jamiyatkhanji (qv)

  3. Nawab Babi SALABAT KHANJI I JAMIYAT KHANJI, 3rd Nawab of Balasinor -/1820, died May 1820.

  4. Nawab Babi ABID KHANJI, 4th Nawab of Balasinor 1820/1822 (deposed), he was succeeded by his brother.

  5. Nawab Babi IDAL KHANJI, 5th Nawab of Balasinor 1822/1831, married and had issue. He died in December 1831.
    • Nawab Babi Zorawar Khanji Idalkhanji (qv)
    • Nawabzada Badar Khanji Idalkhanji [aka Bahadurkhanji], married and had issue.
      • Khan Shri Mohobatkhanji Badarkhanji, born 4th January 1856 (#3 p.45), married and has issue, three sons.

  6. Nawab Babi ZORAWAR KHANJI IDALKHANJI, 6th Nawab of Balasinor 1831/1882, born 1826, his name is held in respectful memory by his subjects for his remarkable kindness and generosity, married 1stly, Bibi Sardar Bakta, daughter of his paternal uncle, Abad Khan, married 2ndly, Chand Bibi, daughter of Ghanchi in Balasinor, married 3rdly, Gajinbaksh from Baroda, and had issue. He died in November 1882.
    • Nawab Babi Munawarkhanji Zorawarkhanji (qv)
    • Nawabzadi Dosi Bibi, born 1865.
    • Nawabzada Budhu Mia Zorawarkhanji, born 1870.

  7. Nawab Babi MUNAWAR KHANJI ZORAWAR KHANJI, 7th Nawab of Balasinor 1882/1899, born 1846 (1847), succeeded November 1882 (#1), in 1890 a Sanad (No. CL) was conferred upon him guaranteeing him succession to his family according to Muhammadan law, in the event of the failure of a natural heir; married and had issue. He died 24th March 1899.
    • HH Nawab Babi Jamitaykhanji II Munawarkhanji (qv)

  8. HH Nawab Babi JAMIYAT KHANJI II MUNAWAR KHANJI, 8th Nawab of Balasinor 1899/1945, born 10th November 1894 (#3 p.44), educated at Rajkumar College, Rajkot and with the Imperial Cadet Corps, Dehra Dun; he was installed and invested with full ruling powers on 31st December 1915 (#3 p.45); he was excessively devoted to dramas, towards which he spent a major portion of his time; he married and had issue. He died 2nd February 1945 in Baroda (#2).
    • HH Nawab Babi Shri Muhammed Salabat Khanji II Sahib Bahadur (qv)

  9. HH Nawab Babi Shri MUHAMMED SALABAT KHANJI II Sahib Bahadur, 9th Nawab of Balasinor (see above)
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