JADAWATA (Thikana)

LOCATION: Jaipur DYNASTY: Kachhawa (Khangarot clan, Bhakarsinghot sub-clan)

PRESENT RULER: Thakur BHANWAR SINGH, present Thakur Sahib of Jadawata and a Noble of Jaipur, Khas chauki dohri Tazimi Sirdar (The Palace, Jadawata, Dudu Teh., Jaipur Distt., Rajasthan, India)
PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: Jadawata was one of 28 thikanas belonging to the Khangarot clan of the Jaipur Royal Family and which was located near Narena at Dudu Tehsil of Jaipur District in Rajasthan. The family shares a common ancestry with the Kachhawa Chiefs of Khangarot Thikanas - Sakhun, Bichun, Diggi (7 villages), Paldi, Pachewar (5 villages), Sewa, Sawarda, etc. all being descended from eponymous Rao Bhakar Singh of Sakhun, son of Rao Khangar and greatgrandson of Raja Prithvi Singh I of Jaipur (Amber). The fiefdom originally comprised of the hereditary estate of Jadawata to which later Gangadwadi estate was added as inam hence free of lagan (taxes/cess). The Thakur pays no tribute and only renders service with six horses and sawars deployed at Sambhar. Estate holders were....
  • Raja PRITHVIRAJ SINGH I, 8th Raja of Jaipur (Amber) 1502/1527, married Rani Bala Bai (Apoorva Devi) of Bikaner, and had issue. He died 4th November 1527.
    • Rao Jag Malji (sixth son), he was granted the Jagir of Diggi, he married Rani Neta Kunwari, daughter of Rana Pahar Singh of Amarkot, and had issue, five sons. He died in 1549.
      • Rao Khangar, married and had issue, 13 sons, ancestors of the Khangarots, which comprised one of the Bara Kotri (12 Chambers) of the Kachhawa Royal Family. He died in 1584.
        • Thakur Raghav Das
        • Thakur Bhakar Singh of Sakhun (eighth son), married ten wives, and had issue, eight sons. He died in 1633.
          • Thakur Dwarkadas of Tilorna, married two wives, and had issue, five sons.
            • Thakur Ajab Singh, married and had issue.
              • Thakur Hari Singh
              • Thakur Bijai Singh, married and had issue.
                • generations
                  • Thakur Lakhteer Singhji (continued below)

