BHOPAL (Princely State)

(19 gun salute)

AREA: 17,933.16 km2 PRIVY PURSE: 1,100,000Rs ACCESSION: 1st June 1949
STATE: Madhya Pradesh DYNASTY: Orakzai Pathan RELIGION: Muslim

POPULATION: 785,322 (1941) REVENUE: 11,982,000 Rs (1941)

PRESENT RULER: HH Nawab Begum Saleha Sultan
born 15th January 1940, married Nawab Bashir Yar Jung, and has issue.
PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: The state was founded in 1707. Rulers were...
  • Nawab DOST MUHAMMED KHAN, 1st Nawab of Bhopal 1707/1728, born 1672 in Tirah, son of Sardar Nur Muhammed Khan, educated privately, he was granted the titles of Nawab and Diler Jang in 1717, by the Mughal Emperor, married (amongst others) 1stly, Mehraj Bibi, married 2ndly, Fatah Bibi, married 4thly, Taj Bibi (née Jai Kunwar), and had issue, six sons and five daughters. He died in March 1728.
    • Nawab Yar Muhammed Khan (qv)
    • Nawabzada Sultan Muhammed Khan, born 1720, married and had issue.
      • Sahibzada Murid Muhammed Khan, married and had issue.
        • Nawab Haidar Muhammed Khan, founder of Pathari.
    • Nawabzada Sardar Muhammed Khan
    • Nawabzada Fazil Muhammed Khan, married and had issue.
      • Sahibzada Sharif Muhammed Khan, married and had issue.
        • Nawab Wazir Muhammed Khan (qv)
    • Nawabzada Wazil Muhammed Khan, married Izzat Begum, and had issue.
      • Bahu Begum (née Saleha Begum), married her cousin, Nawab Faiz Muhammed Khan. She died sp.
    • Nawabzada Khan Bahadur Muhammed Khan
  • Nawab YAR MUHAMMED KHAN, 2nd Nawab of Bhopal 1728/1742, born 1709, installed 30th August 1728, married (amongst others), Mamola Bai, born 1715, she died sp in 1795, and had issue. He died 1742, buried at Islamnagar.
    • Nawab Faiz Muhammed Khan (qv)
    • Nawab Hayat Muhammed Khan (qv)
    • Nawabzada Saeed Muhammed Khan
    • Nawabzada Husain Muhammed Khan
    • Nawabzada Yasin Muhammed Khan, Diwan of Bhopal, died after 1776.
    • Moti Begum
  • Nawab FAIZ MUHAMMED KHAN, 3rd Nawab of Bhopal 1742/1777, born 1731, moved the capital from Islamnagar to Bhopal, married his cousin, Bahu Begum (née Saleha Begum). He died sp on 12th December 1777.
  • Nawab HAYAT MUHAMMED KHAN, 4th Nawab of Bhopal 1777/1807, born 1734, installed 3rd January 1778, married (amongst others), Asmat Begum, died 30th December 1797, and had issue. He died 17th November 1807.
    • Nawab Ghous Muhammed Khan (qv)
  • Nawab GHOUS MUHAMMED KHAN, 5th Nawab of Bhopal 1807/1826, born 1767, married (amongst others), Zeenat Begum, died 1827, and had issue, 65 children. He died 1826.
    • Nawabzada Moiz Muhammed Khan (by Zeenat Begum)
    • Nawab Faujdar Muhammed Khan (by Zeenat Begum) (qv)
    • Nawab Sultan Qudsia Begum (née Gohar Ara) (by Zeenat Begum) (qv)
  • Nawab WAZIR MUHAMMED KHAN, 6th Nawab of Bhopal 1807/1816, born 1766, Diwan of Bhopal, Commander-in-Chief of the Bhopal Army, Nawab of Bhopal in opposition to Nawab Ghous Muhammed Khan, married and had issue. He died 16th March 1816, buried at Bara Bagh.
    • Nawabzada Amir Muhammed Khan, married Munawwar Jahan, sister of Asad Ali Khan of Basoda, and had issue. He died 1854.
      • Nawab Munir Muhammed Khan (qv)
      • Nawab Jahangir Muhamnmed Khan (qv)
    • Nawab Nazar Muhammed Khan (qv)
  • Nawab NAZAR MUHAMMED KHAN, 7th Nawab of Bhopal 1816/1819, born 1791, married 1817, Nawab Sultan Qudsia Begum, born 1801, died 1881, and had issue. He died 19th November 1819.
    • Nawab Sultan Sikander Begum (qv)
  • Nawab MUNIR MUHAMMED KHAN, 8th Nawab of Bhopal 1819/1827, installed 9th December 1819,
