AREA: 10,101 km2
REVENUE: 580,857Rs (1904) ACCESSION: 1952
LOCATION: Bangladesh (Dhaka Dist.)
DYNASTY: Khwaja RELIGION: Muslim (Sunni)
PRESENT RULER: Nawab Bahadur Khwaja HABIBULLAH ASKARI, 8th and present Nawab of Dhaka Estate. (Official website here)
Succeeded to the headship of the family when the older sons, relinquished all rights and titles in his favour.
PREDECESSORS and SHORT HISTORY: The estate was formerly in Sadr North Division of Dacca District (now Dhaka Upazila, Dhaka District, Bangladesh) and the zamindars are descended from the Bonda family, themselves descended from the brothers of Khwaja Abdul Hakim, Governor of Kashmir. The Maulvi Abdullah, who was the son of the Maulvi Abdul Kadir, and was born in Kashmir, came to Bengal in the reign of the Emperor Mahmud Shah, and established himself in Sylhet. It was the largest zamindari held by any landholder in Eastern Bengal during the colonial period. The successor to the Zamindari was appointed by the Mutawalli from amongst family members deemed to be most competent to manage the family affairs. Rulers were....
  • Unknown, married and had issue.
    • Khwaja Abdul Hakim, Governor of Kashmir
    • Maulvi Abdul Kadir, married and had issue.
    • Maulvi Abdullah, married and had issue.
      • Khwaja Hafizullah (qv)
      • Khwaja Ahsanullah, married and had issue. He died 1795.
        • Khwaja Alimullah (qv)

  • Khwaja HAFIZULLAH, founder and 1st Zamindar of the Dhaka Nawab Estate with his nephew, succeeded by his nephew. He died sp.

  • Khwaja ALIMULLAH, founder and 2nd Zamindar of the Dhaka Nawab Estate -/1854, born in Begum Bazar, founder of the Dhaka Nawab family with his uncle, major shareholder and director of Dhaka Bank, member of the Dhaka Municipal Committee, married Zinat Begum, and had issue. He died 1854 (16 Bhadra, 1261) in Dhaka and was buried in the family graveyard at Begum Bazar.
    • Nawab Khwaja Sir Abdul Ghani Mian (qv)

  • Nawab Bahadur Khwaja Sir ABDUL GHANI MIAN K.C.S.I., 3rd Zamindar of the Dhaka Nawab Estate 1854/1896, born 30th July 1813 at Begumbazar, Dhaka, educated privately and at Dhaka Collegiate School, appointed Honourary Magistrate in 1861, awarded the title of C.S.I. in 1871 and Nawab in 1875, which was made hereditary on 1st January 1877, made a K.C.S.I. in 1886 and was granted the higher title of Nawab Bahadur in 1892, he established a High School at Kumartuli in 1863, which was later upgraded into Salimullah College, he established Abdul Ghani High School at Jamurki, he married Ismatunnissa Begum, died 1887, and had issue. He died 24th August 1896 at the Ahsan Manzil and lies buried at the family graveyard at Begumbazar in Dhaka.
    • Nawab Khwaja Sir Ahsanullah Bahadur (qv)
  • Nawab Khwaja Sir AHSANULLAH Bahadur K.C.I.E., 4th Zamindar of the Dhaka Nawab Estate 1896/1901, born 22nd August 1846 in Dhaka, Commissioner of Dhaka Municipality since 1864, Member of the Asiatic Society (Calcutta), member of the Photographic Society in Calcutta, founded the Patuakhali Begum Hospital in 1900, Madaripur Mosque and Madrasah 1886-1887, and Begunbari Mosque, awarded the titles of Khan Bahadur in 1871, Nawab in 1875, C.I.E. in 1891, Nawab Bahadur in l892 and K.C.I.E. in 1897. He was a member of the Governor General's Legislative Council in 1890 and 1899, married (amongst others), (a) Wahidunnesa Begum, married (b), Khodeja Begum, and had issue. He died 16th December 1901 in Dhaka and was buried in the family graveyard at Begumbazar.
