CHOTA-NAGPUR (Zamindari)

DYNASTY: Naagvanshi Rajput
AREA: 18,264.6 km2

PRESENT RULER: 63rd Raja of Chota-Nagpur, Zamindar of Ratu (Chota Nagpur)
PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: Traditionally, the Chota Nagpur Raj was founded by Maharaja Fani Mukut Rai, in 64 A.D.(#2) He married the daughter of the Raja of Panchkot and was ancestor of the rulers of the Raj until independence. It was reduced to the status of a Zamindari by the British in 1817. Rulers were...
  • Raja DURJAN SAL, 48th Raja of Chota-Nagpur 1599/1640, he was defeated in battle by Fateh Jang Ibrahim Khan, Governor of Bihar in 1616, then imprisoned and finally released in 1624,
  • Raja RAGHUNATH SHAH, 49th Raja of Chota-Nagpur 1640/1690
  • Raja RAM SHAH, 50th Raja of Chota-Nagpur 1690/1715
  • Raja YADUNATH SHAH, 51st Raja of Chota-Nagpur 1715/1724, married and had issue.
    • Raja Shivnath Shah (qv)
    • Raja Udai Nath Shah (qv)
    • Raja Shyamsundar Nath Shah (qv)
    • Raja Balram Nath Shah (qv)
  • Raja SHIVNATH SHAH, 52nd Raja of Chota-Nagpur 1724/1733
  • Raja UDAI NATH SHAH, 53rd Raja of Chota-Nagpur 1733/1740
  • Raja SHYAM SUNDAR SHAH, 54th Raja of Chota-Nagpur 1740/1745
  • Raja BALRAM NATH SHAH, 55th Raja of Chota-Nagpur 1745/1748, married and had issue.
    • Raja Mahinath Shah (qv)
  • Raja MAHINATH SHAH, 56th Raja of Chota-Nagpur 1748/1762
  • Raja DHUPNATH SHAH, 57th Raja of Chota-Nagpur 1762/1790, married and had issue.
    • Raja Deo Nath Shah (qv)
  • Raja DEO NATH SHAH, 58th Raja of Chota-Nagpur 1790/1806, married and had issue.
    • Raja Govind Nath Shah (qv)
  • Raja GOVIND NATH SHAH Deo, 59th Raja of Chota-Nagpur 1806/1817 [?married and had issue]
    • Maharaja Jagannath Shah Deo (qv)
    • Maharajkumar (name unknown) Shah Deo, married and had issue.
      • Kumar Upendra Nath Sahi Deo [aka Burra Lal]
  • Maharaja JAGANNATH SHAH Deo, 60th Raja of Chota-Nagpur 1817/1872, born about 1800, married and had issue. He died 1869 or 1872.
    • Maharaja Udai Pratap Nath Shah Deo (qv)
    • Manjhil Lal Sri later Maharaja Kumar Jagat Mohan Nath Sahi Deo, Raja of Tori, born in April 1866, he was granted the pargana of Tori by his father in 1867 (#3), married and had issue.
      • generation/s
        • Pattayet Rani Rajlakshmi Devi of Tori (Ratu), married Pattayet Prasun Ganga Deb of Bamra, died 12th September 2008 in New Delhi, and had issue, one son and two daughters.
  • Maharaja UDAI PRATAP NATH SAHI Deo, 61st Raja of Chota-Nagpur 1872/1950, born 23rd March 1866, title recognized as hereditary in 1872 (#1), in 1900, he built the famous Ratu Palace in Ranchi in 1900, he was conferred the Kaiser-e-Hind Medal for public services; he granted the title of "Raja" to famous business tycoon Mr. G.D. Birla of the Birla group, for Kero Laat; he donated 320 acres of land to G.E.L. Church, Ranchi (Jharkhand) and a further 17 acres of land for the construction of Ranchi Club, Ranchi; married 1stly, 1881, Rajkumari Mohan Kumari, died 1905, daughter of Maharaja Udit Narayan Singh Deo, Raja of Seraikella, married 2ndly, Maharani Saudamani Devi, daughter of Ram Kanhai Singh of Barabhum Estate, and had issue, eight sons and two daughters. He died 1950.
