DHANRAJGIR (Zamindari)

REVENUE: Rs xx DYNASTY/LINEAGE: Dhanrajgir SEAT: Gyan Bagh Palace ACCESSION: xx

PRESENT HEAD OF HOUSE: Raja Humayun Girji Dhanrajgirji Gyan Bahadur, present Head of House (Gyan Bagh Palace, Hyderabad, India)
born 1936, educated in the U.K. (Chemical Engineering) and at Harvard (Advanced Management Program); he is a renowned corporate business executive and is associated with Zydus Pharmaceuticals; he has held several senior management positions including that of Managing Director of Glaxo India Ltd.; former President of the Organization of Pharmaceutical Producers of India (O.P.P.I); married Rani Jini (née Cherian), daughter of Dr. Palathnikal Varkey Cherian, from the Palathinkal family of Kerala, former Governor of Maharastra (1964/1969), and his wife, Thara Devi Jesudasan, and has issue, two sons.
PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: The family of Dhanrajgir of Hyderabad were originally of Afghan origin from Gandhar in North India. They migrated to India in the 15th century and first settled in Poona, in Maharashtra, before moving to Hyderabad in the 19th century, where the family earned a massive fortune through trade and rose to eminence and esteem in the court of Nizam as their bankers. Notable properties of Dhanrajgirs are the Gyan Bagh Palace in Hyderabad and the art deco Dhanraj Mahal in Mumbai built in the 1930's, which was once the largest single and costliest building in Mumbai. A portion of the Dhanraj Mahal is now taken by the Tata's Indian Hotels in 1999 where back office works of Taj Mahal Hotel is carried out. A portion is also the residence of Humayun Dhanrajgir. It was acquired by the ministry of defence during World War II and was later returned to the Maharaja. Estate holders were...