CHAKMA (Kingdom)

AREA: 6,239.31 km2
LOCATION: Bangladesh DYNASTY: Roy RELIGION: Buddhist
CAPITAL: Rangamati

PRESENT RULER: Raja DEVASISH ROY, 51st and present Chakma Raja since 1971.
born 1959, he was installed as Chakma Raja, after his father opted to remain in Pakistan in 1971, with his uncle as Regent till 1977; he is a lawyer by profession and has served as a Special Assistant to the Chief Advisor of Bangladesh with the rank and status of a State Minister during the 2006-2008 Bangladesh political crisis, he was in charge of the Ministry of Chittagong Hill Tracts Affairs and the Ministry of Forest and Environment; he served in the interim caretaker government in 2008; as per constitutional norms and practices of the country, at the end of each term, an interim neutral caretaker government takes over to oversee free and fair elections to hand-over power to the next elected politicians; married Rani Tatu Roy, born 1963/1964, died 1998, and has issue.
  • Rajkumar Tribhuvan Aryadev Roy, born 1990, declared Crown Prince in 2003.
  • Rajkumari Ayetri Aradhan Roy, born 1994.
PREDECESSORS and SHORT HISTORY: Founded in the 11th century. Scholars differ on the origin and history of Chakma. One popular view among the Chakma is that their ancestors once lived in Champoknagar, although opinions differ as to its location. According to oral history the Chakma left Champoknagar for Arakan in Burma where they lived for about 100 years. They had to leave Arakan for Bangladesh in or around the sixteenth century, when Bangladesh was governed by Muslim rulers, before the arrival of the British. On their arrival in Bangladesh the Chakma chiefs made a business contract with the Muslim rulers, promising to pay revenue or tax in cotton. In return they were allowed to live in the hill region and engage in trade with the larger society. By the late eighteenth century, British authorities had established themselves in the southeastern districts of Bangladesh. The British formally recognized a definite territory of the Chakma raja (the paramount chief). In 1776, Sherdoulat Khan became the Chakma raja. He fought unsuccessfully against the British. Further fighting between the Chakma and the British took place between 1783 and 1785. In 1787, Raja Janbux Khan, son of Sherdoulat Khan, made a peace treaty with the British government, promising to pay the latter 500 maunds of cotton. The British recognized the office of Chakma raja throughout the rest of their rule. Different Chakma rajas maintained good relations with the authorities of central administration and the Chakma increasingly came in contact with the Bengali people and culture. Chakma was incorporated into East Pakistan on 15th August 1947. Rulers were....
  • Raja CHAMAN KHAN, Chakma Raja 1650/1700
  • Raja JALOL KHAN, Chakma Raja 1700/1715
  • Raja FATEH KHAN, Chakma Raja 1715/1737, married and had issue.
    • Raja Shermust Khan (qv)
  • Raja SHERMUST KHAN, Chakma Raja 1737/1757
  • Raja SUKHDEV ROY, Chakma Raja 1757/1776, married and had issue.
    • Generation
      • Raja Sher Dowlat Khan (qv)
  • Raja SHERDOULAT KHAN, Chakma Raja 1776/1782, married and had issue. He was assasinated in 1782.
    • Raja Janbux Khan (qv)
  • Raja JANBUX KHAN, Chakma Raja 1782/1800, married and had issue.
    • Raja Tabbar Khan (qv)
    • Raja Jabbar Khan (qv)
  • Raja TABBAR KHAN, Chakma Raja 1800/1801
  • Raja JABBAR KHAN, Chakma Raja 1801/1812
  • Raja DHARAM BUX KHAN, Chakma Raja 1812/1832, he was confirmed in his title of Raja by the British Government; married Rani Kalindi (qv), died 1874. He died 1832.
  • Shuklal Dewan, appointed Manager in 1832, but was deposed later the same year.
  • Rani Kalindi, Chakma Rani 1832/1874, a great ruler, she was considered perhaps the greatest Chakma queen (#1), married Raja Dharam Bux Khan. She died 1874.
  • Raja HARISH CHANDRA Roy Bahadur, Chakma Raja 1874/1885; born 1841, he transferred his capital from Raja Nagar of Rangunia to Rangamati in 1874; he was granted the title of Roy Bahadur by the British, having rendered good service in the Lushai Expedition of 1871-72, by supplying coolies, boats, etc.; married and had issue. He died 1885.
    • Raja Bhuvan Mohan Roy (qv)
COURT OF WARDS 1885/1897
  • Raja BHUVAN MOHAN ROY, Chakma Raja 1885/1934, born 1876, married Rani Dayamoyi Roy, and had issue. He died 1934.
    • Raja Nalinaksha Roy (qv)
