LUNAWADA (Princely State)
(9 gun salute)

LOCATION: Bombay AREA: 1,004.92 kmē VILLAGES: 348 POPULATION: 83,136 (1921) RELIGION: Hindu
REVENUE: Rs 5,36,008 DYNASTY/LINEAGE: Solanki PRIVY PURSE: Rs 1,31,000 SEAT: Fateh Bagh Palace ACCESSION: 10th June 1948
AGENCY: Rewa Kantha Agency 1811/1937 then Baroda and Gujarat States Agency 1937/1944 then Baroda, Western India and Gujarat States Agency 1944/1947

Present Ruler:  HH Maharana Sri SIDDHRAJSINHJI DHIRENDRASINHJI, 25th and present Maharana of Lunawada since 2017. (Fateh Bagh Palace, Lunavada 389230, Gujarat, India)
he was installed on the gadi of Lunawada in the Raj Tilak ceremony attended by the Jagirdars and Umraos of the state as well as representatives of neighbouring states on 10th February 2018; married HH Maharani Nina Kumari, and has issue, one daughter.
PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: The ancestors of the family, descendants of Sidhraj, Raja of Anhilwara Patan, are said to have established themselves as Chiefs of Virpur in 1225, later in 1434, Rana Bhimsinghji moved his capital to Lunawada across the Mahi, establishing his state there. The State was tributary both to Baroda and to Gwalior, but the rights of the latter were transferred to the British Government in 1861. Lunawada is a Second Class state in Rewa Kantha Agency. The Maharana maintains a military force of 201 cavalry, 295 infantry, and 40 guns (as of 1892). Rulers were ....
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