    • Nawab Bahadur Khwaja Sir Salimullah (qv)
    • Nawabzada
                      Khwaja Atiqullah (1876-1945)Nawabzada Khwaja Atiqullah, born 26th July 1876, philanthropist, educated privately by British teachers, becoming proficient in English, Persian and Urdu. He contributed generously for the advancement of education in the country, donating one thousand rupees to the Aligarh University Fund in 1911. Lifelong member of the Indian National Congress, married 1stly, 7th December 1901, Ahmadi Begum, married 2ndly, Aziz Begum, and had issue, several sons and two daughters. He died January 1945.
      • Khwaja Moinuddin
      • Khwaja Bahaduddin
      • Khwaja Mohammad Azad
      • Khwaja Latfullah
      • Khwaja Mashooqullah
      • Sahibzadi Farhat Banu Begum, married 1915, (her cousin), Khwaja Shahabuddin (see below), born 31st May 1898, died 9th February 1977, and had issue.
      • Sahibzadi Zeenat Begum
    • Nawabzadi Ameena Banu Begum, eldest daughter, married Syed Aziz Chowdury, a Zamindar from Machan Syed Bari, Manikganj, in the district of Dhaka, and had issue.
      • Syed Abdus Salim Chowdhury, second son, born 15th July 1905, died 27th December 1967.
    • Nawabzadi Akhter Banu Begum
    • Nawabzadi Bilkis Banu Begum, married Khwaja Nizamuddin, commissioner of Dhaka Municipality, son of Khwaja Fakhruddin, Zamindar of Dhaka, and had issue.
      • Khwaja Sir Nazimuddin, born 19 July 1894 at Dhaka, educated at M. A. O. College, Aligarh; Dunstable Grammar School, and Trinity Hall, Cambridge (Bar-at-Law). Chairman of Dhaka Municipality 1922/1929, Provincial Education Minister 1929/1934, Executive Councilor 1934/1937, Home Minister 1937/-, Leader of the Opposition 1941/1943, Chief Minister 1943/-, Governor General of Pakistan 1948/-, Prime Minister of Pakistan 1951/1953, President of the Mohammedan Sporting Club (Calcutta) 1935/1946 and President of the Indian Hockey Federation 1938/1940, he was awarded the title of Nishan-i-Pakistan in 1958, C.I.E. [cr.1926], K.C.I.E. [cr.1934], both returned in 1946 on political grounds, he married 1924, Shah Banu Begum, daughter of Khwaja Ashraf, and had issue. He died 22nd October 1964.
        • Zafar Banu Begum, married (as his first wife, her cousin), Khwaja Wasiuddin, and had issue (see below).
      • Khwaja Shahabuddin, born 31st May 1898, educated privately, learning Arabic, Persian, Urdu and English from a private tutor, he also became a Hafiz-e-Quran, Commissioner of Dhaka Municipality 1918/1921, Member of the Dhaka District Board 1921/-, becoming its Chairman 1923/1924, President of the Dhaka District Muslim League 1928/1944, Member of the Executive Council of the Governor of Bengal in 1936 and Treasurer of the Dhaka University 1930/1938, elected to the Bengal Legislative Assembly in 1937, Chief Whip of the government party 1937/1941, Minister of Commerce, Labour and Industry of Bengal 1943/1945, Chief Whip of the Pakistan National Assembly in 1947, Minister of Home affairs, Information and Broadcasting in the Central Government of Pakistan, appointed governor of the North-West Frontier Province in 1951, Ambassador of Pakistan to Saudi Arabia with additional charge of Yemen in 1954, Ambassador of Pakistan to Egypt in 1958. He was concurrently High Commissioner of Pakistan to Nigeria and Ambassador to Cameroon, Senegal, Togo and Sierra Leon 1961/1964, Central Minister of Information and Broadcasting 1965/1969, married 1915, (his cousin, see above), Sahibzadi Farhat Banu Begum, elected to the Assembly in the Muslim Women seat, and had issue. He died 9th February 1977 in Karachi.
        • Khwaja Zakiuddin, born 9th January 1918, educated at Dhaka University and at University College, London; he returned to India in 1943 and joined Grindlays Bank Ltd., in Bombay; later, he had postings in Calcutta, Karachi and Peshawar; and in the early fifties he joined the State Bank of Pakistan, serving in various capacities in Karachi, Khulna and Dhaka, before finally retiring in January 1976; a very keen sportsman in his youth, he won various trophies in cycling and played first class representative (field) hockey in Dhaka, Calcutta and London; married 11th October 1943, Begum Binoo Chowdhury, daughter of Khan Bahadur Hafizur Rahman Chowdhury of Bogra, and his wife, Abida Khatoon, and had issue. He died 16th January 2003.
