LOCATION: Oudh SEAT: xx DYNASTY/LINEAGE: Gaur - Amethia clan RELIGION: Hindu
VANSH: Suryavanshi GOTHRA: Bhardwaj VED: Yajurved KULDEVI: Durga / Mahakali ISHT: Hridradev

Amethia Clan

Raja Rakesh Pratap Singh
, present Raja of Birsinghpur and Head of the elder branch of the Amethia family (Mahesh Vilas Palace, Vill.- P.O. Shivgarh, Dist. Raebareli, Uttar Pradesh, India)
born 1st August 1956 in Lucknow, educated at Lucknow University (Graduate), a Businessman, Educationist and Politician: M.L.C. 1998/2004 and 2004/2010; married 18th February 1980 in Lucknow, Rani Mandakini Prabha of Bijwa, a social worker and politician, and has issue.

Akhiapur, Birsinghpur, Delhi, Pokhra Ansari, Ramnagar, Usah etc.

The clan is divided into two branches, viz. the Amethias of Kumhrawan in Rae Bareli and the Amethias of Pokhra Ansari in Barabanki.

The title of this clan is derived from the village of Amethi in Lucknow. They are generally supposed to be a sept of the Chamar-Gaur Rajputs, one of five branches of the Gaur Rajputs, who claim to be descendants of the Pala Dynasty which ruled ancient Bengal, then known as Gaur. They are thought to have been originally settled at Kalinjar in Bundelkhand, whence they emigrated into Oudh, under Raipal Singh, about the time of Tamerlane's invasion. He is said to have been sent by the Delhi Emperor to suppress a rebellion in Oudh, and that he defeated and killed, Balbhadra Sen, and a number of his Bisen followers. Subsequently, the Amethia clan were driven out of Amethi by the Shaikhs and moved eastwards into Haidargarh and Kumhrawan. Estate holders were....
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