    • Yuvaraj Neeladhri Nath Shah Deo, born 1882, married 1901, Rajkumari Girish Nandini Devi, daughter of Raja Pratap Rudra Singh Deo of Sonepur, and had issue. He died 1905.
      • Yuvaraj Kali Sharan Nath Shah Deo, born 1902, married 1925, Maharaj Mata Baidehi Devi of Bada Khemundi, and had issue. He died 1932.
        • Rani Parvati Devi, born 1926, married 1947, Raja Padmanabh Singh Deo of Dharakote. She died 2000.
        • Rani Bhuvneshwari Devi, born 1927, married 1951, Raja Awadesh Pratap Mall of Majhauli estate. She died 1986.
        • Maharaja Chintamani Saran Nath Shah Deo (qv)
      • Kumar Shyama Sharan Nath Shah Deo, born 1905, died unmarried 1925.
    • Maharajkumar Yugal Kishore Nath Shah Deo, born 1883, married 1903, Kumari Girija Devi of Bijaipur, U.P., and had issue. He died 1947.
      • Kumar Jagdish Prasann Nath Shah Deo, born 1910, married Kumarani Hom Kumari Devi of Nepal, and had issue, one daughter and two sons. He died 2004.
        • Kumari Seeta Devi
        • Kumar Jai Kumar Nath Shah Deo, born 1929, married and has issue, one son and one daughter.
          • Kumari Kavita Devi, born 1959.
          • Kumar Amar Nath Shah Deo, born 1962.
        • Kumar Vijai Kumar Nath Shah Deo, born 1931.
    • Maharajkumar Braj Kishore Nath Shah Deo, born 1885, married 1903, Kumari Durga Devi of Bijaipur estate, U.P., and had issue, two sons. He died 1936.
      • Kumar Tara Prasann Nath Shahdeo, born 1905, married and had issue, one daughter. He died 1946.
        • Kumari Usha Devi, born 1945, married to Late Major V.R. Singh (Agra).
      • Kumar Shashi Pasann Nath Shahdeo, born 1907, he died unmarried in 1970.
    • Maharajkumar Nand Kishore Nath Shah Deo, born 1887, married 1stly, 1903, Kumari (name unknown) of Bijaipur estate, U.P., had issue, one daughter, married 2ndly, 1919, Kumari (name unknown) of Khariyal, Orissa, had issue, seven children, four sons and four daughter, and had issue. He died 1950.
      • Kumari Siddheshwari Devi(by 1st wife), married in Pacchagachia (Bihar).
      • Kumari Maheshwari Devi
      • Kumar Bhanu Pratap Deo, he was adopted to Kanker estate, and succeeded there as Maharajadhiraj Bhanu Pratap Deo, Maharaja of Kanker.
      • Kumar Arun Nath Shahdeo
      • Kumari Sureshwari Devi
      • Kumari Kamla Devi
      • Kumar Ravindra Nath Shahdeo, married Rajkumari Usha Devi, fifth daughter of Raja Chandra Bhanu Deb of Aul, and his wife, Rani Ramraj Kumari Pattamahadei, and has issue, two sons.
        • Kunwar Shivendra Nath Shah Deo, married in Khariar, and has issue, one son.
        • Kunwar Samarendra Nath Shah Deo, married in Lakhanpur, and has one daughter.
      • Kumar Tribhuwan Nath Shahdeo, he was a sportsman of repute; he married Rajkumari Savitiri Devi (+), second daughter of Raja Chandra Bhanu Deb of Aul, and his wife, Rani Ramraj Kumari Pattamahadei, and had issue, one son.
        • Kumar Uday Nath Shah Deo
    • Maharajkumar Gopeshwar Nath Shah Deo, born 1889, married 1924, Kumari Alanga Manjari Devi of Dugni, Jharkhand, and had issue, one son. He died 1953.
      • Kumar Rameshwar Nath Shahdeo, born 1939, B.Com. (1992), married Kumari Padmini Devi of Dugni, Jharkhand, and had issue, two sons and one daughter. He died 1996.
