BARAULI (Zamindari)

LOCATION: U.P.A.O. (Aligarh Dist., Bajgarhi tahsil). AREA: xx kmē VILLAGES: 6 POPULATION: xx RELIGION: Hindu
REVENUE: Rs 4,592 (1928)DYNASTY/LINEAGE: Bargujar SEAT: Barauli ACCESSION: xx


PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: The family is said to have settled in the south of Bulandhahr district during the rule of Maharajadhiraja Prithviraj III of Delhi and Ajmer, and to have assisted that King in his campaign against the Chandelas of Mahoba, after which they settled at Pahasu. A branch afterwards migrated to Barauli and remained in undisturbed possession of that taluqa for several centuries. In the early days of British rule, the estate became heavily encumbered, and by 1856, half of the villages had passed into the hands of the Lalkhanis or Muslim members of the clan. Estate holders were.....