Banswara Flag

BANSWARA (Princely State)(15 gun salute)

Banswara Monogram
LOCATION: Rajasthan AREA: 4,160 km˛ PRIVY PURSE: Rs 126,000 POPULATION: 165,350 (1901) RELIGION: Hindu
REVENUE: Rs  DYNASTY/LINEAGE: Sisodia - Ahra Guhilot clan SEAT: xx ACCESSION: 7th September 1949

PRESENT RULER: HH Maharawal JAGMAL SINGH II Bahadur, 24th Maharawal of Banswara, since 6th August 2002.
born 10th January 1985.

PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: Founded in 1527 by Kunwar Jagmal Das, younger son of Rawal Udai Singhji I of Dungarpur. In 1529, with the Raja of Dhar as arbitrator, the river Mahi was fixed as the boundary between the two states of Banswara and Dungarpur. His successors were... OTHER MEMBERS:
NOTE. Kushalbagh is the only property in Banswara city to be listed as a “Heritage Property” by the Rajasthan State Tourism Department in their directory of 'Heritage Properties'.
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