JATH (Princely State)

AREA: 2,540.79 kmē PRIVY PURSE: Rs 49,924 ACCESSION: 8th March 1948
STATE: Bombay DYNASTY: Dafle Religion: Hindu
AGENCY: Bijapur Agency (1931) Population: 91,099 (1941) REVENUE: Rs 4,25,000 (1940)

PRESENT RULER: Meherban Shrimant Raja ANILRAJE DAFLE, Raja of Jath
married Rani Jyotsnaraje, daughter of Meherban Yeshwantrao Pirajirao Ghatge of Kagal Senior, and has issue.
  • Yuvaraj Shardulraj Anilraje Dafle, married 3rd May 2009 in Kolharpur.
PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: The state, one of the Sattara Jagirs, was founded in 1686 by Satvajirao Chavan, the hereditary patel or headman, of Daflapur village, to whom a Deshmukhi watan was granted by Ali Shah, Nawab of Bijapur. He also acquired jagirs of the two mahals of Jath and Karajgi in 1700, from Padshah Aurangzeb. The chief of Jath is a Maratha by caste, and ranks as a First Class Sardar. He holds a sanad of adoption. Rulers were.....
  • Deshmukh SATVAJIRAO, Chief of Jath 1686/1706, married and had issue. He died 1706.
    • Shrimant Bavajirao Satvajirao Dafle, died vpsp.
    • Shrimant Khanajirao Satvajirao Dafle, died vpsp.
  • Rani Yesu Bai [Au Sahib], Rani of Jath 1706/1754
  • Deshmukh YESHWANTRAO, Chief of Jath 1754/1759
  • Deshmukh AMRITRAO I DAFLE, Chief of Jath 1759/1790
  • Deshmukh KHANAJIRAO DAFLE, Chief of Jath 1790/1810, married 1st Rani Renuka Bai, died 1822, married 2ndly, Rani Salu Bai, died 1823. He died sp 1810.
  • Rani Renuka Bai, Rani of Jath 1810/1822, she entered into an agreement with the British Government in 1822, confirming her in her possessions. She died 1822 or 1823.
  • Rani Salu Bai, Rani of Jath 1822/1823 (for ten months), she died 1823.
  • Deshmukh RAMRAO I NARAYANRAO ABASAHEB DAFLE, Chief of Jath 1823/1835, the state was sequestered by the Raja of Satara from 1823 to 1841, when it was granted to his widow; married Rani Bhagirthibai, Rani of Jath (qv), she died 29th July 1846. He died sp in 1835 (#3).
  • Rani Bhagirthibai, Rani of Jath 1835/1846, she died 29th July 1846 having adopted her successor in 1841 with the permission of the Satara Government.
    • (A) Shrimant Bhimrao Bhagwantrao Dafle, succeeded by adoption as Deshmukh Amritrao II Raosaheb Dafle (qv)
  • Deshmukh AMRITRAO II RAOSAHEB DAFLE, Chief of Jath 1846/1892, born 1835, succeeded to the gadi on 28th July 1841 (#1), he took over administratikon  of the state in 1855 when he came of age; married 1stly, Rani Laxmi Bai Sahib, married 2ndly, Rani Anandi Bai Sahib, and hadissue as well as adoptive issue. He died spm on 11th January 1892 (#4 p.4).
    • Rani Yashoda Bai [Akkasaeb] Dafle, married Shrimant Sardar Pratapsinhrao Bhausaheb Bhonsle of Satara.
    • (A) Shrimant Bhavajirao Parashumrao Dafle, fourth son of Shrimant Parashumrao Dafle of the Umrani branch, and succeeded as Meherban Shrimant Ramrao II Amritrao Abasaheb Dafle (qv)
  • Meherban Shrimant RAMRAO II AMRITRAO ABASAHEB DAFLE, Chief of Jath and also Chief of Karasgi 1893/1928, born 11th January 1886, adopted on 21st February 1892, he succeeded to the gadi on 13th Janauary 1893 (#4 p.4); educated initially privately by European tutors, then at Rajkumar College, Rajkot till 1906; undertook administrative training, before being formally installed on 11th July 1907 (#4 p.4); married Shrimant Rani Putala Raje, second daughter of Raja Meherban Shrimant Shahjirao Malojirao [Baba Saheb Raje] Bhonsle III of Akalkot, and his wife, Rani Lakshmi Bai Saheb, and had issue, three sons and two daughters. He died on 14th Augsut 1928 (#4 p.4).
    • Lt. Meherban Shrimant Raja Vijaysinghrao Ramrao alias Babasaheb Dafle (qv)
    • Shrimant Kumar Ajitsinhrao Ramrao alias Bhausaheb Dafle, born 15th January 1912 (#4 p.5).
    • Shrimant Kumar Udaysinhrao Ramrao alias Bhayasaheb Dafle, born 6th March 1920 (#4 p.5).
    • Shrimant Soubhagyavati Pramila Raje alias Akkasaheb Dafle, born about 1911, married 1926, Shrimant Vikramsinhrao Puar, Yuvaraj Sahib of Dewas Senior.
    • Shrimant Soubhagyavati Kamala Raje Sahib [HH Rani Priyamvande Raje Sahib of Jawahar], born about 1916, married 8th May 1938 at Jai Vilas Palace in Jawhar, HH Shrimant Raja Patangshah V [Yeshwantrao] Maharaj Mukne of Jawhar, and had issue.
  • Courtesy of Joshua N. Aston 2008Lt. Meherban Shrimant Raja VIJAYSINGHRAO RAMRAO alias BABASAHEB DAFLE, Raja of Jath 1928/-, born 21st July 1909 (#4 p.4) and succeeded to the gadi on 14th August 1928 (#2), educated at Jath High School, at Deccan College and and at Bombay University (Matriculation, 1928); he was invested with ruling powers on 12th January 1929 (#4 p.5); in 1932, he attended the Third Round Table Conference in England; he was granted the title of Raja as a hereditary distinction in 1935; he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in the Royal Indian Navy after undergoing naval training; married in March 1929, Shrimant Soubhagyavati Leelawati Raje, elder daughter of Raja Meherban Shrimant Fatehsinghrao III alias Bapusaheb Raje Shahajirao Bhonsle, 8th Raja of Akalkot, and his wife, Rani Shrimant Tarabai Raje, and had issue.
  • Meherban Shrimant Raja ANILRAJE DAFLE, Raja of Jath (see above)
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