DUNDLOD (Thikana)

VILLAGES: 35 JAGIR BONDS: 222,240Rs ACCESSION: 11th August 1954
STATE: Jaipur DYNASTY: Shekhawat RELIGION: Hindu

PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: The thikana was founded in 1742. Estate holders were...
  • Thakur KESHRI SINGH, 1st Thakur Saheb of Dundlod 1742/1768, born 1729, the fourth son of Thakur Sardul Singh Shekhawat of Jhunjhunu, ancestor of the families of Bissau, Surajgarh and Dundlod, constructed the fort of Dundlod in 1750, married 1stly, Thakurani Kanlotji, married 2ndly, Thakurani Madhodasot, married 3rdly,Thakurani Bikawatiji, married 4thly, Thakurani Birad Kanwar, daughter of Thakur Devi Singh of Pokhran, she committed sati in 1768, and had issue. He died 1768 at Jhunjhunu.
    • Kunwar Fateh Singh, died vpsp.
    • Thakur Hanumat Singh (qv)
    • Thakur Suraj Mal, he succeeded to the estate of Bissau.
  • Thakur HANUMAT SINGH, 2nd Thakur of Dundlod 1768/1784, married, as his only wife, Thakurani Ranawatiji of Dhariawad, and had issue, one son. He died 1784 at Jhunjhunu.
    • Thakur Ranjit Singh (qv)
  • Thakur RANJIT SINGH, 3rd Thakur of Dundlod 1784/1808, married 1stly, Thakurani Ratan Kanwar, daughter of Thakur Sawai Singh of Pokhran, married 2ndly, a daughter of the Thakur of Khimsar, married 3rdly, Thakurani Nath Kanwar, daughter of Thakur Akhai Singh of Janiwara in Jodhpur, and had issue. He was killed on the orders of Shyam Singh of Bissau on 21st December 1808.
    • Kunwar Pratap Singh (by Thakurani Ratan Kanwar), married a daughter of Thakur Indra Singh of Geejgarh. Hewas killed by Shyam Singh of Bissau on sp 21st December 1808.
    • Thakur Shiv Singh (by Thakurani Karamsotji) (qv)
    • Baisa Raj Kanwar [Maharani Raj Kanwar of Bikaner] (by Thakurani Ratan Kanwar), married 1806, Maharajkumar Ratan Singh of Bikaner, and had issue. She died 20th December 1852.
  • Thakur SHIV SINGH, 4th Thakur of Dundlod 1808/1850, married 1stly, Thakurani Udawatiji of Lambia, married 2ndly, Thakurani Mertaniji of Baghot, married 3rdly, Thakurani Baghelji from Sohawal, and had issue. He died 1850.
    • Kunwar Chiman Singh, died vpsp.
    • Thakur Jai Singh (qv)
  • Thakur JAI SINGH, 5th Thakur of Dundlod 1850/1875, born 1836 (Paush Sudi 5, 1894), married 1stly, Thakurani Kanlotji from Rawatsar, married 2ndly, Thakurani Udawatji from Lambia, married 3rdly, Thakurani Mertaniji from Baghot, and had issue, two sons from the second marriage. He died 7th September 1875 (Bhadwa Sudi 7, 1932).
    • Thakur Panney Singh (qv)
    • Thakur Chander Singh (qv)
  • Thakur PANNEY SINGH, 6th Thakur of Dundlod 1875/1897, born 15th September 1855, he succeeded to a half share in Dundlod, which was inherited by his brother on his death; married 1stly, Thakurani Tanwarji of Jetsisar, married 2ndly, Thakurani Mertaniji of Baghot, married 3rdly, Thakurani Kandhalotji of Rawatsar. He died sp 18th April 1897.
  • Thakur CHANDER SINGH, 7th Thakur of Dundlod 1875/1905, born 9th October 1858, he adopted Kanwar Harnath Singh, son of Thakur Chattar Singh of Malsisar, married 1stly, Thakurani Mertaniji of Maroth, married 2ndly, Thakurani Chanpawatji of Khatu, married 3rdly, Thakurani Bidawatji of Sobhasar. He died sp 1903.