  • Raja NALINAKSHA ROY, 49th Chakma Raja 1934/1951, born 1902, married Rani Benita Roy (née Sen), Minister of Land Administration and Land Reforms 1975/1976; Minister of Relief and Rehabilitation 1976/1978; eldest daughter of Dr. Saral Chandra Sen (see Sen family), and his wife, Nirmala Devi Sen, and had issue. He died 7th October 1951.
    • Rajkumari Amiti Roy, born 11th January 1932, married and has issue, two sons and two daughters.
    • Raja Tridiv Roy (qv)
    • Rajkumar Samit Roy, born 24th August 1942/1943, Regent of the Chakma Kingdom for his nephew 1971/1977, married and had issue, one son and two daughters. He died 2008.
    • Rajkumari Moitri Roy, born 10th April 1945, married and has issue, one daughter.
    • Rajkumari Rajashree Roy [Rakhi], born 31st August 1949, married 6th September 1977 at Rangamati, Maharajkumar Shri Jayasinhji Mayurdhwajsinhji Jhala [Jawahir Dev Sahib] of Dhrangadhra, and has issue, two daughters.
    • Rajkumar Nandit Roy, born 1st September 1951, married and has issue. (Wangza House, Rajbari Road, Rangamati)
      • Dr. Lumbini Roy
      • Vaskar Roy
  • His
                      Excellency Raja TRIDEV ROY 1952/1971His Excellency Major (Hon.) Raja TRIDIV ROY, 50th Chakma Raja [7.10.1951] - [1971], born 14th May 1933 in Rangamati, he succeeded his father on 7th October 1951 and was formally installed as the 50th Chakma Raja on 3rd March 1953 in Rangamati; he left Rangamati on 9th November, 1971, for a tour of Southeast Asia as a special envoy of the Government of Pakistan after which he elected to remain in Pakistan permanently, afterwards in 1974, his son was declared as the Chakma Raja, while his uncle, Kumar Samit Roy, acted as Regent until 1977; in Pakistan he was granted an honorary commission in the Pakistan Land Forces and appointed Honorary Aide-de-Camp to the Governor General of Pakistan; he was elected Vice-Chairman of the District Council, Chittagong Hill Tracts; later he was twice elected to the East Pakistan Provincial Assembly and once to the National Assembly of Pakistan; he served the Government of Pakistan in several positions, including as Federal Minister, Presidential Adviser, Ambassador-at-Large and as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary; earlier, during his tenure as the Chakma Raja, he helped rehabilitate his people on new and inhospitable lands, after the fooding that occurred as a result of the construction of the Kaptai Hydroelectric Dam in 1960; he helped spread education in his region by facilitating the establishment of schools and colleges and by securing their admission to institutions in the capital city and elsewhere, later he resisted the eviction of indigenous people from the Reingkhyong Reserved Forest by members of the Forest Department and East Pakistan Rifles in 1971; he was the Founding President of the All Pakistan Buddhist Society; he was awarded the Sri Lanka Ranjana (14.11.2005) by the President of Sri Lanka, the Saddhamma Jotikadhaka (2.3.2007) by the Government of the Union of Myanmar and the Saddhamma Dipa (1.11.2009) by the Shishu Koruna Sangha Trust in India; author of They Simply Belong, The Windswept Wahini, The Departed Melody: Memoirs, PPA Publications, Islamabad, 2010, ISBN. 969-8587-10-1 and South American Diaries: A Pakistani Ambassador’s Journal (1981-1995), National Book Foundation, Islamabad, 2009 as well as short stories and articles in several newspapers and journals; married 1stly, 1953, Rani Arati Roy, married 2ndly (div.), Rani Anjali Roy, married 3rdly (div.), Rani Martine (Quentric), and had issue, five sons and three daughters. He died 17th September 2013 and was cremated on 27th September 2013 in Islamabad, Pakistan.
    • Rajkumari Chandra Kalindi Roy, born 23rd November 1956, married John Bernard Henricksen, and has issue, a daughter.
    • Raja Devasish Roy (qv)
    • Rajkumar Sivasish Roy, born 20th September 1961, married Monalisa Roy, and has issue, two daughters.
    • Rajkumar Indrasish Roy, born 18th July 1963, unmarried.
    • Rajkumari Triveni Roy, born 25th February 1966, married to Pavel Khisa, and has issue, two sons.
    • Rajkumar Chand Roy (by Rani Anjali)
    • Rajkumari Piya Roy (by Rani Anjali)
    • Rajkumar Padma Sambhava Gwenhale (by Rani Martine)
  • Raja DEVASISH ROY, 51st Chakma Raja (see above)

"She was loved and revered, not only by the hillpeople, but also by the Hindus and Muslims of her zemindary for whom she built many temples and mosques", (Departed Melody, pp 41, by Raja Tridiv Roy)