LOHARU (Princely State)

(9 gun salute)

AREA: 585.34 kmē PRIVY PURSE: Rs 50,000 ACCESSION: 23rd February 1948
STATE: Haryana REVENUE: Rs 1,19,000
VILLAGES: 56 POPULATION: 23,338 (1931) DYNASTY: Bokhara Mughal
AGENCY: Punjab Government, Commissioner of Delhi -/1911 then Punjab Government, Commissioner of Ambala 1911/1921 then Punjab States Agency 1921/1947
                AHMAD KHAN II [Parvez Mirza]PRESENT RULER: HH Nawab Mirza ALAUDDIN AHMAD KHAN II [alias Parvez Mirza], 8th and present Nawab of Loharu since June 1983. (The Palace, Loharu - 127201, District Bhiwani, Haryana, India)
born 30th July 1938 at Loharu, educated at Mayo College, Ajmer and Aligarh Muslim University, succeeded to the Princely dignity in June 1983, married Nawabzadi Shehr Bano Mehr Jabeen Rehana Begum of Jalpaiguri, and has issue.
  • Nawabzada Mirza Amiruddin Ahmad Khan (Farrukh Nehad Mirza), born 10th October 1961, married Sahibzadi Faiza Khusro, daughter of Sardar Shri Sahib Mohammad Khusro of Gwalior, and has issue, two sons.
    • Sahibzada Mirza Aizzuddin Ahmad Khan (Fahad Mirza), born 3rd October 1991.
    • Sahibzada Mirza Hamza Ahmad Khan (Hamza Mirza), born 6th July 2002.
  • Nawabzada Mirza Riazuddin Ahmad Khan (Riaz Mirza), born 13th January 1963, married Sahibzadi Hajra Khusro, daughter of Sardar Shri Sahib Mohammad Khusro of Gwalior, and has issue, one son.
    • Sahibzada Arshad Ahmad Khan (Arshad Mirza), born 12th July 1997.
  • Nawabzadi Sadia Bano Begum, born 10th February 1967, married Sahibzada Asif Moyeen of Jalpaiguri, and has issue, three children.
    • Sahibzada Zayed Moyeen, born 24th May 1986.
    • Sahibzada Omar Moyeen, born 12th May 1988.
    • Sahibzadi Zoya Moyeen, born 10th February 1995.
PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: The state was founded in 1806. The state ranked 18th in the Panjab Darbar (1918). The Nawab maintains a military force of 94 men (as of 1892). Rulers were...
  • Mirza Araf or Alaf Jan Beg of a family of Bokhara, he succeeded his father-in-law as Governor of Attock; married the daughter of Mirza Mahomed Beg, Governor of Attock, and had issue.
    • Mirza Mahommed Ali Khan
    • Nawab Mirza Ahmed Bakhsh Khan Fakharuddaula Rustam-i-Jang Dilawar ul-mulk (qv)
    • Mirza Ilahi Bakhsh Khan, Nawab of Firozepur-Jhirka, married and had issue.
      • Umrao Begum, married 1810 in Delhi, Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib, born 27th December 1797 in Agra, died sp on 15th October 1869 (#1), son of Asadullah Beg Khan, died 1802 (son of Quqan Beg Khan), and his wife, Izzatunissa Begum.
        • Mirza Zainal Abidin Arif, adopted son and nephew, married and had issue.
          • Mirza Baqar Ali Khan Kamil, married Nawabzadi Moazzam Zamani Begum [Bigga Begum], daughter of Nawab Ziauddin Ahmed Khan of Loharu, and had issue.
            • Sahibzadi Fatima Sultan Begum, married Nawabzada Bashiruddin Ahmed Khan of Loharu (see below), and had issue.
    • Mirza Ali Bakhsh Khan
    • Mirza Nabi Ahmed Bakhsh Khan
    • (name unknown) Begum, married Nasrullah Beg Khan (son of Quqan Beg Khan), died 1806
  1. Nawab Mirza AHMED BAKHSH KHAN Fakharuddaula Rustam-i-Jang Dilawar ul-mulk, 1st Nawab of Loharu 1806/1827, he was employed by the Raja of Alwar in the negotiations with Lord Lake in 1806, and in recognition of his services he received Loharu from the Raja, and the feudal possession of Firuzpur from the British Government, married and had issue. He died 1827.
    • Nawab Shamsuddin Khan (qv)
    • Nawab Aminuddin Khan (qv)
    • Nawabzada Ibrahim Ali Khan, he died 1832.
    • Nawab Ziauddin Ahmad Khan, he quarrelled with his brother and was ordered to leave the state, receiving an allowance of Rs18,000 per annum for his maintenance; the title of Nawab was conferred upon him in 1866 as a personal distinction in recognition of his literary attainments, being well read in Arabic and Persian, and was regarded as one of the leading men in Delhi; married and had issue. He died 1885.
      • Nawabzada Mirza Shahabuddin Khan, served as a City Magistrate; married and had issue. He died 1869.
        • Sahibzada Mirza Shujauddin Ahmad Khan, born 1860.
        • Sahibzada Mirza Bahauddin Ahmad Khan, born 1862, has served as an official in the Department for the Suppression of Thagi and Dacoity.
        • Sahibzada Mirza Sarajuddin Ahmad Khan, born 1864.
        • Sahibzada Mirza Mumtazuddin Ahmad Khan, born 1866, Inspector of Police in the Punjab.
      • Nawabzada Mirza Saiduddin Ahmad Khan, born 1853, Viceregal Darbari; Honorary Magistrate of Dehli, also served as an Extra Assistant Commissioner in the Punjab 1879/1887. He died 1919.