  • Nawab Sultan Kudsiyya Begum, 9th Nawab Begum of Bhopal 1819/1837, born 1801, married Nawab Nazar Muhammed Khan (see above), and had issue. She died 1881.
  • Nawab JAHANGIR MUHAMMED KHAN, 10th Nawab of Bhopal 1837/1844, born 1816, installed 29th November 1837, married 18th April 1835, Nawab Sultan Sikander Begum, born 1818, died 30th November 1868 (see below), and had issue. He died 1844.
    • HH Nawab Shah Jehan Begum (qv)
    • Nawabzada Dastgir Muhammed Khan (by a concubine)
  • Nawab FAUDJAR MUHAMMED KHAN, 11th Nawab of Bhopal 1844/1847 (abdicated), born 1811, died after 1847.
  • Nawab Sultan Sikander Begum, 12th Nawab Begum of Bhopal 1847/1868, born 1818, married Nawab Jahangir Muhammed Khan (see above), and had issue. She died 30th November 1868.
  • HH Nawab Shah Jehan Begum, 13th Nawab Begum of Bhopal 1868/1901, born 3rd July 1838, married 1stly, 18th July 1855, Sardar Bakshi Baqi Muhammed Khan, died June 1867, married 2ndly, 8th May 1871, Nawab Wala Jah Amin ul-Mulk Syed Siddiq Hasan Khan, born 14th October 1832 at Bareilly, died 26th May 1890 and had issue. She died 16th June 1901 (#1).
    • HH Nawab Sultan Jahan Begum (by 1st husband)
    • Nawabzadi Suleiman Jahan, born 1861, died 1866.
  • HH Nawab Sultan Jahan Begum, 14th Nawab Begum of Bhopal 1901/1926 (abdicated 29th April 1926), born 9th July 1858, G.C.S.I. [cr.1910], G.C.I.E. [cr.1904], G.B.E. (civil) [cr.1918], C.I., a Donat of the Order of St John of Jerusalem, married on 1st February 1875, Nawab Ihtisham ul-Mulk Sultan Daulah Ahmad Ali Khan of Jalalabad, born 1854, died December 1901, and had issue. She died 12th May 1930 (#3).
    • Nawabzadi Bilqis Jahan, born 25th October 1875, died 1887.
    • Nawabzada Hafiz Muhammed Nasirullah Khan Bahadur, born 4th December 1876, married 17th January 1902, Qaisar Dulhan, and had issue. He died 3rd September 1924.
      • Sahibzada Habibullah Muhammed Khan, married 1stly, Nawab Jan, married 2ndly, Feroza Dulhan Begum.
      • Sahibzada Rafiqullah Muhammed Khan
      • Sahibzadi Noor Jehan Begum
    • Gen. Moshin ul-Mulk Nawab Hafiz Muhammed Ubaidullah Khan Bahadur C.S.I., born 3rd November 1878, C.S.I. [cr. xx.6.1912], privately educated under the supervision of his mother; A.D.C. to His Excellency the Viceroy; Commander-in-Chief of the armies of the Bhopal State, a Colonel of the Imperial Service Troops of Bhopal and an Honorary Captain of the British Forces; Trustee of the M.A.O College, Aligarh; married 17th January 1902, Shaharyar Dulhan, and had issue. He died 24th March 1924 (#2).
      • Sahibzadi Birjis Jahan
      • Sahibzada Wahid Muhammed Khan, married 1924, Sheher Banu Begum, died 1924. He died sp in 1924.
      • Sahibzada Sayeed Muhammad Said uz-Zaffar Khan, married Nawabzadi Shahnoor Jehan Begum, daughter of Maj. Meherban Nawab Abdu'l Majid Khan II Diler Jang Bahadur, Nawab of Savanur, and his wife, Nawab Khaliqunnissa Begum, and had issue.
        • Sahibzadi Enver Zia Sultana, married Shri Mahendra Mathur, son of Shri Amarnath Mathur, and has issue, three children.
        • Sahibzada Rashid Muhammed Khan
