JOBAT (Princely State)

AREA: 339.29 kmē PRIVY PURSE: Rs32,500 ACCESSION: 15th June 1948
STATE: Madhya Pradesh DYNASTY: Rathore RELIGION: Hindu

POPULATION: 20,152 (1931) REVENUE: Rs1,16,000

PRESENT RULER: Rana UPENDRA SINGH, Rana Saheb of Jobat since 7th June 1984. (The Palace, P.O. Jobat, Dist. Ali Rajpur, Madhya Pradesh, India).
born 26th April 1963 in Jodhpur, educated at Daly College, Indore and Christian College, Indore (B.Com.), married 11th December 2001 in Banera, Mewar, Rani Jagriti Kumari, daughter of Rajadhiraj Hemendra Singhji of Banera, and his first wife, Ranidhirani Kaushalya Kumari.
PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: The state was founded in the 15th century, by a scion of the Ali-Rajpur family. The founder is said to have come originally from Faizabad district in Oudh and to have settled at Jobat in the 15th century. The state has two jagirdars, viz. the Thakur Saheb of Borjhar and the Thakur Saheb of Kanda, both are blood relations of the Rana Saheb. The Rana maintains a military force of 5 cavalry and 44 infantry (as of 1892). Rulers were...
  • Rana KESAR DEO, 1st Rana of Jobat, younger brother of Rana Gugal Deo of Ali Rajpur.
  • ......
  • Rana SABAT SINGH, Rana of Jobat, married Rani (later) Majee Saheb Gunga Saroop Shree Jeet Kunwarba, died after 16th April 1864, and had issue. He died 1864.
    • Rana Ranjit Singh (by Rani Jeet Kunwarba)(qv)
  • Rana RANJIT SINGH, Rana of Jobat 1864/1874, he made an Agreement (No. CCXXII) in 1864 to cede such land as might be required for a railway passing through his territories; married and had issue. He died 1874.
    • Rana Sarup Singh (qv)
  • Rana SARUP SINGH, Rana of Jobat 1874/1897, born 1866, succeeded as a minor in 1874 (#1) which was recognised by the Government of India, during his minority, the estate remained under management, married and had issue.
    • Rana Indrajit Singh (qv)
  • Rana INDRAJIT SINGH, Rana of Jobat 1897/1916, he abdicated in 1916.
  • Rana BHIM SINGH, Rana of Jobat 1917/1968, born 10th November 1915 and succeeded by being selected by the Government of India on 20th May 1917 (#2), he was the second son of the Thakur Saheb of Borjhar, Investiture was 14th March 1936, educated at Daly College, Indore and St. John's College, Agra (FA 1935), married 20th November 1939, Rani Mukund Kunwar, daughter of Capt. HH Rana Sir Ranjit Singhji of Barwani, and had issue, three sons and two daughters. He died 8th May 1968.
    • Rana Arjun Singh (qv)
    • Rajkumar Deependra Narayan Singh, educated at Daly College, Indore. (Bala Khana Rajaganj, Etawah, Uttar Pradesh, India)
    • Rajkumar Dileep Singh Rathore, educated at Daly College, Indore; married 2nd June 1971, Rajkumari Bhubaneshwari Devi [Rani Bhubaneshwari Devi of Jobat], elder daughter of Rao Bahadur Raja Yadvendra Singh Judeo of Alipura, and his wife, Rani Chandraprabha, and has issue, two daughters. (Near Nerr Nagar opp. Blue Water Park, Indore 452016, Madhya Pradesh, India)
      • Kumar Rani Chandrika Kumari, married to Kumar Saheb Harsh Vardhan Singh Deo of Dhenkanal, and has issue, one son and one daughter.
        • Kumar Som Kirti Singh Deo, studying at Ooty
        • Kumari Nilambika Kumari
      • Rani Himantika Kumari Devi, married Raja Braj Keshari Deb of Aul, and has issue, three daughters.
        • Rajkumari Padmakshi Devi (twin), born 12th August 2001.
        • Rajkumari Ambujakshi Devi (twin), born 12th August 2001.
        • Rajkumari Kamakshi Devi, born 12th October 2007.
    • Rajkumari Shakuntala Devi, married Raja Vijay Bahadur Singh of Haraha, Dist. Barabanki, U.P., and has issue, two daughters and one son.
      • Rajkumari Shailooki Singh, married in Naigarhi, and has issue, one son and one daughter.
      • Rajkumari Sangeeta Singh
      • Rajkumar Veer Bhadra Singh
    • Rajkumari Yashodha Devi, died aged 9 years old.
  • Rana ARJUN SINGH, Rana of Jobat 1968/1984, born 28th May 1938, married Rani Shakuntala Devi (now Rajmata Shakuntala Devi of Jobat), daughter of Kunwar Kesari Singh of Danta in Jaipur, and his wife, Kunwarani Bishan Kanwar of Osian, and had issue. He died 7th June 1984.
    • Rana Upendra Singh (qv)
    • Rajkumar Bhawani Singh, born 16th June 1965 in Indore, Madhya Pradesh; educated at the Daly College, Indore and at the Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai, graduating in 1986 with a Bachelor of Commerce; married 21st May 1991 in Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur, Rajkumarani Manisha Singh, eldest daughter of Maharaj Ganga Singh of Banswara, and his wife, Rani Shailesh Kumari, and has issue, one daughter.
      • Kumari Maanvi Kumari
  • Rana UPENDRA SINGH, Rana of Jobat (see above)

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