DHROL (Princely State)

(9 gun salute)

Area: 732 km2 Privy Purse: 110,000Rs
Accession: 15th February 1948
STATE: Saurashtra Dynasty:Jadeja Religion: Hindu
Villages: 71 Population: 27,639 (1931)

Present Ruler: HH Thakore Saheb Shri of Dhrol
Predecessors and Short History: Dhrol is a Jadeja State and like all Jadeja's, those of Dhrol are direct descendents of Lord Shri Krishna, the Sovereign of Dwarka. The original founder of the State was Jam Hardholji, son of Jam Lakhoji of Kutch. Jam Rawal and his three brothers - Hardholji, Ravoji and Modji moved in about 1535 from Kutch to Kathiawar, being assisted by his brothers, Jam Rawal conquered many parganahs from the Deda, Chavda and Jethwa clans. One Dhamal Chavda who then reigned at Dhamalpur [Dhrol] obstructed the Jam brothers in their conquests in one way or another, and in order to remove this obstruction, Jam Hardholji marched against Dhamal Chavda and after defeating him, acquired that parganah for himself in about 1539 and founded a separate State of some 140 villages. Succession is by Primogeniture and also by adoption. Rulers were...
  1. Thakore Saheb HARDHOLJI LAKHAJI, 1st Thakore Saheb of Dhrol ca1539/1550, married and had issue.
    • Thakore Saheb Jasoji Hardholji (qv)
    • Kumar Unadji Hardholji of Laiara.
    • Kumar Raghoji Hardholji of Rajpar.
    • Kumar Viroji Hardholji of Khijadia.
    • Kumar Lakhaji Hardholji of Kitada.
    • Kumar Khimoji Hardholji of Pipar.
    • Kumar Khengarji Hardholji of Khangda.
    • Kumar Vajoji Hardholji of Dangda.
    • Rani Bajiba Sahiba, married Raj Sahib Mansinhji I of Dhrangadhra, and had issue.

  2. Thakore Saheb JASOJI HARDOLJI, 2nd Thakore Saheb of Dhrol 1550/1564, married and had issue.
    • Thakore Saheb Bamanyanji Jasoji (qv)
    • Kumar Karanji Jasoji of Sanosara
    • Kumar Hamirji Jasoji of Dangra

  3. Thakore Saheb BAMANYANJI JASOJI, 3rd Thakore Saheb of Dhrol 1564/1566, married and had issue.
    • Thakore Saheb Hardholji Bamanyanji II (qv)
    • Kumar Jiwanji Bamanyanji of Chanol
    • Kumar Ravaji Bamanyanji, received the Taluka of Jalia in 1612, see Jalia-Devani.
    • Kumar Asoji Bamanyanji of Jambuda
    • Kumar Sayabji Bamanyanji of Vanpari
    • Kumar Amarji Bamanyanji of Domda
    • Kumar Khetoji Bamanyanji of Timbdi
    • Kumar AkHoji Bamanyanji of Ghadi
    • Kumar Meghji Bamanyanji
    • Kumar Hardasji Bamanyanji
    • Kumar Junoji Bamanyanji
    • Kumar Hamirji Bamanyanji
    • Kumar Panchanji Bamanyanji of Deedakdad, married and had issue.
      • Thakore Saheb Kaloji Panchanji (qv)
      • Kumar Suroji Panchanji of Deedakdad
      • Kumar Sagramji Panchanji of Khakharau

  4. Thakore Saheb HARDHOLJI BAMANYANJI II, 4th Thakore Saheb of Dhrol 1566/1604, married and had issue.
    • Thakore Saheb Modji Hardholji (qv)
    • Kumar Udeysinhji Hardholji of Ghodi
    • Kumar Ranmalji Hardholji of Chhala

  5. Thakore Saheb MODJI HARDHOLJI, 5th Thakore Saheb of Dhrol 1604/1609, died sp.

  6. Thakore Saheb KALOJI PANCHANJI, 6th Thakore Saheb of Dhrol 1609/1644

  7. Thakore Saheb KALOJI PANCHANJI [Kalyansinhji], 7th Thakore Saheb of Dhrol 1644/1706, married and had issue.
    • Kumar Sangoji Kaloji, bypassed in the succession. He died sp.
    • Kumar Bhimji Kaloji, bypassed in the succession, preferring his appanage of Khirasra.
    • Thakore Saheb Junoji Kaloji (qv)
    • Kumar Jaysingji Kaloji of Vagudad
    • Kumar Meghji Kaloji of Jaiva
    • Kumar Hothiji Kaloji of Dahisaru
    • Kumar Punjoji Kaloji of Radad

  8. Thakore Saheb JUNOJI KALOJI, 8th Thakore Saheb of Dhrol 1706/1712, married and had issue.
    • Thakore Saheb Ketoji Junoji (qv)
    • Kumar Lakhoji Junoji of Khakhara
    • Kumar Muluji Junoji of Hadmatia
    • Kumar Godhji Junoji of Hadatoda
    • Rani Daguba Sahiba, married (as his 3rd wife), Raj Sahib Gajsinhji Meghrajji of Dhrangadhra.

