MAKRAI (Princely State)

LOCATION: Madhya Pradesh AREA: 401 kmē VILLAGES: xx POPULATION: 15,519 (1931) RELIGION: Hindu
REVENUE: Rs 1,38,000 (1934) DYNASTY/LINEAGE: Raj Gond PRIVY PURSE: Rs 25,000 SEAT: Makrai ACCESSION: 1st February 1948
AGENCY: Deputy Commissioner, Hoshangabad 1858 - 1919, Central Provinces Feudatory States Agency 1919 - 1933, Bhopal Agency 1933 - 1948

PRESENT RULER: Raja Sahib AJAY KUMAR SHAH, present Raja Saheb of Makrai
born 21st January 1956, he was crowned as ceremonial ruler on 21st December 1987, married 20th May 1986, Rani Hemlata Kushwaha, daughter of Thakur Kok Singh Kushwaha, Jagirdar of Harshi, dist, Gwalior, originally from Narwar in district Shivpuri, and his wife, Thakurani Tej Kumari Tomar of Nonera, district Bhind, and has issue, two sons.
PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: The state was founded in 1663, by Raja Makrand Shah, a Raj Gond ruler who claimed descent from the Raja of Mandla, from a family that owned land in Harda tahsil. The family originally held the taluka of Kalibhit in Hoshangabad district. The Rajas of Makrai struggled against the Peshwas, the Scindias and Pindaris until 1844, when the state was taken under British protection. In December 1890 the British government took over Makrai State owing to bad administration. Power was restored to the native ruler in 1893 under the condition that he appoint a Diwan (Minister) duly approved by the British Head Commissioner. The title of Hathriya Rai is said to have been conferred by the Mughal Emperor. The State was formerly under the political control of the Deputy Commissioner, Hoshangabad from 1858, but in 1919 it was transferred to the control of the Political Agent, Central Provinces Feudatory States. From April 1933, it was transferred to the political of the Political Agent in Bhopal. Rulers were...
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