          • Yasmeen Banu
          • Almas Banu
          • Khwaja Zahid Zakiuddin
        • Major Khwaja Wasiuddin, second son, born 20th March 1921 in Ahsan Manzil, Dhaka, educated at the Muslim Government High School, at the Prince of Wales Royal Indian Military College (R.I.M.C..) in Dehradun 1932/1938 and at the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun 1938/1940; he was commissioned as an officer in the Indian Army in 1940 and joined the Royal Indian Artillery; he saw active service in Burma during WWII and was injured in Imphal; in 1945, he was appointed President of the Inter Services Selection Board in Bangalore, with the acting rank of Lieutenant-Colonel; at Independence he opted to serve in Pakistan and rose to the rank of Lieutenant-General; upon the creation of Bangladesh he entered the Diplomatic service, serving as Bangladesh Ambassador in Kuwait and France, and later, as his country's representative to the United Nations in New York; he had taken up golf at some point and was responsible for organizing the laying down of golf courses in Lahore and Rawalpindi; married in November 1945 (div. 1955)(his cousin), Zafar Banu Begum, daughter of Khwaja Sir Nazimuddin (see above), and his wife, Shah Banu Begum, married 2ndly, Waheeda Begum, daughter of Mir Karim Bakhsh, and his wife, Begum Untul Hafeez, and had issue, children. He died 22nd September 1992.
          • Major Khwaja Safi Wasiuddin (by Zafar Banu Begum)
          • Umbereen Bano (by Zafar Banu Begum)
          • Lena Bano (by Waheeda Begum)
          • Adnan Wasiuddin (by Waheeda Begum)
          • Shahab Wasiuddin (by Waheeda Begum)
          • Omer Wasiuddin (by Waheeda Begum)

  • Nawab Bahadur Khwaja
                    Sir SALIMULLAH (1871-1915)Nawab Bahadur Khwaja Sir SALIMULLAH G.C.I.E., K.C.S.I., 5th Zamindar of the Dhaka Nawab Estate 1901/1915, born 7th June 1871 at the Ahsan Manzil, educated privately, learning Urdu, Arabic, Persian and English, entered government service as a Deputy Magistrate in 1893, serving till 1895 when he started a business at Mymensingh, first President of the All Bengal Muslim League founded in 1906, nominated as member of the Women's Education Committee of East Bengal and Assam in 1908, member of the East Bengal and Assam Legislative Assembly 1906/1912 and of the Imperial Council and also of the United Bengal Legislative Assembly 1913/1915. The British government conferred on him the titles of C.S.I. in 1902, Nawab Bahadur in 1903, K.C.S.I. in 1909, and G.C.S.I. in 1911, married 1stly, Naznijan Begum, married 2ndly, Raushan Akhter Begum, married 3rdly, Alima Bibi, married 4thly, Asmatunnesa Begum, died 3rd October 1920, married 5thly, Azizunnesa Begum, died 1972, and had issue. He died 16th January 1915 in his house at Chaurangi, Calcutta. His body was brought to Dhaka in state honour and was buried in the family graveyard at Begam Bazar.
    • Aftab Bano (by Naznijan Begum), married Hamidullah Khwaja.
    • Kurshid Bano (by Naznijan Begum), married Moazzem Khwaja.
    • Ahmedi Bano (by Raushan Akhter Begum), married Adel Khwaja.
    • Nasarullah Khwaja (by Raushan Akhter Begum), married Jahanara Begum.
    • Hafizullah Khwaja (by Raushan Akhter Begum), married Meher Begum.
    • Alimullah Khan (by Alima Bibi)
    • Nawab Bahadur Khwaja Habibullah (by Asmatunnesa Begum) (qv)
    • Ayesha Begum (by Asmatunnesa Begum), married Mohiuddin Chowdhury.
    • Ahsanullah Khwaja (by Azizunnesa Begum), born 12th February 1912 in Dhaka, married (amongst others), Shamsunnahar Ahnsanullah, and had issue.