  2. Nawab SHAMSUDDIN KHAN. 2nd Nawab of Loharu 1827/1835, he was executed by the authorities in Delhi on 3rd October 1835 due to his participation in a conspiracy to assassinate, Mr. William Fraser, the Resident of Delhi, and in consequence Loharu and Firuzpur were confiscated, and the title of Nawab was denied.

  3. Nawab AMINUDDIN KHAN, 3rd Nawab of Loharu 1835/1869, Loharu was restored to the family, and the title of Nawab was granted in 1866 as a personal distinction, married and had issue. He died 1869.
    • Nawab Alauddin Ahmed Khan (qv)
    • Nawabzada Najamuddin Ahmad Khan, died 1884.

  4. Nawab ALAUDDIN AHMED KHAN C.I.E., 4th Nawab of Loharu 1869/1884, born 1833, the title of Nawab was conferred on the Chief in 1874 in recognition of his good services, he was created a Companion of the Most Eminent Order of the Indian Empire (C.I.E.) on 2nd January 1893. married Shamsunnissa Begum, and had issue. He died 1884.
    • HH Al-Haj Nawab Mirza Sir Amiruddin Ahmed Khan Bahadur (qv)
    • Nawabzada Nasiruddin Ahmad Khan, born 1861.
    • Nawabzada Azizuddin Ahmad Khan, born 1862, married and had issue.
      • Sahibzada Hisamuddin Ahmad Khan, born 1882.
      • Sahibzada Shamsamuddin Ahmad Khan, born 1885.
      • Sahibzada Muzaffaruddin Ahmad Khan, born 1886.
      • Sahibzada Shamsuddin Ahmad Khan, born 1888.
    • Nawabzada Bashiruddin Ahmed Khan, born 1863, married Sahibzadi Fatima Sultan Begum (see above), and had issue.
      • Sahibzada Muazuddin Ahmad Khan, born 1884.
      • Sahibzada Nasiruddin Ahmad Khan, born 1885.
      • Sahibzadi Aliya Sultan Begum, born 1888, married Nawabzada Abdus Samad Khan of Najibabad, and had issue. She died February 1967.
      • Sahibzadi Fakhar Begum, married
    • Nawabzada Zamiruddin Ahmad Khan, born 1867, he died 1885.

