KALAT (Princely State)

(17 gun salute)

AREA: 189,790.02 km2 REVENUE: Rs15,33,000 ACCESSION: 14th October 1955
STATE: Pakistan (Baluchistan) DYNASTY: Kambarani (Ahmadzai segment) RELIGION: Muslim (Sunni)
CAPITAL: Kalat Town POPULATION: 342,101 (1931)

PRESENT RULER: HH Beglar Begi Mir AGHA SULEIMAN JAN, present Wali of Kalat since 1998.
born about 1967.
PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: Founded in 1638, the state acceded to Pakistan on 27th March 1948 and ceased to exist on 14th October 1955. In 1947 The Khan proclaimed the Independence of Kalat Kingdom (2.8.1947-27.3.1948), but he was forced to sign the instrument of accession to Pakistan on 27th March 1948. The Khan's brother led an insurgency against Pakistan by invading Baluchistan, he was arrested and jailed for 10 years from 1948. Now the present De-Jure Khan is fighting his case in the International Court in The Hague for Independence. His Highness the Wali of Kalat maintains a military force of 300 cavalry, 1500 infantry, and 6 guns, and is entitled to a salute of 21 guns (including 2 guns personal) (as of 1892). Rulers were...
  • Mir HASAN KHAN MIRWARI, 1st Wali of Kalat 1638/1666
  • Mir AHMED KHAN, Wali of Kalat 1666/1695
  • Mir MEHRAB KHAN I, Wali of Kalat in 1695
  • Mir SAMANDER KHAN, Wali of Kalat 1695/1714
  • Mir ABDULLAH KHAN, Wali of Kalat 1714/1734 and 1st Beglerbegi of Baluchistan 1730/1738, died 1738.
  • Mir MUHABAT KHAN, Wali of Kalat 1734/1749, born 1698, he was granted the title of Beglar Begi by Shahanshah Nadir Shah in 1739. He died 1739.
  • Mir HUSAIN NASIR KHAN I, Wali of Kalat 1749/1794 or 1739/1795, born 1717, he became embroiled in wars with the King of Kabul, Ahmad Shah Abdali, and later on became a trusted leader of that monarch's troops, married and had issue. He died 1794 or 1795.
    • Mir Beglar Begi Mahmud Khan I (qv)
  • Mir Beglar Begi MAHMUD KHAN I, Wali of Kalat 1794/1831 and 5th Beglerbegi of Baluchistan 1795/1839, born 1781, died 1839.
  • Mir Beglar Begi MEHRAB KHAN II, Wali of Kalat 1831/1839 and 6th Beglerbegi of Baluchistan in 1839, born 1795, died 1846/1869.
  • Mir Beglar Begi SHAH NAWAZ KHAN, Wali of Kalat and 7th Beglerbegi of Baluchistan 1839/1840
  • Mir Beglar Begi HUSAIN NASIR KHAN II, Wali of Kalat and 8th Beglerbegi of Baluchistan 1840/1857, born 1836, died 1857.
  • HH Beglar Begi Mir Sir MUHAMMED KHUDADAD KHAN G.C.S.I., C.I.E., (brother), Wali of Kalat 1857/1893 and 9th Beglerbegi of Baluchistan 1856/1857 and 1864/1889, born 1838 (#1), he succeeded to the gadi in 1857, he had an interview with the Viceroy of India (Lord Lytton) in 1876 at Jacobabad, when the treaty of 1854 was renewed and extended, he attended the Imperial Assemblage at Delhi in 1877, on the occasion of the Proclamation of Her Majesty as Empress of India, and was created a Knight Grand Commander of the Most Exalted Order of the Star of India (G.C.S.I.), throughout the Afghan war of 1878-79 the Wali rendered the most valuable aid to the Government by placing all the resources of his state at its disposal, and sending his son and heir-apparent to accompany the General in command of the army passing through his territory, married and had issue. He died 20th May 1909.
    • HH Beglar Begi Mir Sir Mahmud Khan Bahadur II G.C.I.E., C.I.E. (qv)
    • Nawab Bahadur Mir Azim Jan
    • Mir Sikandar Khan
    • Mir Muhammad Ibrahim Jan
  • HH Mir ABDURRAHMAN KHAN, Wali of Kalat 1857/1863, born 1845, died 1863.
  • HH Mir SHER DIL KHAN, Wali of Kalat 1863/1864 or in 1863 (deposed), born 1846, died May 1864.
  • HH Beglar Begi Mir Sir MAHMUD KHAN BAHADUR II G.C.I.E., C.I.E., Wali of Kalat 1893/1931 and 10th Beglerbegi of Baluchistan 1889/1939, born 1864 (#2)(#3) or 1875, he succeeded in 1893; G.C.I.E. [cr.1894], C.I.E. [cr.1878], married and had issue. He died 3rd November 1931 or 1935/1939.
  • HH Beglar Begi Nawab Bahadur Mir Sir MUHAMMED AZAM JAN KHAN G.C.I.E., 1931/1933, born 1876, he was granted the title of Nawab Bahadur, married and had issue. He died 10th September 1933.
    • Capt. HH Beglar Begi Mir Sir Ahmed Yar Khan (qv)
    • Nawabzada Mir Abdul Karim Baloch, youngest son, educated in Karachi, served as the governor of Makran province until March 1948, led the first Baloch national resistance against the military occupation of Pakistan, arrested and imprisoned in June 1948, founded Ustman Gal (People’s Party) and took part in the formation of the National Awami Party, he worked as the head of the branch of the ‘Sindhi, Baloch and Pakhtun front’ in Balochistan. He died 1986.
  • HH Mir HUSAIN NASIR KHAN III, Wali of Kalat 1933/1956, born 1903, died 1956.
  • Capt. HH Beglar Begi Mir Sir AHMED YAR
                    KHAN (1904-1979)Capt. HH Beglar Begi Mir Haji Sir AHMED YAR KHAN Amir ul-umra Ghalib Jang Bahadur G.C.I.E., Wali of Kalat 1933/1979 and 12th Beglerbegi of Baluchistan in 1956, born 1904, he succeeded his father in September 1933; educated privately, he undertook military training in the Regular Army, he served as Captain and Adjutant in Zhob Militia, Khan-e A`zam of the Baluchistan States Union 1952/1955, married 1933, the daughter of Sardar Ali Jhan of the Muhammadzai Family of Afghanistan, and had issue. He died 1979.
    • HH Khan-i-Azam Mir Muhammad Daud Jan (qv)
  • HH Khan-i-Azam Mir DAUD JAN, Wali of Kalat 1979/1998, born 1940, married and had issue, two sons. He died in January 1998.
    • HH Beglar Begi Khan-i-Azam Mir Agha Suleiman Jan (qv)
    • Khanzada Jawad Ali Khan, born 1974 in London, a practising barrister.
  • HH Khan-i-Azam Mir AGHA SULEIMAN JAN, Wali of Kalat (see above)

The help of John Duncan McMeekin, is gratefully acknowledged, January 2011.
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