  • INTERREGNUM 1903/1905
  • Rawal HARNATH SINGHJI Bahadur, 8th Thakur of Dundlod 1905/1976, born 17th September 1893, he was granted the personal title of Rawal by HH Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II of Jaipur in 1947, married 26th January 1913 at Bera, Rani Sireh Kanwar, died 25th January 1967, daughter of Rao Bahadur Thakur Shivnath Singhji of Bera in Jodhpur, and his wife, Rani Roop Kanwar, and had issue. He died 26th January 1976 at Dundlod.
    • Bai Mohan Kanwar [Rani Mohan Kanwar of Kanore], married Rawat Karan Singh of Kanore.
    • Thakur Ratan Singh, born 3rd December 1918, educated at Mayo College, Ajmer; married Kumari Shashi Prabhawati Kumari [Thakurani Shashi Prabha Devi], the eldest daughter of Maharaj Ranzor Singh of Sirmur, and had issue. He died 1999.
      • Kanwar Rajendra Singh, born 29th November 1939, educated at Mayo College, Ajmer; married Kanwarani Shreelekha Kumari, daughter of Shri Narain Rao alias Shri Fateh Singh Rao Patankar of Gwalior, and had issue. He died 27th May 1993 in Nairobi, Kenya.
        • Thakur Randeep Singh, married Thakurani Namrata Kumari, daughter of the Maharaj Sahib of Dhonswas in Ratlam, and his wife, Rani Usha Kiran.
        • Thakur Rajat Singh, born 15th September 1971 in Assam, educated at Mayo College, Ajmer, then completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Honours, and a Masters in Business administration; employed with the Taj Group of hotels in Sales and Marketing for some years, he is presently (2009), along with his wife, the proprietor and manager of "SUVASA", an apparel and home furnishing company.
      • Thakur Veer Vijay Singh, educated at Mayo College, Ajmer; married Thakurani Savita Kumari of Kelwa in Mewar, and has issue.
        • Kanwar Suryaveer Singh
        • Kanwar Vishwaveer Singh
        • Baiji Lal Loveleena Kumari, married Someshwar Bahadur Singh.
        • Bai Navneeta Kumari [Rani Navneeta Kumari of Birwa], married Raja Baleshwar Singh of Birwa.
    • Lt.-Col. Thakur Raghuvir Singh, born 19th March 1920 in Bera, Jodhpur, educated at Mayo College, Ajmer. During World War II served in the Western Desert, Egypt. He also served in 19 Inf. Div. in Kashmir in 1948 as well as in the Defence Service Staff College in Wellington, India and in HQ Eastern Command in Calcutta. Later became the Military Secretary to HH the Rajpramukh of Rajasthan after independence. He was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal Class I of Jaipur State. He has had the honour of being cavalry officer with the Jaipur Lancers, Rajendra Hazari Guards, Kachhawa Horse, Gwalior Lancers and the 61st Cavalary of the integrated Indian Army; married April 1947, Thakurani Bharati Devi, she died 18th April 2013, eldest daughter of Maharaj Champaksinhji of Rajpipla, and had issue. He died 18th February 2013.
      • Thakur Ranjit Singh, educated at Mayo College, Ajmer and St Xaviers College, Bombay; married Thakurani Brita Maitra , daughter of Sudhendu Kumar Maitra, and has issue.
        • Kanwar Vijit Singh, educated at Mayo College, Ajmer.
      • Thakur Raghuvendra Singh, educated at Mayo College, Ajmer; married Kanwarani Ganga Pande, daughter of Tribhuwan Narain Pande, and has issue, two daughters.
        • Bai Mallika Singh, married in 2006, to Shri Amit Chawla, and has issue, two sons. (Delhi, India)
          • Master Revant Chawla
          • Master Reyan Chawla
        • Bai Mandira Singh, married on 22nd November 2009, to Kanwar Dhruv Singh, and has issue, one son. (Jaipur, Rajasthan, India)
          • Banwar Ekavir Singh
      • Bai Urwashi Devi [Thakurani Urwashi Devi of Rohet], married Thakur Digvijay Singh Champawat of Rohet.
    • Bai Brijraj Kanwar [Rajkumarani Brijraj Kanwar of Khairagarh], married Rajkumar Bikram Bahadur Singh of Khairagarh.
    • Bai Raghuraj Kanwar [Rani Raghuraj Kanwarba Jadeja], married Lt.-Col. Maharaj Ranbirsinhji of Nawanagar. She has passed away,
    • Thakur Ranbir Sinh, Playwright, Historian and Author, born 7th July 1929, educated at Mayo College, Ajmer; Executive Secretary of Bharatiya Natya Sangh 1962/1965, Vice Chairman of Rajasthan Sangeet Natak Academy for two terms, Cultural Advisor to the Government of Mauritius 1976/1981; Vice President of the National Council of Indian People's Theatre Association {I.P.T.A.}; Fellow of Rajasthan Sangeet Natak Akademi; Hon. Member of Latvian Writers Association; Member of Progressive Writers Association {India}; Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland; as a Playwright, he has written more than nineteen plays, including Hai Mera Dil which has completed over 1500 shows, and is is the longest Hindi play to date; as a Historian he has authored a number of books and has contributed several articles on theatre, culture and Litrature to various Journals and Books, books include, Mauritius; The Key To The Indian Ocean, History of Shekhawats, Wajid Ali Shah:The Tragic King, Ranthambhor The Impregnable Fort, Vanshavali of the Rulers of Amber and Jaipur, as well as Parsi Theatre, Inder Sabha a critical assessment, Contribution in the Encyclopedea of Asian Theate published by Cambridge University, Contribution to the encyclopedea of World theatre published by Routledge, English translation of Banki Das Ki Khyat and Theatre Quotes, also in English, married Thakurani Kalyani Devi, the eldest daughter of General Shri Prakram Jung Bahadur Rana of Nepal, and has issue.
      • Kanwar Ranvijay Singh, married Bhawna Kumari, daughter of Raja Briraj Singh of Halwapur, U.P., and has issue.
      • Bai Kavita Kumari, married Maj. Shri Bishambhar Narsingh Rana.
    • Thakur Rajvir Singhji, born 1st December 1930, educated at Mayo College, Ajmer; married Thakurani Uma Kumari, daughter of Maharaj Narayan Singhji of Jodhpur, and has issue.
      • Kanwar Rishiraj Singh, married Kanwarani Neeta, and has issue.
        • Bhanwar Rahulraj Singh
        • Bhanwar Jairraj Singh
      • Kanwar Ridhiraj Singh
    • Bai Gulab Kanwar [Thakurani Gulab Kanwar of Rohet], married Lt.-Col. Thakur Rajendra Singh of Rohet.
    • Bai Chand Kanwar [Thakurani Chand Kanwar Bhist], married Lt.-Col. Thakur Narendra Singh Bhist. She has passed away,
    • Bai Rajendra Kunwar [Rani Rajendra Kunwar of Ajabpur], married 7th March 1962 in Jaipur, Rawat Thakur Digvijai Singh of Ajabpur, and has issue.
The help of Kanwar Raghuvendra Singh September 2003 and Deepak Aggarwal November 2003, is gratefully acknowledged.