CHITRAL (Princely State)

(11 gun salute)

AREA: 11,655 km2 PRIVY PURSE: xx ACCESSION: 28th July 1969
STATE: Pakistan (Frontier State) DYNASTY: Katur RELIGION: Muslim

POPULATION: 107,000 (1951)

PRESENT RULER:HH Mehtar FATEH ul-MULK ALI NASIR, The Mehtar and Badshah of Chitral since 2011
born 27th November 1983, he was crowned as the new Mehtar of Chitral on 24th May 2012, which was attended by Government Ministers and a number of Ambassadors.
PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: Founded in 1585 by Shah Katur, after whom the dynasty takes its name. He was purportedly a descendant of Genghis Khan. Feudatory to Badakshan 1634/1712. Acceeded to Pakistan (the 1st State to do so) in 1947. Rulers were...
  • Mehtar SANGIN ALI KHAN I, Mehtar of Chitral -/1570
  • Mehtar SHAH KATUR, Mehtar of Chitral 1570/1585
  • Mehtar MUHTARAM SHAH I, Mehtar of Chitral 1585/1615 and 1620/1630 (fled), died 1634.
  • Mehtar MAHMUD, Mehtar of Chitral 1615/1620
  • Mehtar SANGIN ALI KHAN II [Sangalli], Mehtar of Chitral 1712/1745
  • Mehtar GHULAM MUHAMMAD BEG, Mehtar of Chitral 1745/1750 or -/1700
  • Mehtar SHAH ALAM, Mehtar of Chitral 1750/1775 or 1700/-
  • Mehtar MUHAMMAD SHAFI, Mehtar of Chitral -/-
  • Mehtar FARAMARZ SHAH, Mehtar of Chitral 1775/1790 or 1755/1770, Ruler of Yasin and Mastuj, died 1790.
  • Mehtar SHAH AFZAL I, Mehtar of Chitral 1790/1795 or 1770/1775
  • Mehtar SHAH FADL [Shah Fazil], Mehtar of Chitral 1795/1798 or 1775/1778
  • Mehtar NAWAZ KHAN, Mehtar of Chitral 1798/1809 or 1788/1798 and 1818/182x or 1817/1833
  • Mehtar SHAH KHAIRALLAH KUSHQTE, Mehtar of Chitral 1798/1817
  • Mehtar MUHTARAM SHAH II, Mehtar of Chitral 1809/1818 or 1778/1788 and 1833/1837, died 1841.
  • Mehtar AMAN al-MULK I, Mehtar of Chitral 182x/1833
  • Mehtar MUHTARAM SHAH III, Mehtar of Chitral 1833/1837
  • Mehtar SHAH MUHAMMAD AFZAL II, Mehtar of Chitral 1837/1853, married and had issue. He died 1853.
    • Mehtar Muhtaram Shah IV (qv)
    • Mehtar Shah Muhammad Aman al-Mulk II (qv)
    • Mehtar Shir Afzal Khan (qv)
  • Mehtar MUHTARAM SHAH IV, Mehtar of Chitral 1853/1857, died 1857/1858.
  • Mehtar SHAH MUHAMMAD AMAN al-MULK II, Mehtar of Chitral 1858/1892, born 1820, married (amongst others), a daughter of Asmar Khan, an Afghan Prince, and had issue, about 25 sons and 47 daughters. He died 30th August 1892.
    • HH Mehtar Sir Muhammad Shuja ul-Mulk (by the Afghani Princess)(qv)
    • Mitarjao Bahram al-Mulk, married and had issue. He died 1892.
      • Shahzada Eram al-Mulk
    • Mitarjao Shah Mulk, died 1892.
    • Mitarjao Wazir al-Mulk, died 1892.
    • Mehtar Muhammad Afzal ul-Mulk (qv)
    • Mehtar Muhammad Nizam ul-Mulk (qv)
    • Mehtar Muhammad Amir ul-Mulk (by the Afghani Princess) (qv)
    • Mitarjao Amin al-Mulk
    • Daughter, married Miangul Abdul Khaliq of Swat.
  • Mehtar MUHAMMAD AFZAL al-MULK, Mehtar of Chitral [30.8.1892] - [1.12.1892], born 1875, died 1st December 1892.