  9. Thakore Saheb KETOJI JUNOJI, 9th Thakore Saheb of Dhrol 1712/1715, married and had issue.
    • Thakore Saheb Kaloji Ketoji (qv)
    • Thakore Saheb Waghji Ketoji (qv)
    • Kumar Makanji Ketoji of Meghpar

  10. Thakore Saheb KALOJI KETOJI, 10th Thakore Saheb of Dhrol 1715/1716, died sp.

  11. Thakore Saheb WAGHJI KETOJI, 11th Thakore Saheb of Dhrol 1716/1760, married and had issue.
    • Thakore Saheb Jaysinhji Waghji (qv)
    • Kumar Meghji Waghji of Virvav
    • Kumar Rayabji Waghji of Salpiparia
    • Kumar Khimoji Waghji of Rojia
    • Kumar Amroji Waghji of Hajamchar
    • Kumar Tejoji Waghji of Anandpar
    • Kumar Ajoji Waghji of Piparia

  12. Thakore Saheb JAYSINHJI WAGHJI, 12th Thakore Saheb of Dhrol 1760/1781, married and had issue.
    • Thakore Saheb Junoji Jaysinhji II (qv)
    • Kumar Lakhoji Jaysinhji of Majoth
    • Kumar Mehramanji Jaysinhji of Nathuvadla, married and had issue.
      • generations
        • Kumar Shri Narpatsinhji Bhimsinhji Jadeja, educated at Rajkumar College, Rajkot (1948).

  13. Thakore Saheb JUNOJI II JAYSINHJI, 13th Thakore Saheb of Dhrol 1781/1789, married and had issue.
    • Thakore Saheb Nathoji Junoji (qv)
    • Kumar Manoji Junoji of Vanpari
    • Kumar Satoji Junoji of Khijadia

  14. Thakore Saheb NATHOJI JUNOJI, 14th Thakore Saheb of Dhrol 1789/-, married and had issue.
    • Thakore Saheb Modji Nathoji (qv)
    • Kumar Hothiji Nathoji of Itaru

  15. Thakore Saheb MODJI NATHOJI, 15th Thakore Saheb of Dhrol -/1803, married and had issue.
    • Thakore Saheb Bhupatsinhji Modji (qv)

  16. Thakore Saheb BHUPATSINHJI MODJI, 16th Thakore Saheb of Dhrol 1803/1844, married and had issue.
    • Thakore Saheb Jaisinhji Bhupatsinhji (qv)
    • Kumar Kesharisinhji Bhupatsinhji

  17. Thakore Saheb JAISINHJI BHUPATSINHJI, 17th Thakore Saheb of Dhrol 1845/1886, born 1824, married and had issue. He died 1886.
    • Thakore Saheb Hamirisinhji Jaisinhji (qv)

  18. Thakore Saheb HAMIRISINHJI JAISINHJI, 18th Thakore Saheb of Dhrol 1886/1914, born 1846, succeeded 26th October 1886 (#1), married and had issue.
    • Thakore Saheb Dolatsinhji Hamirisinhji (qv)
    • Kumar Samatsinhji Hamirisinhji Jadeja

