Jaipur Panchrana Flag

JAIPUR (Princely State) (17 gun salute)

Jaipur Crest
LOCATION: Rajasthan AREA: 40,407 kmē VILLAGES: 4,057 (1901) POPULATION: 2,631,775 (1931) RELIGION: Hindu
REVENUE: Rs 14,343,000 (1931) DYNASTY/LINEAGE: Kachhawa - Rajawat clan PRIVY PURSE: Rs 1,800,000 (1931) ACCESSION: 7th April 1949

PRESENT RULER: HH Saramad-i-Rajaha-i-Hindustan Raj Rajendra Shri Maharajadhiraj Sir Sawai (name unknown) SINGHJI Bahadur, 12th Maharaja of Jaipur and 40th Head of the Kachhawa Rajputs, since 17th April 2011.

PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: Predecessor state of Dhundhar (Dausa) founded in 1093 by Duleh Rai (Dulha Rao), a descendant of Raja Nal of Ajodhya, who lived around 300 C.E. The state was known as Amber from the 1100's to 1727, when a new capital called Jayapura was built, the state was then renamed Jaipur. With the accession of Raja Prithviraj to the gadi of Amber in February 1502, the long period of its political stagnation came to an end. The state of Amber entered into an era marked by brisk political activities. Rulers were....
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