BILASPUR (Princely State) (11 gun salute)

LOCATION: Himachal Pradesh AREA: 1,173.27 kmē VILLAGES: 992 POPULATION: 100,994 (1931) RELIGION: Hindu
REVENUE: Rs 2,90,000 (1939) DYNASTY/LINEAGE: Chandela SEAT: Bilaspur PalaceACCESSION: 12th October 1948
AGENCY: Simla Hill States Superintendency of The Punjab States Agency then Punjab States Agency 1933/1947 PRIVY PURSE: Rs 70,000

PRESENT RULER: HH Raja SHUBHENDRA CHAND, present Raja Saheb of Bilaspur since 8th October 2013. (The Palace, Bilaspur 495001, Himachal Pradesh, India)
born 1987.

PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: The predecessor state was founded about 697AD. It was called Kahlur, after a fort of that name built by Raja Kahal Chand, and called after himself, Kot Kahlur. The capital of Bilaspur was founded by Raja Dip Chand and was originally at Jhandbari and then at Kot Kahlur, but was later transferred to Bilaspur, which has been the name of the Princely State as well. The Rajas were members of the Kahluria clan of the Chandravanshi Rajputs descended from the ancient Rajas of Chanderi in Bundelkhand. The Raja maintains a military force of 40 cavalry, 620 infantry, and 11 guns, and is entitled to a salute of 11 guns (as of 1892). The state ranks 1st in the order of precedence amongst the Simla Hill States and 8th amongst the Punjab States. Rulers were...
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