DEARA (Taluq)

VILLAGES: 192 plus 205 pattis (1921)
LOCATION: Oudh (Sultanpur Dist.)
DYNASTY: Chauhan - Bachgoti clan - Rajkumar subclan

PRESENT RULER: Raja RAMANUJ PRATAP SAHI, Raja Saheb of Deara and Head of the Rajkumar branch of the Bachgoti clan
married Rani Brijraj Kanwar [Vrajraj Kumari], eldest daughter of Thakur Mandhata Singhji, Thakur Saheb of Geejgarh, Rajasthan, and has issue, one daughter.
  • Rajkumari Radhika Sahi, due to marry on 24th Jan 2007, Ripunjay Sinha of Shambhu Patti (Samastipur), Bihar (see Kursela).
PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: Also known as Dera and Dhera. The clan was founded by Raja Bariar Singh, who is said to have been a Chauhan rajput of Mainpuri. Tradition relates that he came to Oudh in 1248, and there displaced the Bilkharias of Kot Bilkhar in Patti. Estate holders were .....
  • Rai Birbhaddar Singh, he led members of his clan across the Gumti river and settled at Deara on the rivers banks, where they made their home
    • Babu Sheo Singh Rai, married and had issue.
      • Babu Mitarsen Jit, married and had issue.
        • Babu Jai Singh Rai, married and had issue.
          • Babu Chattar Singh (qv)

