KURWAI (Princely State)

AREA: 367.78 kmē
PRIVY PURSE: Rs60,000 ACCESSION: 15th June 1948
STATE: Madhya Pradesh DYNASTY: Firuz Khel Pathan RELIGION: Muslim
AGENCY: Bhopal Agency 1818 - POPULATION: 22,076 (1931) REVENUE: Rs2,50,000

PRESENT RULER: Nawab ZAFAR ALI KHAN, 10th Nawab of Kurwai since 1986.
married and has issue.
  • Nawabzada Feroz Mohammad Khan
PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: The state was founded in 1730, by an Afghan contempory of Dost Muhammed Khan, founder of Bhopal, and an ally, at one stage. The Nawab maintains a military force of 12 cavalry, 190 infantry, and 9 guns (as of 1892). Rulers were...
  1. Nawab MUHAMMED DILER KHAN, 1st Nawab of Kurwai 1730/175x, he first entered the service of the Raja of Datia, and later in around 1726 the service of the Raja of Basoda; he seized the state on the death of the Chief of Kurwai; married and had issue, two sons.
    • Nawab Muhammed 'Izzat Khan, he succeeded in Kurwai (qv)
    • Nawab Ahsanullah Khan, married and had issue, the Nawabs of Basoda and Muhammadgarh.

  2. Nawab MUHAMMED 'IZZAT KHAN, 2nd Nawab of Kurwai 175x/-

  3. Nawab HORMAT KHAN, 3rd Nawab of Kurwai -/1820, married and had issue, as well as further issue.
    • Nawabzada Iradat Muhammed Khan, he appealed to the British to restore him to the throne, but they refused and offered an annuity of 6,000Rs, if he gave up his claim to the throne.
    • Nawab Muhammed Akbar Khan (by a secondary union)(qv)

  4. Nawab MUHAMMED AKBAR KHAN, 4th Nawab of Kurwai 1820/1843, he seized the throne in preference to the legitimate son, married and had issue, two sons. He died 1843.
    • Nawab Muhammed Muzaffar Khan (qv)
    • Nawab Muhammed Nazaf Khan (qv)

  5. Nawab MUHAMMED MUZAFFAR KHAN, 5th Nawab of Kurwai 1843/1858, married and had issue. He died spm 1858.
    • Nawabzadi (name unknown) Begum, married the Nawab of Basoda. and had issue, one son.

  6. Nawab MUHAMMED NAZAF KHAN, 6th Nawab of Kurwai 1858/1887, born 1824, having rendered good service to Government, and being without male issue, he was permitted to adopt his maternal grandson, he also was granted a personal gun salute of nine guns for a just and approved administration of his state; married and had issue. He died spm on 15th January 1887.
    • Nawabzadi (name unknown) Begum, married Nawabzada Mazhar Ali Khan, Regent of Kurwai 1887/-, and had issue.
      • Nawab Munawar Ali Khan (qv)

  7. Nawab MUNAWAR ALI KHAN, 7th Nawab of Kurwai 1887/1896, born 1869, he succeeded his grandfather and adoptive father to the gadi on 15th January 1887 (#1).

  8. Nawab MUHAMMED YAQUB ALI KHAN, 8th Nawab of Kurwai 1896/1906, married and had issue. He died 1906.
    • Nawab Muhammed Sarwar Ali Khan (qv)
    • Nawabzadi Ahmad Zaman
    • Nawabzadi Mohammed Zaman
    • Nawabzadi Yusuf Zaman

  9. Nawab MUHAMMED SARWAR ALI KHAN, 9th Nawab of Kurwai 1906/1986 (under a regency 1906/1919), born 1st December 1901 and succeeded his father in 1906 (#2), educated at Daly College, Indore and Mayo College, Ajmer and subsequently became a selected cadet at the Royal Military College, Sandhurst, from whence he returned with a King's Commission and was for a time attached to the Worcestershire Regiment at Nasirabad; he retired from the military early on and undertook administrative training at Saugor; he was invested with administrative powers in April 1923; married 1stly, in June 1926, and 1933 (sep'd. 1934) Nawab Gauhar-e-Taj Abida Sultaan Begum Sahiba, born 28th August 1913, died 11th May 2002, eldest daughter of Col. HH Nawab Hamidullah Khan of Bhopal, and his first wife, HH Maimuna Sultan Shah Banu Begum Sahiba, married 2ndly, Nawabzadi Ayesha Begum, daughter of Nawab Sardar Ghulam Jilani Bijli Khan, Nawab of Wai, and his 2nd wife, Muzammil Jahan Begum Sahiba, and had issue. He died 1986.
    • Nawabzada Shaharyar Muhammed Khan, born 29th March 1934 in Bhopal, educated at Daly College, Indore, at the Prince of Wales Royal Indian Military College, Dehradun, at Cambridge University and at the Fletcher School, Tufts University where he was a student in the department of Law and Diplomacy. In 1957, he began his career as a Minister of Foreign Affairs in Pakistan and has had a diplomatic career ever since, being posted in: London (1960/1962 and 1971/1975); Tunisia (1963/19 66); Geneva (1970/1971), he was named Pakistani Ambassador in Jordan (1977/1982); and High Commissioner of Pakistan to the United Kingdom (1987/1990), he has performed many functions: Director (1969/1970); Director General (1975/1977); and Assistant to the Secretary General (1982/1987) before occupying the post of 20th Secretary General between 1990 and 1994. He also presided over the Foreign Affairs Minister's Reform Commission which was put into place in July of 1997. After his retirement, Shaharyar Khan was named Special Representative to the Secretary General of the UN for Rwanda (1994/1996), and then President of the Pakistani Refugee Committee (1997/1998); Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board since 18th August 1999; author of "Begums of Bhopal", a look at the female rulers of this muslim state; married and has issue.
      • Sahibzada Faiz Mohammad Khan, married and has issue.
        • Sahibzadi Aalia Sultan Khan
      • Sahibzada Ali Khan, married (his cousin), 2013, Sahibzadi Mariyam Zaman, daughter of Nawabzadi Kaiser Zaman (see below).
    • Nawabzadi Kaiser Zaman, she founded the All Saints School in Bhopal; married and has issue.
      • Sahibzadi Mariyam Zaman, she married (her cousin), 2013, Sahibzada Ali Khan (see above)
      • Sahibzadi Ziya Zaman
    • Nawab Zafar Ali Khan (qv)
    • Nawabzada Munawwar Ali Khan

  10. Nawab ZAFAR ALI KHAN, 10th Nawab of Kurwai (see above)
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