  • Mehtar SHIR AFZAL KHAN, Mehtar of Chitral [1.12.1892] - [12.12.1893] (deposed), born 1873, died 1923.
  • Mehtar MUHAMMAD NIZAM al-MULK, Mehtar of Chitral [12.12.1893] - [1.1.1895], born 1874, assasinated 1st January 1895 at Broz near Chitral City.
  • Mehtar MUHAMMAD AMIR al-MULK, Mehtar of Chitral [1.1.1895] - [1.5.1895] (deposed), born 1876, died 1924.
  • HH Mehtar Sir MUHAMMAD SHUJA al-MULK K.C.I.E., Mehtar of Chitral [1.5.1895] - [13.10.1936], born 1881, C.I.E. [cr.1903], K.C.I.E. [cr.1919], married four wives and had four concubines, by whom he had issue, fifteen sons and five daughters. He died 13th October 1936.
    • Major HH Mehtar Sir Muhammed Nasir al-Mulk (qv)
    • Shahzada Hisam al-Mulk, Governor of Drosh.
    • Shahzada Mata al-Mulk
    • Shahzada Khushwakht al-Mulk, born 1913, married and has issue.
      • Shahzada Siraj ul-Mulk
      • Shahzada Sekander ul-Mulk
    • HH Mehtar Muhammed Muzaffar al-Mulk I (qv)
    • Shahzada Burhan ud-Din, born 1915, died July 1995 or 1996.
  • Major HH Mehtar Sir MUHAMMED NASIR al-MULK K.C.I.E., Mehtar of Chitral [13.10.1936] - [29.6.1943], born 29th September 1897, initially educated privately then at the Islamia College, Peshawar, where he received the Chelmsford Gold Medal for standing first in the B.A. examination; he also undertook some military training and was attached as Honorary Lieutenant to the Royal 13th Frontier Force Rifles, 6th Batallion from 1926 to 1931; then served in ther Political Department from 1931 to 1936, Governor of Mastuj Province 1924/1936; he was promoted to the rank of Honorary Captain in 1934 and then to Honorary Major in 1940; K.C.I.E., married 1stly, married 2ndly, 1939 daughter of Nawab Shah Jahan Khan of Dhir and had issue, two daughters. He died 29th June (or July) 1943 in Chitral.
    • Daughter (by 1st wife), married June 1949, HH Mehtar Saif ar-Rahman of Chitral (qv)
  • HH Mehtar MUHAMMED MUZAFFAR al-MULK, Mehtar of Chitral [29.6.1943] - [7.1.1949], married the daughter of Sayyid Lais Shahzada and had issue. He died 7th January 1949.
    • HH Mehtar Saif ar-Rahman (qv)
    • Shahzada Asad ar-Rahman, born 1928, Regent of Chitral [14.10.1954] - [xx.5.1966], died 2005.
  • HH Mehtar SAIF ar-RAHMAN, Mehtar of Chitral [7.1.1949] - [14.10.1954], born 1926, married June 1949, the daughter of Major HH Mehtar Sir Muhammed Nasir al-Mulk of Chitral (see above), and has issue. He died 14th October 1954
    • HH Mehtar Muhammed Nasir Saif ul-Mulk (qv)
  • HH Mehtar MUHAMMED NASIR SAIF ul-MULK,Mehtar of Chitral [14.10.1954] - [2011], born 1950, married HH Khonza Begum Ismat, grand-daughter of Nawab Mir Muhammed Farid Khan of Amb, and has issue, two sons and two daughters. He died 2011.
    • HH Mehtar Fateh ul-Mulk Ali Nasir (qv)
    • Shahzada Hammad ul-mulk Nasir
  • HH Mehtar FATEH ul-MULK ALI NASIR, Mehtar of Chitral (see above)
The help of John Duncan McMeekin, is gratefully acknowledged, January 2011.