DHARAMPUR (Princely State)

(9 gun salute)

AREA: 1,823.36 km˛ PRIVY PURSE: Rs1,50,000 ACCESSION: 10th June 1948
STATE: Bombay DYNASTY: Sisodia RELIGION: Hindu
VILLAGES: xx POPULATION: 95,171 (1921) REVENUE: Rs 12,51,462
AGENCY: Surat Agency (1930)

PRESENT RULER: HH Maharana Sahib Shri (name unknown), present Raja of Dharampur
PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: The Maharana maintains a military force of 40 cavalry, 171 infantry and 4 guns, and is entitled to a salute of 9 guns (in 1893). Rulers were...
  • Rana RAMSHAH [aka Ramsingh], Rana of Dharampur 1262/1295, he had lost his ancestral patrimony from Mewar during the Muslim conquest of Rajasthan and sought his fortune in the south, where he seems to have defeated the Koli Chief Nathoart, belonging to the Thorat tribe of Kolis, and established himself in the hilly tract at Asheri or Asserseta near Daman about 1262, and after conquering a part of it, he named it Ramnagar after himself; married and had issue.
    • Rana Somashah (qv)
  • Rana SOMASHAH, Rana of Dharampur 1295/1335, during his reign, Allauddin Kilji, Emperor of Delhi, conquered the Gujarat from the Chalukyas of Anhilwad and also the Deccan from the Yadavas of Devagiri.
  • Rana PURANDARSHAH, Rana of Dharampur 1335/1360
  • Rana DHARAMSHAH I, Rana of Dharampur 1360/1391
  • Rana GOPUSHAH, Rana of Dharampur 1391/1432
  • Rana JAGATSHAH I, Rana of Dharampur 1432/1470
  • Rana NARANSHAH, Rana of Dharampur 1470/1500
  • Rana DHARAMSHAH II, Rana of Dharampur 1500/1531
  • Rana JAGATSHAH II, Rana of Dharampur 1531/1566
  • Rana LAXMANDEV, Rana of Dharampur 1566/1600
  • Rana RAMDEVJI I, Rana of Dharampur 1600/1635
  • Rana SOMDEVJI, Rana of Dharampur 1635/1680, he moved the capital from Asharsheta to Fatehpur Nagar in 1654. He died 1680.
  • Rana SAHADEVJI, Rana of Dharampur 1680/1711, died 1711.

