JAISALMER (Princely State) (15 gun salute)

LOCATION: Rajasthan AREA: 41,600.58 kmē VILLAGES: 472 POPULATION: 73,370 (1901)RELIGION: Hindu
REVENUE: Rs 1,20,000 DYNASTY/LINEAGE: Yadava Bhati SEAT: Badal Vilas Palace, Jaisalmer ACCESSION: 7th April 1949
AGENCY: Western Rajputana States Residency 1880/1948 part of the Rajputana Agency PRIVY PURSE: Rs 1,80,000

PRESENT RULER: HH Maharajadhiraj Maharawal BRIJRAJ SINGH, Maharawal of Jaisalmer since 1982 (Badal Vilas Palace, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India)
born 13th November 1968, succeeded to the gadi on 13th March 1982, married 28th January 1993, HH Maharani Sahib Raseshwari Devi, daughter of Shri Sahadev Shumsher Jung Bahadur Rana of Nepal, and has issue. PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: Predecessor state of Tanot, said to have been founded in 731. A new capital is founded by Rawal Jaisal in 1156 who gives his name to the state. Jaisalmer state (also called Jaisalmer Region) is a region of southwestern Rajasthan state in western India. It lies in the southern part of the Thar Desert. It is bounded on the north by Jangladesh region, and on the east by Marwar region. Rulers were...
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