  • Babu CHHATAR SINGH, 1st Babu Saheb of Deara, married and had issue.
    • Babu Ram Kalandar Singh (qv)
    • Babu Garul Singh [aka Garab Singh], married and had issue, four sons.
      • Babu Raghunath Singh, married and had issue, six sons.
        • Babu Kunjan Singh [aka Kunjal Singh], married and had issue.
          • Babu Chhatrasal Singh, married and had issue, three sons. He was killed in 1846 in an attack on the fort of Deara.
            • Raja Rustam Shah (qv)
            • Rao Bariar Singh, he was gifted the estate of Damodra, comprising 20 villages, for his loyalty during the mutiny; married and had issue, three daughters.
              • Raja Bhan Pratap Singh of Damodra
            • Raja Shankarbax Singh (qv)
          • Babu Ambhar Singh
          • Babu Hanuman Singh
          • Babu Zabar Singh
      • Babu Samundar Singh, he died sp.
      • Babu Hanuman Singh, he died sp.
      • Babu Bhawani Din Singh, married and had issue.
        • Babu Audan Singh, Lambardar of Half of Bani
  • Babu RAM KALANDAR SINGH, 2nd Babu Saheb of Deara, married and had issue, one son.
    • Babu Ram Prakash Singh (qv)
  • Babu RAM PRAKASH SINGH, 3rd Babu Saheb of Deara, married and had issue, two sons.
    • Babu Gurdatt Singh (qv)
    • Babu Jagdish Rai, he died sp.
  • Babu GURDATT SINGH, 4th Babu Saheb of Deara, married and had issue, four sons.
    • Babu Beni Bakhsh Singh (qv)
    • Babu Balkaran Singh, he died sp.
    • Babu Gajraj Singh, he died sp.
    • Babu Madho Singh (qv)
  • Babu BENI BAKHSH SINGH, 5th Babu Saheb of Deara 1805/1808 or 1796/1799, married and had issue. He died about 1799 or 1808 aged 19 years.
    • Babuain Dilraj Kunwar (qv)
  • Thakurain Dilraj Kunwar, 6th Thakurain of Deara 1799 or 1808/1809 (for five months), she married into a Gorakhpur family. She died about 1809.
  • Thakur MADHO SINGH, 7th Thakur Saheb of Deara 1799 or 1809/1823, he defeated his kinsmen of Meopur at Masorha in 1798; married Thakurain Dariao Kunwar (qv). He died sp in 1823.
  • Thakurain Dariao Kunwar, Thakurain Saheba of Deara 1823/1848, in 1838 she fought against the Gargbansi Rajputs of Birsinghpur, defeated them, killed the Taluqdar and added their estate to hers; she refused to recognize Rustam Sah as the heir; a harsh ruler, she was deposed and exiled and died after a few months. She died about 1849.
  • Raja RUSTAM SHAH, Thakur Saheb of Deara 1848/1864, in 1847, he took Thakurain Dariao Kunwar prisoner, and forced her to write a deed in his favour, she died a few months later; at the annexation of Oudh, he lost a great part of his estate but he still rendered valuable service during the Mutiny of 1857 to the British authorities, for which he was granted the title of Raja, a khillat of 15,000Rs and a jagir worth 10,000Rs and a confiscated estate (Mau Jadunbanspur), the property of Amhat belonging to the Khanzadas, as well as eight villages in Rae Bareli district, formerly belonging the the rebel Raja of Atra Chandapur; he was invested with the powers of an Assistant Commissioner in 1860. He died sp in 1864.
  • Raja SHANKAR BUKSH SINGH, Raja of Deara 1864/1876, married and had issue, two sons. He died 1876.
    • Babu Dariawar Singh, married and had issue.
      • Raja Rudra Pratap Singh (qv)
      • Rao Bhanu Pratap Singh, Taluqdar of Damodra, he was granted the title of Rao by the British Government.
  • Raja RUDRA PRATAP SINGH, Raja of Deara 1877/1914, born 1860, the title of Raja was made hereditary on 4th December 1877; in the last years of his life, he dedicated himself to religious and social matters, and did much towards the revival of Indian theology; he encouraged native arts and industries with great liberality; he provided funds for the endowment of a temple, a dharamshala and a sanskrit school; he also maintained an Ayurvedic hospital as well as an ordinary one for the benefit of the poor; he served on the Public Service Commission and in 1886, he was appointed an Honorary Magistrate; married and had issue. He died 22nd August 1914.
    • Raja Avadhendra Pratap Sahi [aka Audhendra Pratap Sahi](qv)
  • Raja AVADHENDRA PRATAP SAHI, Raja of Deara 1914/-, born 24th August 1889, he succeeded to the gadi on 22nd August 1914; married Rajkumari Sharda Devi, eldest daughter of Raja Bahadur Shri Jyoti Prashad Singh Deo of Panchkot Raj, West Bengal, and had issue. He died after 1933.
    • Raja Jagdish Pratap Sahi (qv)
    • Rajkumar Devan Pratap Sahi, married Rajkumari (name unknown) of Askote in Himachal Pradesh.
    • Rajkumar Harren Pratap Sahi, unmarried.
    • ??? [Rajkumari Jayanti Devi, married Lal Bahadur Sadhu Sharan Singh, Zamindar of Dhourpur in Madhya Pradesh, and had issue.]
  • Raja JAGDISH PRATAP SAHI, Raja of Deara, born 26th September 1920, married Maharajkumari Mahendra Kumari Devi, eldest daughter of HH Maharaja Sir Brijnath Singh Ju Deo Bahadur of Maihar, and his wife, HH Maharani Surendra Kumari Devi, and had issue.
    • Rajkumari Asha Kumari, married Raja Warendra Singh of Singramau Estate, Jaunpur. U.P.
    • Rajkumari Usha Kumari, married (as his first wife), 25th April 1971, Kunwar Ajay Bahadur Singh of Sirmur.
    • Raja Ramanuj Pratap Sahi (qv)
    • Rajkunwar Brijendra Pratap Sahi, married Kuvrani Shalini Kumari Devi, daughter of Pattayat Rajkumar Suresh Chandra Deo Jenamoni of Rairakhol, and his wife Pattayat Rani Saroj Manjari Devi, daughter of Raja Naba Chandra Kishore Singh Mardaraj Jagadev, Raja of Hindol, and has issue.
      • Yuvaraj Bhubaneshwar Pratap Sahi B.Com., born 14th December 1985, educated at St Joseph's Convent S.V.P. (B.Com.)(N.I.I.T.) (15 Cariappa Road, Allahabad, India)
      • Kunwar Udayshwer Pratap Sahi (Amreshwar), educated at Rajkumar College, Raipur; presently (2017) in Finance Management, pursuing a career in the Indian Civil Service
    • Rajkunwar Marutendra Pratap Sahi, married Kuvrani Shiv Priya Sahi, daughter of Raja Brijendra Bahdur Singh of Haraha Estate, Barabanki, U.P., and has issue, two daughters and one son.
      • Kumari Shivani Sahi, married to Kumar Amit Singh Deo of Lakhanpur estate of Ambikapur, Chhatisgarh (branch of Surguja State of M.P.).
      • Kumari Shambhavi Sahi, she is a Law graduate from Lucknow University.
      • Kunwar Avneesh Pratap Sahi, he is a Law graduate from Lucknow University.
  • Raja RAMANUJ PRATAP SAHI, Raja of Deara (see above)
1. Source: "Gazetteer of the Province of Oudh", Lucknow 1877/78