  • Thakur LAKHTEER SINGHJI, Thakur Sahib of Jadawata, he participated in battle with Maharaja Madho Singh of Jaipur, Maharaja of Jaipur 1880/1922, and for his valour, he was awarded the tax-free Gangadwari jagir in Bandikui as a token of admiration. He married and had issue, one son.
    • Thakur Kishan Singh (qv)
  • Thakur KISHAN SINGHJI, Thakur Sahib of Jadawata, married 1stly, Thakurani Mertaniji of Thikana Ladariya in Marwar, she had issue, one son, married 2ndly, a daughter of Sakatsinghot Rathore Thakur Saheb of Tazimi Thikana Nalu in Kishangarh, and had further issue, three sons.
    • Thakur Nathu Singh (qv)
    • Thakur Pane Singh (qv)
    • Thakur Gopal Singh (qv)
  • Thakur NATHU SINGHJI, Thakur Sahib of Jadawata, educated privately, married Thakurani Moti Kanwar, elder daughter of Madhodasot Mertia Rathore Thakur Sahib of Dobri Palace, a collateral branch of Rian, and his wife, a Kanawat Princess of Amarpura (Amargarh) in Mewar [Dobri Thakuranisa] (sister of Achrol Thakuranisa) (#1). He died sp.
  • Thakur PANE SINGHJI, Thakur Sahib of Jadawata, educated privately, apart from being an able and intelligent administrator, a renowned vaidya and puppeteer, he promoted ancient vedic science, the art of puppetry and crafts in the region, married Thakuranisa Kesar Kanwar [afterwards Majisaheb Kesar Kanwar of Jadawata] younger daughter of the Thakur Sahib of Dobri, and his wife, a Princess of Amarpura in Mewar, she died of cancer after prolonged treatment, and had issue, three daughters. He died at an old age after prolonged treatment by a British Doctor at Jadawata, though the thikana properties got vested in his younger brother, his wife and daughters received a considerable share in ancestral properties and assets.
    • Thakur Bhawani Singh of NarayanpuraRani Umaid Kanwar, married Raja Amar Singh, R.A.S. Officer (Tehsildar), Thakur of Tazimi Thikana Kumana (14 Villages) in Bikaner, his father Raja Daulat Singhji Bahadur was the A.D.C. to the Maharaja of Bikaner, a special train came from Bikaner for their marriage. He had issue, one son and two daughters. (Kumana Palace, Bikaner, Rajasthan, India)
      • Kunwar Raj Singh, married 1stly, Baisa of Rajgarh in Alwar, married 2ndly, Baisa of Abhaneri in Jaipur.
      • Baisa Indra Kanwar, married Thakur Kalyan Singh, Thakur of Thikana Sheopur in Jaipur, she died sp.
      • Baisa Chandra Kanwar, her share in Jadawata was sold off to her aunt without registration but she later resold it to Jats which was followed by a legal suit which she won, she married Thakur Kalyan Singh, Thakur of Thikana Sheopur near Sanganer in Jaipur, and has issue, one son.
        • Col. Thakur Virendra Singh, currently serving in Indian Army.
    • Thakuranisa Saubhagya Kanwar, married Indersinghot Mertia Thakur Bhawani Singh, Thakur Sahib of Dohri Tazimi Thikana Narayanpura (12 villages) in Maroth (see Jiliya), and had issue. (Narayanpura-Garh Fort, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India)
      • Thakur Mahavir Singh, he succeeded as the Thakur Saheb of Narayanpura Garh.
      • Kunwar Kochu Banna
      • Baiji Lal Murdhar Kanwar
      • Baiji Lal Sanji Kanwar, married at Jiliya Fort.
    • Thakur Mahavir Singh of
                          NarayanpuraThakurani Lad Kanwar Sahiba [Majisaheb Lad Kanwar of Jiliya], born 1928, educated privately, married 1943 at Parli House, Jaipur (as his second wife), Thakur Shri Bijay Singhji of Jiliya, died 17 January 2004, and has issue. (Jiliya Snr-Fort / Shiv Fort / Maroth Fort / Lalgarh Fort
  • Thakur GOPAL SINGHJI, Thakur Sahib of Jadawata, married 1stly, a daughter of the Thakursa of Thikana Mayapur in Jodhpur, married 2ndly, a Baisa of Cheevli in Jaipur, and had issue, seven sons and two daughters.
    • Kunwar Sadul Singh, married 1stly, Baisa of Mayapur (Miapur), she had issue, one son, married 2ndly, Mertaniji Baisa of Jhag near Nawa, and had further issue.
      • Thakur Ram Singh (by 1st wife) (qv)
      • Thakur Shambhu Singh
      • Kunwar Bharat Singh, married and has issue.
    • Kunwar Mool Singh, married Baisa Kaushalya Kanwar, daughter of Thakur Kundan Singh of Dobri, and has issue.
      • Kunwar Bhairon Singh, born 1968, married into Mertia Rathore family of Manana, and has issue
  • Thakur RAM SINGHJI, Thakur Sahib of Jadawata, married the daughter of Thakur Shaubagya Singh of Anandpura Palace [Garh of Anatpura] in Kuchaman, and granddaughter of the Raja Bakhtawar Singh of Gaudavati (see Jiliya), and his second wife, daughter of Ladkhani Thakur Gopal Singh Shekhawat of Bhima, and had issue, two sons.
    • Thakur Bhanwar singh (qv)
    • Thakur Narendra Singh
  • Thakur BHANWAR SINGHJI Sahib, Thakur Sahib of Jadawata, (see above)
1. thus the families of Achrol, Amarpura, Jadawata and Mewar (Udaipur) shared a close-knit bond especially during the reign of Maharaja Bhupal Singh of Mewar, with whom the family used to go on hunt (shikar) together and he even conveyed his greeting on receiving the nazrana from the queen saying with gesture – “My salam (salute) to the Dobri Thakuranisa,” Ladies of the family monitored the food served to the ruler (who was their close relative) as the chief royal food tasters and pure food items like ghee only made in Jadawata were consumed during the reign of Rajadhiraj Hari Singhji of Achrol.