BALRAMPUR (Taluqdari)

LOCATION: U.P.A.O. (Gonda Dist.) AREA: 3,945.0 km˛ VILLAGES: 1,093 hadbasti villages POPULATION: 500,000 RELIGION: Hindu
REVENUE: Rs 4,00,000  DYNASTY/LINEAGE: Chauhan - Janwar clan SEAT: xx ACCESSION: 1956

PRESENT RULER: Maharaja Bahadur JAYENDRA PRATAP SINGH Sahib, present Maharaja of Balrampur since 2018.
born 29th December 1980, educated at Mayo College, Ajmer; married February 2008, Rajkumari Mahalaxmi Sodha, daughter of Rana Shri Hamir Singhji of Amarkot.

PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: Balrampur is the largest Taluqdari in Oudh, and the Maharaja Saheb represents the younger branch of the great Janwar house of Ikauna in Bahraich, founded by Bariar Shah, the younger son of Raja Mansukh Deo of Pawargarh in Gujarati, who came to Awadh with Firuz Shah Tughlaq in 1374. Raja Ganga Singh, sixth in descent from Bariar Shah, had two sons, of whom the younger, Madho Singh, went eastwards and founded a new estate in the lands lying between the Rapti and Kuwana rivers. His sons, Kalyan Singh and Balram Das in about 1500, reduced the Chieftains of Mathura and Itror to the north of the Rapti, and their successors established their supremacy over the Kurmis of Tulsipur. The hereditary title of Raja was held from the 16th century, and was always recognized by the local Government. The family motto is Fide et Justitia. Estate holders were..
The assistance of Maharaj Kumar Jayendra Pratap Singh is gratefully acknowledged, November 2002.
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