  5. HH Al-Haj
                    Nawab Mirza Sir AMIRUDDIN AHMED KHAN Bahadur
                    (1859-1937)HH Al-Haj Nawab Mirza Sir AMIRUDDIN AHMED KHAN Bahadur K.C.I.E., 5th Nawab of Loharu 1884/1920 (abdicated), born 26th January 1860 (#4 p.2), he succeeded to the musnaid on 31st October 1884, he was appointed an additional member of the Imperial Legislative Council in 1895; Member of the Punjab Legislative Council 1899/1901; Superintendent of the Maler Kotla Princely State from 1893 till December 1902; Member of the Council of State 1923/1925; he was made a C.I.E. in 1893 and a K.C.I.E. in 1897(#2), he was granted a personal salute of 9 guns on 1st January 1903, which was made permanent on 1st January 1918 for services in connection with WWI; he voluntarily abdicated in 1920, though still retained his title and salute as personal distinctions; married (a), Akhtaree Begum, married (b), Jamila Begum, married (c), Jamila Khatoon, and had issue. He died 1937.
    • Sahibzada Muizuddin Ahmed Khan [Akbar Mirza], born 1885, he died 1900.
    • Capt. HH Nawab Mirza Aizzuddin Ahmed Khan Fakharuddaula (2nd son) (qv)
    • Sahibzada Mirza Izazuddin Ahmad Khan [Aizazuddin Ahmed Khan] alias Shahrukh Mirza, born 25th February 1887 (#4 p.3), married 1stly, Bilqees Begum, daughter of Mirza Akbar Ali Khan, married 2ndly, Suboree Begum, and had issue. He died 1957.
      • Sahibzada Itimaduddin Ahmed Khan
      • Sahibzada Masllahuddin Ahmed Khan
      • Sahibzada Shamsher Ali Khan
      • Sahibzada Fakhruddin Ahmed Khan
      • Sahibzada Amiruddin Ahmed Khan, married and has issue.
        • Sahibzadi Nafees Begum
      • Sahibzada Sa'aduddin Ahmed Khan, married Sahibzadi Anwari Begum from Rampur, and had issue.
        • Sahibzadi Shamima Begum, died in Delhi at the age of 11 months.
        • Sahibzadi Rana Masud Khan, born 13th December 1953, married Sahibzada Masud uz Zafar Khan of Najibabad, and has issue.
          • Sahibzada Tariq Masud Khan
          • Sahibzadi Mahwash Jehanzeb
          • Sahibzada Faisal Masud Khan
        • Sahibzada Mirza Noor ud Din Ahmed Khan, born 7th July 1961, married and has issue.
          • Sahibzada Ruknuddin Ahmed Khan
          • Sahibzadi Alezah Ahmed Khan
          • Sahibzadi Marium Ahmed Khan
      • Sahibzadi Roshnak Begum
      • Sahibzadi Asifa Begum
      • Sahibzadi Nawshaba Begum
    • Sahibzada Rukanuddin Ahmad Khan, born 1888.
    • Sahibzada Iftikhar Ali Khan
    • Sahibzada Sher Ali Khan
    • Sahibzada Mirza Aitizaduddin Ahmed Khan Barlasi [Itizazuddin Ahmed Khan alias Humayum Mirza], born 6th September 1899 (#4 p.3) at Maler Kotla, educated at Aitchison Chiefs' College, Lahore and Mayo College, Ajmer; joined the Indian (Imperial) Police Service in 1920; Nazim of Loharu 1918; Superintendent of Police, Punjab; awarded the Indian Police Medal for distinguished conduct; married and had issue.
      • Sahibzada Asaduddin Ahmed Khan
      • Sahibzada Aitizaduddin Ahmed Khan
      • Sahibzada Izzatuddin Ahmed Khan
      • Sahibzadi Saraskina Banu, (Begum of Loharu).
      • Sahibzadi Nurjehan Banu
    • Sahibzadi Fakhrunnisa Begum, married 1stly, Sheikh Husain Mian of Mangrol, married 2ndly, Ibrahim Khan.
    • Sahibzadi Bilqis Begum, married Nawab Ahmed Nawaz Khan of Derah, and had issue, two sons.
      • Nawabzada Allah Nawaz Khan
      • Nawabzada Qayum Nawaz Khan
    • Sahibzadi Shaher Bano (by Akhtaree Begum), married Nawab Ibrahim Ali Khan of Pataudi.
    • Sahibzadi Meher Bano (by Akhtaree Begum), married Nawab Ghulam Qutbuddin Khan of Mamdot, he died sp in 1928.
    • Sahibzadi Chamo Begum
    • Sahibzadi Ruqqaiya Sultan, married Col. Zalnur Ali Ahmed, and had issue.
      • Shri Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed, born 13th May 1905 in Hauz Qazi area of Old Delhi; Barrister-at-law; Member of the Assam Legislative Assembly 1935 and 1957/1966; Ministerin the Government of Assam 1938/1939 and 1957/1966; Member of the Rajya Sabha 1954/1957 and 1966/1967; President of India 1974/1977; married 9th November 1945, Begum Abida Saheba, born 1924, and had issue, two sons and one daughter. He died 11th February 1977.
        • Semina Shahin Khan, married Dr. Aftab Ahmed Khan, and has issue, one son and one daughter.
          • Samir Ahmed Khan
          • Dr. Sumra Shahin Khan
        • Dr. Pervez Ali Ahmed, married Dr. Anjum Agha.
        • Justice Badar Durrez Ahmed, married Nawabzadi Syeda Saba Ali Khan (Syeda Kaneez-e-Sheharbano), daughter of HH Nawab Syed Zulfiquar Ali Khan Sahib of Rampur, and his wife, HH Nawab Mehtab Zamani Roshanara Noor Bano Begum Sahiba.
    • Sahibzadi Tahera Begum (by Jamila Begum)
    • Sahibzadi Nadera Begum (by Jamila Begum)
    • Sahibzada Afzaluddin Ahmed Khan (by Jamila Khatoon)
    • Sahibzada Jamiluddin Ahmed Khan
    • Sahibzada Jamaluddin Ahmed Khan

