DAIYA (Zamindari)

LOCATION: U.P.A.O. (Allahabad Dist.) AREA: xx sq.km. VILLAGES: 67 plus 44 sharesPOPULATION: xx RELIGION: Hindu
REVENUE DEMAND: Rs 36,846 (1909) DYNASTY/LINEAGE: Gaharwar SEAT: Ramgarh (1909) ACCESSION: xx

PRESENT RULER: Raja VIKRAM SINGH, present Raja Saheb of Daiya.
married Smt. Rani Malvika Singh of Khajurgaon, and has issue.
PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: This estate is a branch of the Manda family, and it was granted to Raja Chhatra Sal, a younger son of Raja Mardan Shah of Manda, 27th in descent from Raja Manik Chand of Kannauj who lived around 1180AD. The estate in 1909, comprised 67 villages and 44 mahals in the Meja tahsil, with a revenue demand of Rs 33,678, additionally the Raja Saheb received revenue of Rs 3,168 as malikana from the revenues of 135 villages in tappa Daiya. Rulers and estate holders were....