        • Kumari Sarita Devi
        • Col. Kumar Sanjai Nath Shahdeo, married to Kumar Rani Padmini Devi, daughter of Rajkumar Pattayet Matru Prasad Singh Deo of Dhenkanal, and his wife, Pattayet Rani Basanti Devi, and has issue, two daughters.
          • Kumari Akansha
          • Kumari Anukriti
        • Kumar Ajai Nath Shahdeo, born 1971; Deputy Mayor of Ranchi Municipal Corporation.
    • Maharajkumar Asheshwar Nath Shah Deo, born 1890, married 1stly, 1926, Kumari Naresh Nandini Devi, had issue, one daughter, married 2ndly, 1931, Kumari Indumati Devi of Seraikella, had issue, three children, and had issue. He died 1942.
      • Kumari Chanchla Devi (by 1st wife)
      • Kumari Parul Devi
      • Kumari Sarswati Devi
      • Kumar Santosh Nath Shahdeo, married Kumarani Ambae Devi, daughter of Shri K. B. N. Singh (former Chief Justice of Patna and Madras High Court) of Kulharia, Bihar and has issue.
        • Kumari Aparajita Devi, married to Kumar Rajiv Singh, Advocate Patna, Bihar
        • Kumar Sumit Nath Shahdeo
    • Maharajkumar Raj Kishore Nath Shah Deo, born 1892, married 1926, Kumari Saudamani Devi of Bamra, and had issue. He died 1989.
      • Kumar Dinamani Nath Shahdeo, born 1930, married Kumari Krishna Kumari of Bamra, and has issue.
        • Kumar Rajesh Nath Shahdeo, born 1964.
        • Kuman Mani Deepa Shahdeo, married 29th February 2004 in Ranchi, Capt. Kunwar Bharatendra Singh Parihar of Nagod, born 31st August 1971 in Dahod, Gujrat; educated at the University of Delhi (B.Com. with Hons.) and at Bond University, Gold Coast, Q.L.D., Australia (M.B.A.), presently serving as a Captain in the Indian Territorial Army, and has issue, one daughter.
          • Kumari Shivranjini Parihar, born 20th November 2004 at Kolkatta, India.
      • Kumari Bimleshwari Devi, born 1935, married to Kumar Suresh Singh Chandel, I.A.S. Giddhaur, Bihar.
    • Maharajkumari Ghanshyam Devi, born 1895, married 1915, Raja Jang Bahadur Singh of Amethi. She died sp in 1946.
    • Maharajkumari Durga Devi, born 1899, married 1920, Maharaja Ramanuj Pratap Singh Deo of Korea, and had issue, four sons. She died 1963.
    • Maharajkumar Jai Kishore Nath Shah Deo (by Maharani Saudamani Devi), born in Ratu Palace, married Kumari Namita Devi of Makalpur Zamindari in Hoogli Dist., West Bengal, and had issue.
      • Kumari Meenakshi Singh
      • Kumar Jayant Nath Shahdeo M.B.A.
      • Kumari Enakshi Singh
      • Kumari Dr. Kamlakshi Shahdeo (U.S.A.)
  • Maharaja Chintamani Saran Nath Shah
                        Deo of Chota-NagpurMaharaja CHINTAMANI SARAN NATH SHAH DEO, 62nd Raja of Chota-Nagpur, Zamindar of Ratu (Chota Nagpur) 1950/2014, born 14th December 1931, educated at Rajkumar College, Raipur; elected as the youngest independent M.L.A. from Bihar in 1957; he contested as Independent from the Ranchi Assembly constituency (Hatia was part of greater Ranchi constituency till 1974) in the 1950's, later, he was elected to Bihar Legislative Council as Congress candidate; Member of South Eastern Railway Board for many years; Life Senator of Ranchi University (Jharkhand); Chairman of Small Scale Industrial Board (Bihar); Presently life time President of Mata Anandmayee Ashram, Ranchi (Jharkhand); Life Member, Ranchi Mental Hospital, Ranchi (Jharkhand); he is a renowned social worker of Jharkhand, and has donated land for several educational institutions in Jharkhand, including having donated the whole of the land of Kartik Orain College Gumla, (Jharkhand), the land of Adivasi Bal Vikas Vidyalaya, Ratu, Ranchi (Jharkhand), the land for Maharani Prem Manjari Devi Super Speciality Hospital, Ratu, he also built and donated land for the Maharani Prem Manjari Devi College for girls, Ratu, Jharkhand, donated land for Idgah Assi, Varanasi (U.P.), donated all the land for Ratu Block Karyalaya, Jharkhand, donated land for establishment of Ratu Thana (Jharkhand), donated all the land for Kartik Orain Degree College, Ratu, Ranchi for the education of children; married 1952, Maharani Prem Manjari Devi (Photo), died 1986, daughter of Raja Bhanuganga Tribhuban Deb, Raja of Bamra, and his wife, Rani Jyoti Manjari Devi, and had issue, one son and four daughters. He died 10th July 2014.