  6. Maj. HH Nawab Mirza AIZZUDDIN AHMAD Khan Bahadur Fakhr ud-Daula [Azam Mirza], 6th Nawab of Loharu 1920/1926, born 27th December 1885 (#4 p.2), educated at Aitchison College, Lahore; he was formally installed on 20th April 1920, he was granted the honorary rank of Lieutenant and subsequently promoted to Captain for his services on the frontier; Financial Administrator of the State; he succeeded his father as Superintendent of the Maler Kotla Princely State in December 1902; married 1stly, HH Nawab Begum Zakia Sultana [Fakhar Begum], born 1880, died 1916, married 2ndly, Khatija Sultan, and had issue. He died in October 1926.
    • Capt. HH Nawab Mirza Aminuddin Ahmad Khan Bahadur Fakharuddaula alias Shaharyar Mirza (qv)
    • Sahibzada Hafiz Haji Mirza Moinuddin Ahmad alias Shahzada Mirza, born 26th February 1912 in Delhi, educated at Aitchison Chiefs' College, Lahore and St. Stephen's College, Delhi (BA); awarded the King's Coronation Medal 1937, married and had issue.
      • Sahibzada Suheiluddin Ahmed [Tughral Mirza], born 1938.
    • Sahibzada Mirza Salah ud-din Ahmed [Shahzaman Mirza], married twice, and had issue, eight children.
      • Sahibzada Mirza Sabahuddin Ahmed Khan, married Sahibzadi Farzana Usmani Begum, and has issue, three children.
        • Sahibzadi Saima Sabah M.B.B.S., born 6th January 1968 in Lahore, married 23rd July 1993 in Lahore, Sahibzada Babar Rahim Khan, and has issue, one son and one daughter.
          • Sahibzadi Zahra Ali Khan
          • Sahibzada Haris Ali Khan
        • Sahibzada Mirza Ziauddin Ahmad Khan, born 9th May 1970 in Lahore, married 11th November 1994 in Lahore, Sahibzadi Nadia Afaqi, and has issue, one son and one daughter.
          • Sahibzadi Arfah Zia
          • Sahibzada Saifuddin Ahmed
        • Sahibzada Mirza Shujauddin Ahmad Khan M.B.A., born 26th February 1974 in Lahore, married 2nd January 2001 in Karachi, Sahibzadi Sana Aftab, and has issue, three daughters.
          • Sahibzadi Ayesha Shuja
          • Sahibzadi Fatima Shuja
          • Sahibzadi Amna Shuja
      • Sahibzada Mirza Muazam Uddin Ahmed, married Bazegha Sultana, and has issue, two children.
        • Sahibzadi Naureen Muazam, married Muzaffar Ali, son of Uzma Qutab (grand-daughter of Sail Sahib), and has issue, one daughter.
          • Rabia Muzaffar
        • Sahibzada Mirza Rameez Uddin Ahmed
      • Sahibzada Jalal Ud-din Ahmed [Akbar Mirza], married and has issue.
        • Sahibzada Saad Ahmed
      • Sahibzada Mirza Bilal Ud-Din Ahmed
      • Sahibzada Mirza Tehzeeb Uddin Ahmed, married Sahibzadi Iqbal Jahan, and has issue.
        • Sahibzada Mirza Zamir Ud-Din Ahmed, born 7th July 1975 in Lahore, Pakistan, married 26th December 2001 in Karachi, Pakistan, Sahibzadi Benish Zamir, and has issue.
          • Aanisha Zamir
          • Mirza Emmad Ud-Din Ahmed
          • Abeera Zamir
      • Sahibzadi Unsia Bano Begum
      • Sahibzada Mirza Muftakhar Uddin Ahmed
      • Sahibzada Mirza Misbah Uddin Ahmed
    • Sahibzadi Arhumand Bano Begum
    • Sahibzadi Saeda Bano Begum
    • Sahibzada Muhiuddin Ahmad Khan alias Sherzaman Mirza
    • Sahibzadi Haleema Bano (by Khatija Sultana)

