HETAMPUR (Zamindari)

LOCATION: Bengal (Birbhum Dist.)
DYNASTY: Chakravarty RELIGION: Hindu

PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: The original name was Raghabpur, named after its zamindar, Raghab Roy, who served the Rajas of Rajnagar, and after he rebelled they called in Murshid Quli Khan, Nawab Nazim of Bengal to bring him to justice. Raghab Roy was defeated and he fled. He was followed as zamindar by Hatem Khan, who gave his name to the estate. Later he sheltered, so the story goes, a soldier named Hafeez Khan, who had an affair with a Princess of Delhi. He duly succeeded as the zamindar of Hatempur. Some time afterwards he brought Chaitanya Charan Chakravarty to Hetampur, who eventually died in poverty, though his son succeeded as the new zaminder of Hetampur. The Chakravarty family of Hetampur was founded by Buddha Nath Chackravarti, whose son or grandson, Muralidhar Chakravarty, migrated from Bankura District to Birbhum in the late seventeenth century and found work in a menial job under the Muslim Zamindar of Rajnagar. His son, Chaitanya Charan Chakravarty, was brought to Hatempur by Hafeez Khan, who was then the Faujdar of Hatempur Fort. Estate holders were....
  • Maharaja RADHANATH CHACKRAVARTI, 1st Zamindar of Hetampur -/1838, son of Chaitanya Charan Chakravarty, he was founder of the family's fortunes due to his 'dash, zeal, and intelligence'; he subdued the Roy family of Hetampur, who were then Gomasta (Secretary) and Ijaradar (Lease Holder) of Birbhum Raj, and together with the decline of Rajnagar, his fortunes began to rise; between 1781 and 1799 he undertook the lease of 19 mouzas of Birbhum Raj and captured more property from the Rajas of Birbhum; he also purchased several mahals from the Nawab of Murshidabad when they were put up for auction; later during his tenure he won a decisive battle with Rajnagar and became independent Raja of Birbhum and nearby areas; he was granted the title of Maharaja as a personal distinction in about 1796; married and had issue. He died 1838.
    • Maharaja Bipracharan Chackravati (qv)
  • Maharaja BIPRACHARAN CHACKRAVARTI, Zamindar of Hetampur 1838/-, he was the most successful ruler of the Hetampur Raj family and surpassed his father in ambition, enterprise and ingenuity, within seven years of his fatherís death, he made Hetampur Raj, the largest estate in Birbhum, he lent 50,000Rs to Bibi Rajibunissa of Rajnagar Raj family and in return secured more lands, he also ruled over extensive areas in the Santhal Parganas; he was granted the title of Maharaja as a personal distinction in 1838; married and had issue.
    • Maharaja Krishna Chandra Chackravarti (qv)
  • Maharaja KRISHNA CHANDRA CHACKRAVARTI, Zamindar of Hetampur -/1862, married and had issue.
    • Maharaja Ram Ranjan Chackravarti Bahadur (qv)
    COURT OF WARDS 1862/1869
  • Maharaja RAM RANJAN CHACKRAVARTI Bahadur, Zamindar of Hetampur 1862/-, born 18th January 1851, educated, under the supervision of the Court of Wards, in the Benares College; he built and endowed several temples at Hetampur and Brindaban, as well as a fully equipped Arts College named after his father, an English High School and a Sanskrit Tol at Hetampur, he also established and maintained the Hetampur Raj Dispensary where medical aid was given free; he was granted the title of Raja in 1875, by Lord Northbrook for the help rendered by him to the Government and the people during the famine of 1874, and subsequently on 1st January 1877, during the administration of Lord Lytton he was invested with the additional title of Bahadur (as a personal distinction), and in June 1912, he was elevated to the title of Maharaja; married Maharani Padma Sundari Debi, and had issue. He died after June 1912.
    • Kumari (name unknown), married 1897, Raja Pannaga Bhushan Dev Rai, Zamindar of Naldanga, born 1882, and had issue, three daughters.
    • Maharajkumar Nritya Niranjan Chackravarti
    • Raja Satya Niranjan Chackravarti Bahadur (qv)
    • Maharajkumar Mahimaranjan Chackravarti
  • Raja SATYA NIRANJAN CHACKRAVARTI Bahadur, Zamindar of Hetampur, he died before 1952.
  • Raja NIRANJAN CHACKRAVARTI Bahadur, Zamindar of Hetampur -/1954


  • Kumari of Hetampur, married Rai Bahadur Ram Ran Vijay Sinha, Thakur of Reypura.
  • Kumari Malaya Devi, married Gountia Samaresh Chandra Mukherjea, Zamindar of Bamra, and had issue, one son.
    • Kumar Swapanesh Mukherjea, married Chandra Mukherjea, and has issue, one son and one daughter.
      • Kumar Samarjit Mukherjea, married Kumarani Dipanjana Mukherjea, and has issue, one son.
        • Saurjyadip Mukherjea
      • Kumari Sagarika Mukherjee, married Adhiraj Ghosh.
  • Kumar Biswaranjan Chakravarty
  • Maharajkumar Kamala Niranjan Chakravarty

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