    • Maharajkumari Madhuri Manjari Devi, born 1953, married 1973, married the Late Yuvraj Saheb Sharad Chandra Padma Saran Shah of Vijaigarh, (Sonebhadra U.P.), and has issue, two daughters and one son.
      • HH Maharani Ira Kumari, born 1st February 1974 in Varanasi, married 29th January 2001 in New Delhi, HH Maharaj Rana Chandrajit Singh of Jhalawar, and has issue, one son and one daughter.
      • Kunwarani Manisha Singh, married to Kunwar Rishi Raj Singh of Dungarpur (Rajasthan).
      • Raja Chandra Vikram Padma Saran Shah, Raja of Vijaigarh, married Rani Vaishnavi Singh, daughter of Kunwar D.P. Singh [Ajai], M.L.A., and his wife, Kunwarani Krishna Singh of Khajurgaon, Rai Bareli U.P.
    • Maharajkumari Kalpana Kumari Devi [Rani Kalpana Singh of Galgalha], born 1954, married 1974 in Galgalha, U.P., Raja Rakesh Pratap Singh, Taluqdar of Galgalha estate, Unnao U.P., and has issue, one son.
      • Shri Aadesh Pratap Singh, married to Jemamoni Smita Devi, daughter of late Raut Rai A.C. Deb of Talcher Raj (Odisha).
    • Maharajkumari Tripti Manjari Devi, born 1958, married 1978, Kunwar Prashant Deo Singh of Bijwa estate, Lakhimpur, U.P.
    • Maharajkumari Gayatri Manjari Devi, born 1963, married 1981, Kunwar Madhvendra Singh of Narauli, Dist. Sambhal, U.P., and has issue, one daughter and one son.
      • Kumari Priyanka Singh
      • Kunwar Kaushlendra Singh [Raghav], married Kumari Swarna Manjari Devi, daughter of Lalsaheb Nirmal Chandra Bhanj Deo of Mayurbhanj.
    • Yuvaraj Sahib Gopal Saran Nath Shahdeo, born 1969, Member of the Legislative Assembly of Jharkhand, he represented Hatia Assembly twice as a Congress candidate; married 1989, Yuvrani Priyadarshini Devi Shahdeo, born 1971, daughter of Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh of Shankargarh, Allahabad U.P. He died sp in 2010.
  • (see above)
  • Princess of Chota-Nagpur, married 1893, Sri Sri Sri Maharaja Vikram Deo IV Azem Maharaja Yujad ud-daula Mahabat Assar Yedal Yemeenay Salatnut Samsamay Killapathay Islam Sri Jhadkhand Badusha, Maharaja of Jeypore, and had issue.
  • Princess of Chota-Nagpur (Ratu), married (as his second wife), Rajkumar Brajendra Narayan Singh Deo of Kharsawan.
Special thanks to Shri Aadesh Pratap Singh and Kumar Santosh Nath Shahdeo for providing valuable information regarding Chota Nagpur Raj (Jharkand).

1. Golden Book of India, p.423
2. A different source states "Reportedly founded in the 5th century AD as a successor state to the Gupta Empire"
3. This patta is granted in respect of brit jagir on the auspicious 7th day of Magh Sudi Sambat, 1923, by the great and powerful Maharaj Sri Jagannath Sah Deo.