KHAIRPUR (Princely State)

(17 Gun Salute)

AREA: 15,669.5 kmē (1921) PRIVY PURSE: Rs1,000,000 ACCESSION: 14th October 1955
STATE: Pakistan (Sind) DYNASTY: Talpur (Sohrabani line) RELIGION: Muslim
CAPITAL: Khairpur
POPULATION: 320,000 (1951) REVENUE: Rs 28,20,250 (1940)
AGENCY: Sukkur Agency (1930)

PRESENT RULER: Sarkar HH Mir ALI MURAD KHAN TALPUR II, 8th and present Mir of Khairpur State since 1947.
born 30th June 1933 (#2), installed 24th July 1947, took control of the Departments of Foreign affairs, Defence, and Communations on the 3rd October 1947, he married and has issue.
  • Mir Abbas Raza Khan Talpur, The Sahibzada of Khairpur, born 1965.
  • Mir Mehdi Raza Khan Talpur, born 1967.
  • Princess Zahra, born 1969.
PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: Originally it was the Kingdom of Upper Sindh, with an area of over 50,000 kmē. Khairpur State was founded in 1783, with the capital developed in 1786. It's status was reduced to that of a Princely State in 1838, when the British took over the foreign affairs. The gun salute was reduced from 19 to 17 and then to 15, as the area of the state diminished to 15,670 kmē. Khairpur closed its mint and currency in 1903 and gave legal tender to the British imperial currency in order to utilize the benefit of the economic market of the empire. The state was forcefully merged with Pakistan on 14th October 1955 in violation of the treaty of accession. His Highness the Mir of Khairpur maintains a military force of 700 cavalry, 774 infantry, and 32 guns, and is entitled to a salute of 19 guns (including 4 guns personal) (as of 1892). Rulers were...
  1. HM Mir SOHRAB KHAN, 1st Mir of Khairpur 1783/1811 (abdicated), he maintained his own currency which was separate to that of Lower Sindh, he gradually increased his dominions until they extended from the Jaisalmer Desert on the east to Kachh Gandava in Baluchistan on the west; he married and had issue. He died 1832.
    • HM Mir Rustam Ali Khan (qv)
    • Mir Ghulam Haidar Khan
    • Mir Mubarak Ali Khan (qv)
    • Mir Chakkar Khan

  2. HM Mir RUSTAM ALI KHAN, 2nd Mir of Khairpur 1811/1843 (abdicated), born 1785, he ceased to pay tribute to Afghanistan in 1813, and in 1832, Khairpur was recognised as a separate State from the rest of Sind, in a treaty with the British Power; married and had issue. He died 1846.
    • HH Mir Sir Ali Murad Khan I (qv)
    • Mir Ali Mardan Khan, born 13th July 1813, married and had issue.
      • Mir Mehrab Khan Talpur
      • Mir Khudadad Khan Talpur

    Mir MUBARAK ALI KHAN 1829/1839 (in rebellion)

    Mir NASER KHAN 1839/- (in rebellion)

  3. HH Mir Sir ALI MURAD KHAN I G.C.I.E., 3rd Mir of Khairpur 1843/1894, born 28th June 1815 (#1), he succeeded to the gadi on 20th December 1842 (#1), he cordially supported the British policy during the first Afghan war, consequently, when the victory of Miani effected the conquest of Sind, and the rest of Sind was annexed and incorporated in the British territory, the State of Khairpur retained its political existence as a feudatory of the Empire; in 1866 a sanad was granted to His Highness, guaranteeing the succession according to Muhammadan law; he was created Knight Grand Commander of the Most Eminent Order of the Indian Empire (G.C.I.E.) in 1891, married and had issue, six sons, four of whom died young. He died 2nd April 1894.
    • Mir Shahnawaz Khan Talpur, eldest son, he died vp.
    • Mir Faiz Muhammed Khan I, second and only surviving son (qv)
    • Mir Jan Muhammed Khan Talpur, he died vp.
    • Mir Ghulam Haidar Talpur, he died vp.

  4. HH Mir Sir FAIZ MUHAMMED KHAN I G.C.I.E., 4th Mir of Khairpur 1894/1909, born 1837, G.C.I.E. [cr.1897], married and had issue. He died 6th March 1909 (#3) or 5th March 1909 (#6 p.55).
    • HH Mir Sir Imam Bujsh Khan, eldest and only surviving son (qv)

  5. HH Mir Sir IMAM BUKSH KHAN G.C.I.E., 5th Mir of Khairpur 1909/1921, born 1860, he was conferred with the Honorary rank of Lieutenant-Colonel in 1918, in recognition of his services rendered during WWI; G.C.I.E. [cr.1911], married and had issue. He died 8th February 1921 (#4)(#6 p.55).
    • HH Mir Ali Nawaz Khan (qv)
    • Mir Ali Muhammad Khan, married and had issue. He died before 1931.
      • Mir Muhammad Ali Khan, born 19th January 1909.
      • Mir Nazir Hussein Khan, born 15th February 1911.
    • Major Mir Ghulam Ali Khan, born 8th November 1891 (#6 p.55), educated at Aitchison Chiefs' College, Lahore, earning there a Gold Medal for excellence, and at Cambridge University; he earned a commission in His Majesty's Forces in 1914 and saw active service in France and Palestine; he was also an Honorary Lieutenant in the Indian Army.

  6. HH Mir ALI NAWAZ KHAN, 6th Mir of Khairpur 1921/1935, born 9th August 1884 (#6 p.55), educated at Aitchison Chiefs' College, Lahore and with the Imperial Cadet Corps, Dehra Dun; Member of the Chamber of Princes; married and had issue. He died 25th December 1935.

  7. REGENCY 1935/1947

  8. HH Mir FAIZ MUHAMMED KHAN II, 7th Mir of Khairpur 1935/1947, born 4th January 1913 (#6 p.55) and succeeded to the musnaid in December 1935 (#5), educated at Mayo College, Ajmer; married and had issue. He died 1954.

  9. REGENCY 1947/1951

  10. HH Mir ALI MURAD KHAN II, 8th Mir of Khairpur (see above)
The help of John Duncan McMeekin, is gratefully acknowledged, January 2011.
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