  7. Capt. HH Nawab Mirza AMINUDDIN AHMAD Khan Bahadur Fakharuddaula, 7th Nawab of Loharu 1926/1983, born 23rd March 1911 in Delhi (#3), educated at Aitchison Chiefs' College, Lahore; he was invested with full ruling powers in November 1931, and at the same time he was gazetted as an Honorary Second Lieutenant and was attaches to the 7th Cavalry, in 1934 he was promoted to Honorary Lieutenant; Member of the Chamber of Princes, and was M.L.A. and later Public Works Department Minister of Rajasthan from 1967 to 1976, Governor of Himachal Pradesh 1977/1981, married five wives, including 2ndly, Shahzadi Sultan Begum, married 5thly, HH Shaukat Jehan Begum (cousin of the Nawab of Jaora), and had issue. He died June 1983.
    • Nawabzadi Mahbano Begum (Photo)(by Shahzadi Sultan Begum), born 24th July 1934 in Loharu, married in December 1956, H.E. Dr. Samiullah M. Koreshi, Ambassador of Pakistan, and has issue. (Islamabad, Pakistan)
    • HH Nawab Mirza Alauddin Ahmad Khan II [alias Parvez Mirza] (by Shaukat Jehan Begum) (qv)
    • Nawabzadi Begum Noor Banu [Mehtab Zamani] (by Shaukat Jehan Begum), born 11th November 1939 in Loharu, educated at M.G.D. Girls Public School, Jaipur (Rajasthan), member of the 11th Lok Sabha 1996, Member of the Consultative Committee, Ministry of Home Affairs. Patron of the Naine Dev Foundation (Music) and Rampur Gharana (Music). Interested in doing research on historical, cultural, Persian and Arabic books and documents. Leisure interests include reading, music, painting and gardening, tennis and swimming. Member of the Central Wakf Council, Ministry of Welfare, 1993; the National Integration Council, Uttar Pradesh, 1993; the Maulana Azad Foundation, 1995-96; the Court of the Aligarh Muslim University 1996; the Informal Consultation Committee for Railway Zone (U.P) 1996-97; the Nainital Telephone Advisory Committee 1996-97; and the Rampur Raza Library Board 1997. Chairperson of the State Social Welfare Advisory Board 1993 and the U.P. Mahila Samaj Kalyan Board 1994-95; Convenor, U.P. Members of Parliamentary Group of India Congress 1996, married 2nd June 1956, Nawabzada Syed Zulfiqar Ali Khan of Rampur.
    • Nawabzada Mirza Aimaduddin Ahmad Khan Bahadur (alias Durru Miyan) (by Shaukat Jehan Begum), born 29th June 1944 at Loharu, Haryana, educated at St. Xavier School, Jaipur; Mayo College, Ajmer and Hindu College, Delhi University. President, Indo-Kuwait Devania (Rajasthan Chapter); Vice President, Rajasthan Pradesh Congress Committee; Chairman of the Minority Board, Rajasthan (with the rank of Minister of State) 1989/90 and of the Minority Commission, Rajasthan, (with the rank of Minister of State), 1993; Former Organising Secretary, Rajasthan Pradesh Congress Seva Dal; Founder Member, Foundation for Amity and National Solidarity, New Delhi; was Member of the following committees, Central Waqf Council, Government of India, New Delhi, Rajasthan P&T Advisory Committee, Jaipur Telephone Advisory Committee, Maulana Azad Centenary Celebration Committee, Rajasthan and Legislative Assembly, Rajasthan, 1993/1998; Life Member of the India Islamic Centre, New Delhi, Indian Heritage Society, New Delhi, All India Muslim Educational Society, Chennai, Hindostani Manch, Jaipur and Indo-German Society, Jaipur; Member of the Executive Committee, Ghalib Institute, New Delhi, All India Congress Committee, Rajasthan Pradesh Election Committee and Committee on Agriculture; elected to the Rajya Sabha in July, 1998; he is a former Member of Parliament [Rajya Sabha] and was appointed in 2008, as Minister for Medical Health, Family Welfare, Ayurveda and Medical Education in the Government of Rajasthan. Clubs : Ashok Club, Jaipur. Enjoys reading; married 10th October 1979, Begum Fauzia Ahmad Khan, and has issue, three daughters, including. (Loharu House, Civil Lines, Jaipur-302006, Rajasthan, India)
      • Sahibzadi Fareha Ahmad Khan, born 17th August 1983.
      • Sahibzadi Farheen Ahmad Khan, born 15th December 1985.

  8. HH Nawab Mirza ALAUDDIN AHMAD KHAN II [alias Parvez Mirza], 8th Nawab of Loharu (see above)
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