MAHSON (Zamindari)

Mahson Coat of Arms
LOCATION: Uttar Pradesh (Basti Dist.) AREA: xx VILLAGES: 80 including pattis (1921) POPULATION: xx RELIGION: Hindu

PRESENT RULER: Raja KAILASH NATH PAL, present Raja Saheb of Mahson and Head of the Suryavanshi Rajputs in Bast District since December 1988,
born 19th March 1938,educated at the Royal Indian Military College, Dehradun, National Defense Academy, and Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur (B.Tech.), married in July 1963 in Lucknow, Rani Durga Kumari Pal, born 1945, daughter of Raja Himanshudhar Singh of Tekari, and has issue. PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: Emperor Brahm Deo was the last ruler of the mighty Katyur Empire (modern day Uttaranchal – Kumaon Garhwal region). After Brahm Deo’s rule the empire disintegrated, with his grandson Abhay Pal Deo continuing his reign from the kingdom of Askote in Kumaon’s Pithoragarh district. Abhay Pal Deo’s two younger sons, Alakh Deo and Tilak Deo set out from Askote in 1305 with a large army and after passing through the Terai region and the plains of U.P. came to Gonda/Gorakhpur area. This region was covered in thick jungles and swamps and was inhabited by fierce Bhar tribals. The Ghagra river in the south and Rapti river in the east protected the region from heavy attacks. The estate is also known as Mahuli. Estate holders were....
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