Banswara Flag

BANSWARA (Princely State)(15 gun salute)Banswara Monogram

LOCATION: Rajasthan AREA: 4,160 km˛ PRIVY PURSE: Rs 126,000 POPULATION: 165,350 (1901) RELIGION: Hindu
REVENUE: Rs  DYNASTY/LINEAGE: Sisodia - Ahra Guhilot clan SEAT: xx ACCESSION: 7th September 1949

PRESENT RULER: HH Maharawal JAGMAL SINGH II Bahadur, 24th Maharawal of Banswara, since 6th August 2002.
born 10th January 1985.

PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: Founded in 1527 by Kunwar Jagmal Das, younger son of Rawal Udai Singhji I of Dungarpur. In 1529, with the Raja of Dhar as arbitrator, the river Mahi was fixed as the boundary between the two states of Banswara and Dungarpur. Wjether this division was done amicably or by force is not made clear. Traditionally it is stated that Rawal Udai Singhji ordered the division to be made, but a local legend suggests that Kunwar Jagmal Das, was presumed to have been left for dead at Khanwa, but recovered and returned to his country, but was disowned as an imposter, whereupon he took refuge in the hills to the north of present day Banswara. He then proceeded to gradually increase his territory until he conquered the Bhils and became master of Banswara. Rulers were... OTHER MEMBERS:
NOTE. Kushalbagh is the only property in Banswara city to be listed as a “Heritage Property” by the Rajasthan State Tourism Department in their directory of 'Heritage Properties'.
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