  • Nawab Bahadur Khwaja HABIBULLAH, 6th Zamindar of the Dhaka Nawab Estate 1915/1958, born 26th April 1895 at the Dhaka Nawab House, educated at St. Paul's School, Darjeeling and later in England, he joined the Bengali Platoon of the British Army in 1918, and was sent to Mesopotamia as an honorary lieutenant. Member of the Dhaka University Court, Dhaka District Board, Dhaka Municipality and President of the Dhaka Anjuman-i-Islamia. He was made president of the first Dhaka Khilafat Committee in 1919, represented Dhaka City to the Bengal Legislative Council 1924/1932, President of the Bengal Muslim League and a member of the Executive Committee of the All India Muslim League, nominated President of the Bengal Muslim League Parliamentary Board, Cabinet Minster 1937/1941, Minister of Agriculture, Industry and Commerce, vice-president of the East Pakistan Muslim League and member of Muslim League's Central Executive Committee, married several wives including Ayesha Begum, and had issue. He died 21st November 1958 at his residence "Green House" in the Paribag area of Dhaka. He was buried by the side of his father in Begum Bazar family graveyard.
    • Nawab Bahadur Khwaja Hasan Askari (qv)
    • Nawabzada Khawaja Hafizullah, married Anwar Sultana, died 1995, buried beside her husband in Begum Bazar, Dhaka, and had issue, one son and two daughters. He died 1976 and is buried in the family graveyard in Begum Bazar, Dhaka.
      • Khwaja SaifullahKhawaja Saifullah, eldest son, born 28th August 1958 in Dhaka, completed his education from University Of Dhaka, presently working in Dhaka, in a job related to CSR, and he is one of the pioneers and a leading person on CSR in the Readymade garments sector of Bangladesh. Has had working experience of in Bangladesh Airlines as cabin crew, and with Phillips-Van Heusen as Human Rights Compliance Officer, auditing factories in 29 countries, he is married to Deeba Saif, and has issue, two daughters. (Dhaka, Bangladesh).
        • Tarana Saif
        • Natasha Saif
      • Noshaba Sultana, eldest daughter, is married and settled in Bangladesh.
      • Shabana Sultana, youngest daughter, is married and settled in London.
  • Nawab Bahadur Khwaja HASAN ASKARI, 7th Zamindar of the Dhaka Nawab Estate 1958/1984, born 1921, he graduated from Aligarh University in 1942 and aftewards he joined as commissioned officer in the Tank Brigade of the Indian army in 1944 and was posted in the Burma sector; after Independence he served with the Pakistan Army from 1947, retiring in 1961, to enter the political arena; he was elected a member of the National Assembly in 1962, and was included in the provincial cabinet as Minister of Works and Communication; he resigned from the cabinet in 1965 and later he was elected president of the East Pakistan provincial committee of the ruling Convention Muslim League in 1968; Chairman of Dhaka Wanderers Club; Member of the Executive Committee of the Pakistan Cricket Control Board; Member of the East Pakistan Sports Federation; Chairman of the governing body of Sir Salimullah Orphanage, and Chairman of the Managing Committee of Dhanmondi School, he had settled permanently in Pakistan in 1971; married and had issue. He died 9th August 1984 in Karachi.
    • Nawab Bahadur Khwaja Habibullah Askari (qv)
    • Nawabzada Khwaja Amanullah Askari, married Ishrat Aurangzeb of Swat, and has issue.
      • Ayesha Amina Askari
    • Nawabzada Khwaja Samiullah Askari
  • Nawab Bahadur Khwaja HABIBULLAH ASKARI, 8th Zamindar of the Dhaka Nawab Estate (see above)
  • Khawja Azhar, married Farhad Bano Begum, and had issue.
    • Khawja Azher Nadim, born 27th June 1965 in Nawab Bari, Dhaka, presently working as a Travel Agent, married 27th July 1995 in Dhaka, Shahana Nadim and has issue.
      • Nabela Nadim
      • Nabehah Nadim
Official Website of the Dhaka Nawab Family.
SOURCE: Bengal District Gazetteers - Dacca by B. C. Allen, printed by the Pioneer Press (Allahabad) 1912