Flag of Bundi Raj

BUNDI (Princely State) (17 gun salute)

Monogram of Bundi Raj
LOCATION: Rajasthan AREA: 5,750 km˛PRIVY PURSE: Rs 2,81,000 POPULATION: 216,722 (1931) RELIGION: Hindu
REVENUE: Rs 3,300,000 (1946) DYNASTY/LINEAGE: Hada - Chauhan SEAT: xx ACCESSION: 7th April 1949

PRESENT RULER:  HH Maharao Raja (name unknown), 26th Maharao Raja of Bundi and Head of the Hada Chauhan clan (2010/-)

The Ruling Prince of Bundi is the head of the Hada lineage of the great clan of Chauhan Rajputs, and the country occupied by this clan has for the last six centuries been known as Hadaoti. The Chauhans came from Northern India to Sambhar about the beginning of the 8th century, and after ruling there and at Ajmer, gained the Kingdom of Delhi, which was taken by Muhammed Ghori in 1192. While the Chuhans were ruling at Sambhar towards the end of the 10th century, Lashman Raja alias Manil Rai I, set out to found a kingdom for himself and proceeded south-west to Nadol, where his descendants ruled for two centuries, when Manik Rai II, migrated and settled down in the south east corner of Mewar. Rao Hado or Har Raj, sixth in descent from Manik Rai II, was the eponymous founded of the Hada clan. About 1342, Rao Deva or Deoraj, took the town now called Bundi from the Minas and was acknowledged as their Raja, and is thus considered to be the founder. His Highness the Maharao Raja maintains a military force of 446 cavalry, 1835 infantry, 144 Guns and is entitled to a Salute of 17 Guns (as of 1892). The rulers were ... OTHER MEMBERS:
The help of Deepak Aggarwal is gratefully acknowledged, June 2011.
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