  • Rana RAMDEVJI II, Rana of Dharampur 1711/1758, during his reign, the state was attacked by the Marathas in 1727, and sacked 72 villages of the Nagar-Haveli Taluka, he was also forced to pay tribute, which continues to this day (1931), married and had issue. He died 1758 or 1764.
    • Maharana Sahib Dharamdevji Ramdevji (qv)
  • Maharana Sahib DHARAMDEVJI RAMDEVJI, Raja of Dharampur 1758/1777, he moved the capital from Fatehpur Nagar to Dharampur. He died 1774 or 1777.
  • Maharana Sahib NARANDEVJI [Guman Singh], Raja of Dharampur 1774/1777
  • Maharana Sahib SOMDEVJI II [Abhay Singh], Raja of Dharampur 1777/1784
  • Maharana Sahib RUPDEVJI SOMDEVJI, Raja of Dharampur 1784/1807 or 1787/1807, by the Treaty of Bassein between the Peshwa and the British Government in 1802, all rights regarding Dharampur were transferred to the latter,
  • Maharana Sahib VIJAYADEVJI RUPDEVJI, Raja of Dharampur 1807/1857
  • Maharana Sahib RAMDEVJI III VIJAYADEVJI, Raja of Dharampur 1857/1860, married and had issue.
    • HH Maharana Sahib Shri Narayandevji Ramdevji (qv)
    • Yuvrani Kushal Kunwarba Sahiba, married 1872, Yuvaraj Jaswantsinhi Mansinhji of Dhrangadhra.
  • HH Maharana Sahib Shri NARAYANDEVJI RAMDEVJI, Raja of Dharampur 1860/1891, born 3rd September 1840, succeeded 20th January 1860 (#1), he received a sanad in 1862, guaranteeing him the privilege of adoption, he was accorded the style of His Highness as a personal distinction on the occasion of the Queen's Jubilee in 1887; married and had issue. He died 7th September 1891 (#5 p.57).
    • Maharajkumar Dharamdevji Narayandevji
    • HH Maharana Sahib Shri Mohandevji Narayandevji (qv)
    • Maharajkumar Haridevji Narayandevji, married and had issue.
      • Kumar Shri Chandradevji Haridevji, born 28th May 1886 (#5 p.57), educated at Rajkumar College, Rajkot and the Girasia College, Gondal.
    • Maharajkumar Baldevji Narayandevji
    • Maharajkumar Prabhatdevji Narayandevji, born 6th November 1882 (#5 p.57), educated at Rajkumar College, Rajkot; he was presented with the Silver Coronation Medal at the Delhi Durbar in 1911.
    • Maharajkumar (Haridevji/Baldevji) Narayandevji , married an aunt of the Thakore Sahib of Rajkot, and had issue. He died before 1913.
      • Kumari (name unknown), married 1913 (as his first wife), Maj.-Gen. HH Raj Rajeshwar Maharajdhiraj Maharaja Shri Sir Hari Singhji Bahadur Indar Mahindar Sipar-i-Saltanat-i-Inglishia of Jammu and Kashmir.
    • HH Maharani Bai Shri Nandkunverba Sahiba, born 1867, married 4th June 1881, HH Maharaja Shri Sir Bhagwatsinhji of Gondal, and had issue. She died 1936.
    • HH Maharani Maan Kanwar, married 1888 (as his third wife), HH Maharao Kesari Singhji Bahadur of Sirohi, and had issue. She died 1896.
  • HH Maharana Sahib Shri MOHANDEVJI NARAYANDEVJI, Raja of Dharampur 1891/1921, born 1863, educated at Rajkumar College, Rajkot; he was granted a personal salute of 11 guns on 4th January 1921 (#5 p.57) in recognition of his services during WWI; married and had issue. He died 26th March 1921 (#2)(#5 p.57) or 4th January 1921 (#3).
    • HH Maharana Sahib Shri Vijayadevji Mohandevji (qv)
    • HH Maharani Mohini Kunwari Bai Sahiba, married (as his third wife) 1923, Maj.-Gen. HH Raj Rajeshwar Maharajdhiraj Maharaja Shri Sir Hari Singhji Bahadur Indar Mahindar Sipar-i-Saltanat-i-Inglishia of Jammu and Kashmir.
  • HH Maharana Sahib Shri VIJAYADEVJI II MOHANDEVJI, Raja of Dharampur 1921/1952 , born 3rd December 1884 (#2)(#5 p.57), educated at Rajkumar College, Rajkot; Member of the Chamber of Princes; married 1stly, 1905, Rani Akhand Soubhagyavati Rasikkunverba, died 1907, daughter of HH Maharana Gambhirsinhji of Rajpipla, married 2ndly, HH Maharani Akhand Soubhagyavati Manharkunverba, died 8th January 1939 (#4), daughter of Kumar Shri Samantsinhji Sursinhji of Palitana, and had issue. He died 5th May 1952 in Bombay.
    • Yuvaraj Sahib Shri Nahardevji Vijayadevji B.A. (Bombay), M.A. (Cantab), born 14th December 1906 (#5 p.57), educated at Bombay University and in England; married 1stly, married 2ndly, Yuvrani Indira Devi of Gondal, and had issue. He died in an automobile accident on 1st February 1952.
      • HH Maharana Sahib Shri Sahadevji Nahardevji (qv)
      • Kumar Shri Vishnudevji Nahardevji, educated at Rajkumar College, Rajkot (1948/1957).
      • Kunveri Baiji Shri Kalpana Devi Sahib [HH Thakorani Saheb Kalpana Devi Sahib of Wadhwan], married 20th November 1971, HH Thakore Sahib Shri Chaitanyadevsinhji Surendrasinhji of Wadhwan, and has issue.
      • Rani Krishna Devi, born 1936, married Raja Ram Pratap Singh, Raja of Katiyari, and has issue.
    • HH Rani Jaswant Kumari, married (as his first wife), HH Raja Shrimant Mahendra Singhji Ju Dev Bahadur of Nagod, and had issue.
    • Maharajkumari Rajendra Kunverba Sahiba
  • HH Maharana Sahib Shri SAHADEVJI NAHARDEVJI, Raja of Dharampur 1952/-, born 7th December 1929 (#5 p.57), educated at Rajkumar College, Rajkot (1946), married HH Maharani Bharti Devi of Vana, and had issue.
    • Maharajkumari Divya Devi, born 29th August 1950 at Bangalore, married 24th June 1974 at Bangalore, HH Raja Saheb Shri Prem Singh of Chamba, and has issue.
  • HH Maharana Sahib Shri (name unknown) (see above)
  • Rani Purna Devi, married 14th March 1967, Raja Shri Shri Shri Gopinath Gajapathi Narayana Deo, Raja Saheb of Parlakhimedi, and has issue, one son and one daughter.
  • Kanwarani Kalpana Kumari Sisodia, married 10th December 1986, Kanwar Ajay Singh of Alipura, and has issue.
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