      • Nawabzada Muhammad Rashid uz-Zaffar KhanImad ud-daulah Yemin ul-Mulk Nawabzada Muhammad Rashid uz-Zaffar Khan, born in November 1909 (#4), educated privately and at the University, Aligarh, graduating in 1932; Captain of the University Hockey Team in 1932, Secretary of the Historical Society, India; a lover of art and literature, and a patron of Urdu poets; he completed a course of military training at the Central India States O.T.C. at Indore; Staff Officer, 'Q' Branch, attached to different area and District Headquarters, and the central command, Agra for Staff Training; subsequently promoted to 'Chief of Staff', Bhopal State Forces; he donated generously to the H.E. the Viceroy's War Fund; undertook a tour of the Middle East in October 1943; he took an interest in education for the people of Bhopal and also many private and local charitable institutions; donated Rs 1,44,000 (with his brother) to the Aligarh University for higher Technical education; Member of the University Court, Aligarh; Minister for Education and Local Self-Government in Bhopal State 1948-1949; Vice-President, Indian Hockey Federation; founder of the 'Bhopal Stud Farm' for the breeding of racehorse; Commodore of the Bhopal Yacht Club; Vice-Patron of the Bhopal Hockey Association of All-India Obeidullah Khan Hockey Tournament.
      • HH Nawab Begum Batool Bi, married HH Nawab Hafiz Muhammed Ismail Ali Khan, Nawab of Tonk, and had issue.
    • Nawabzadi Asif Jahan, born 5th August 1880, died 1894.
    • Col. HH Nawab Hamidullah Khan (qv)
  • Col. HH Nawab HAMIDULLAH KHAN (1894-1960)Col. HH Nawab HAMIDULLAH KHAN, 15th Nawab of Bhopal 1926/1960 , G.C.S.I. [cr.1932], G.C.I.E. [cr.1929], C.S.I. [cr.1921], C.V.O. [cr.1922], born 9th September 1894, educated at Bhopal and Muhammadan Anglo-Oriental College, Aligarh (graduated 1905) and later at Allahabad University (BA Law 1915), appointed President of Board of Bhopal Municipality 1914/-, Ch. Sec. Bhopal Government 1916, Finance Minister Bhopal, Hon. A.D.C. to the Viceroy of India 1922, A.D.C. to HRH the Prince of Wales 1922, President of the General Council (Daly College) 1940/1942; married 1stly, 5th September 1905, HH Maimuna Sultan Shah Banu Begum Sahiba, born 1900, died 1982, married 2ndly, about 1948, Aftab Jahan, and had issue. He died 4th February 1960 at Bhopal.
    • Nawab Gauhar-e-Taj Abida Sultan Begam Sahiba, born 28th August 1913, Pakistani Ambassador to Brazil, President of the Karachi Council, Muslim League, married 1933 (separated 1934), HH Nawab Sarwar Ali Khan of Kurwai, and had issue. She died 11th May 2002 in Karachi.
    • HH Nawab Begum Mehr-e-Taj Sajjida Sultan (qv).
    • Nawabzadi Taj Dulhan Qamar-e-Taj Rabia Sultan, born 21st November 1916, married Agha Mirza, and had issue. She died in April 2000.
      • Nawabzada Nasir Mirza, married and has issue.
        • Sahibzada Yasser Mirza
      • Sahibzadi Faiza Sultan, born 1945, married Sardar Akbar khan, and has issue.
        • Sardar Taimur Khan
        • Sardar Nadir Khan
  • HH Nawab Begum Mehr-e-Taj Sajjida Sultan, 16th Nawab Begum of Bhopal 1960/- , born 4th August 1915, married 1938, Nawab Muhammed Iftikhar Ali Khan of Pataudi, and had issue, one son and three daughters.
    • Nawab Mansur Ali Khan, Nawab of Pataudi.
    • HH Nawab Begum Saleha Sultan (qv)
    • Nawabzadi Qudsia Sultaan Begum Saheba
    • Nawabzadi Sabiha Sultaan Begum Saheba
  • HH Nawab Begum Saleha Sultan (see above)
  • Capt. Israr Mohammad Khan Sahib Bahadur, descended from the founder of Bhopal, born 1890, Sahib Bahadur [cr.1931], ADC to the Nawab of Bhopal in 1937, awarded the Coronation Medal in 1937, married and had issue.
    • Hafiz Mohammad Khan
    • Aziz Mohammad Khan, educated at Aligarh University.
    • Anwar Mohammad Khan, educated at Military Academy, Dehra Dun.
    • Ahrar Mohammad Khan
  • Sardar Muazzam Mohammed Khan, born 18th September 1894, educated in Bhopal, cousin of Nawab Iftikhar Ali Khan of Jaora on mother's side.

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