  19. Thakore Saheb DOLATSINHJI HAMIRSINHJI, 19th Thakore Saheb of Dhrol 1914/1937, born 22nd August 1864, succeeded on 2nd September 1914, abdicated for health and age reasons on 30th August 1937 (#3 p.318); married (amongst others), Thakorani Mankunwarba, and had issue. He died 15th November 1937 (#3 p.318).
    • Kumar Shri Dipsinhji Dolatsinhji, married and had issue. He died vp during the influenza epidemic on 14th October 1918 (#3 p.319).
      • HH Thakore Saheb Shri Jorawarsinhji Dipsinhji Saheb (qv)
      • HH Thakore Saheb Shri Chandrasinhji Dipsinhji Saheb (qv)
    • Kumar Shri Madhavsinhji Dolatsinhji Jadeja, born 1915 in Dhrol, married 1938 in Chuda, Kumari Krishnakunwarba, and had issue. He died 2nd September 1979.
      • Kumar Shri Ganshyamsinhji Madhavsinhji Jadeja
      • Kumar Shri Mayursinhji Madhavsinhji Jadeja
      • Kumar Shri Maheshkumar Madhavsinhji Jadeja
      • Kumari Sajjanba Jadeja
      • Kumari Manharba Jadeja
      • Kumari Chandraba Jadeja
    • Kumar Shri Jaswantsinhji Dolatsinhji Jadeja, born 16th November 1927 in Dhrol, married 1953 in Arond, Pratapgadh, Rajasthan, Kumari Mayakunwarba, and had issue. He died 18th August 2002.
      • Kumar Shri Harishchandrasinhji Jaswantsinhji Jadeja, born 28th November 1969 in Rajkot, married 1994 in Ranpari, Kumari Rekhakunwarba, and has issue.
        • Kumar Harshyamsinh Harishchandrasinhji Jadeja
        • Kumari Grishmaba Jadeja
      • Kumar Shri Hemendrasinhji Jaswantsinhji Jadeja, born 4th January 1980 in Rajkot, married 4th December 2005 at Kudla near Chuda, Kumari Poonamkunwarba, and has issue.
        • Kumar Meghrajsinh Hemendrasinhji Jadeja
      • Kumari Chandrakunwarba Jadeja
      • Kumari Devkunwarba Jadeja
      • Kumari Ranjankunwarba Jadeja
      • Kumari Minakunwarba Jadeja
      • Kumari Veenakunwarba Jadeja
      • Kumari Harshakunwarba Jadeja
    • Kumari (name unknown), married HH Maharaja Sir Brijnathsinhji Randhirsinhji Ju Deo Bahadur of Maihar. She died 1930.

  20. HH Thakore Saheb Shri JORAWARSINHJI DIPSINHJI Saheb, 20th Thakore Saheb of Dhrol 1937/1939, born 22nd May 1910 (28th May 1910 (#3 p.319)), he was installed on the gadi on 30th August 1937 (#3 p.318); educated at Rajkumar College, Rajkot; married Maharajkumari Raj Kunverba Sahiba (HH Thakorani Raj Kunverba Sahiba of Dhrol), daughter of HH Maharawal Shri Fatehsinhji Motisinhji Sahib of Chhota Udaipur, and had issue. He died sp.
    • Kumar Shri Harindrasinhji Jorawarsinhji, born 19th June 1928 (#3 p.319).

  21. HH Thakore Saheb Shri CHANDRASINHJI DIPSINHJI Saheb, 21st Thakore Saheb of Dhrol 1939/-, born 21st August 1912 (or 28th August 1912 (#2)) and succeeded 20th October 1939, educated at Rajkumar College, Rajkot and at Deccan College, Poona; Member of the Chamber of Princes; married 1stly, Rajkumari Prankuverba [Panuba], daughter of Maharajkumar Shri Bhagwatsinhji Karansinhji of Lakhtar, married 2ndly, Rajkumari Dilharkunverba, daughter of Rana Shri Harisinhji Gajsinhji of Bhadakva (Bhrugupur) in Chuda, and had issue, one daughter.
    • Kumari Prabhat Kunverba Jadeja

  22. (see above)

  • Kumar Shri Bharatsinhji Pratapsinhji, educated at Rajkumar College, Rajkot (1948)
  • Kumar Shri Mahendrasinhji Bhawanisinhji, educated at Rajkumar College, Rajkot (1961)
  • Kumar Shri Abhaysinhji Jadeja, married Kumari Mancha Ba, and has issue.
    • Kumar Shri Ajitsinhji Abhaysinhji Jadeja [Ajit Sinh Jadeja] M.Com., born 26th June 1972 in Raipur, married Kumari Shantu Ba of Piplia, Agabhi, Dhrol Bhayat in Rajkot, and has issue.
      • Kumari Neha Jadeja
      • Kumari Nilima Jadeja
      • Kumar Apurvasinhji Ajitsinhji Jadeja [Apurva Sinh Jadeja]
  • Kumar Shri Brijrajsinhji Praveensinhji, married 10th February 1989, Rajkumari Krishna Kumari Sahiba, born 25th September 1959 at Bhubaneshwar, daughter of Maharaj Shri Pramodsinhji Vijaysinhji Sahib of Rajpipla, and his wife, Rani Jayendra Kumari.
The help of Jaideepsinh Jadeja is gratefully acknowledged 2002.
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