Manavadar Flag

MANAVADAR (Princely State)

Coat of Arms of Manavadar
STATE: Kathiawar DYNASTY: Babi (Yousufzai Pathan)
VILLAGES: 23 POPULATION: 26,209 (1941) REVENUE: 371,230Rs

PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: When the Chorashi Pargana (which included Manavadar, Bantwa, Gidad now called Sardargadh and other talukas) was granted by Sherkhan Babi, first Nawab of Junagadh, to his brothers, Dilerkhan and Sher Zamankhan, after their expulsion from Gogha, the grant was held by the two brothers jointly as long as they had to fight for their existence, but when they finally became established they divided it between them in 1733. The elder brother, Dilerkhan took Manavadar, while the younger brother, Sher Zamankhan, took Bantva and Gidad and to equalize the shares, Dilerkhan also got a share in Bantva, which his descendants enjoy to this day (1939). It became a Third Class State in 1863, later upgraded to a Second Class state during the reign of the last Nawab Saheb, with the state exercising jurisdictional powers as follows:- Civil - unlimited and Criminal - full powers with the exception that the state may not try persons other than its own subjects for capital offences and provided that sentences of death are confirmed by the Hon'ble the Resident for the States of Western India. The jurisdiction over the Majmu (joint) share of the three Bantwa shareholders is exercised by them through a Majmu Nyaya-dhishi. The 8th and Ruling Khan Saheb was deposed in 1947 after he opted for Pakistan, then imprisoned and he finally fled to Pakistan and when he died he was still recognised as a reigning Khan by Pakistan. Rulers were....
  • Khan Saheb Shri DILAWER KHAN SALABAT MUHAMMED KHAN Babi, Khan Saheb of Manavadar 1733/1760, he inherited equally with his younger brother in 1730, the district of Bantva which was later divided between them in 1733, his share becoming the Princely state of Manavadar; he married and had issue. He died 1760.
  • Khan Saheb Shri SARDAR KHAN DILAWAR KHAN Babi, Khan Saheb of Manavadar 1760/-
  • Khan Saheb Shri GHAZANFAR KHAN SARDAR KHAN Babi, Khan Saheb of Manavadar
  • Khan Saheb Shri KAMALUDDIN KHAN GHAZANFAR KHAN Babi, Khan Saheb of Manavadar
  • Khan Saheb Shri ZORAWAR KHAN KAMALUDDIN KHAN Babi, Khan Saheb of Manavadar -/1882, married and had issue, one son.
    • Khan Saheb Shri Zorawar Khan Kamaluddin Khan Babi (qv)
  • Khan Saheb Shri GHAZANFAR KHAN ZORAWAR KHAN Babi, Khan Saheb of Manavadar 1882/1888, born 4th November 1862 at Manavadar, succeeded on the death of his father and was installed on the throne on 12th June 1882, invested with full ruling powers on 21st June 1883; educated at Rajkumar College, Rajkot; married Bibi Shri Amir Bakhte Sahiba, daughter of Khan Shri Sher Khanji Babi of Ranpur, and had issue. He died 28th March 1888 at Manavadar.
    • Khan Saheb Shri Fatehuddin Khan Ghazanfar Khan Babi (qv)
    • Khan Shri Kamaluddin Khan Ghazanfar Khan Babi, born 1888 at Manavadar, educated at Rajkumar College, Rajkot and later with the Imperial Cadet Corps, Dehradun.
  • Khan Saheb Shri FATEH UDDIN KHAN GHAZANFAR KHAN Babi, Khan Saheb of Manavadar 1888/1918, born 1885, succeeded 28th March 1888 (#1), married and had issue. He died 19th October 1918 (#3 p.332).
    • Khan Saheb Shri Babi Ghulam Moinuddin Khan Fatehuddin Khan Babi (qv)
    • Saheb Shri Abdul Hamid Khan Fatehuddin Khan Babi, born 10th April 1914 (#3 p.332), married and had issue.
      • Saheb Shri Muhammad Zaman Khan Abdul Hamid Khan Babi
                    UDDIN KHAN BabiNawab Shri GHULAM MOINUDDIN KHAN FATEHUDDIN KHAN Babi, 8th Khan Saheb of Manavadar 1918/2003, born 22nd December 1911 (#2), educated at Rajkumar College, Rajkot; he succeeded to the gadi on 19th October 1918, he was invested with full ruling powers on 21st November 1931 (#3 p.332), created Nawab by the British Government; married twice and had issue, eleven children, and nineteen grandchildren. He died 13th February 2003.
    • Nawabzada Aslam Khan Babi, born 15th March 1935 (#3 p.332), died 1980.
    • Nawabzada Mohammad Idrees Khan Babi
    • Nawabzada Mohammad Anees Khan Muhammad Khan Babi, married Sahabat Anees Khan, and has issue.
      • Sahibzadi Batool Khanum
      • Sahibzada Kamaluddin Khan Muhammad Khan Babi, born 30th October 1981 in Karachi, Graduate in Commerce and Banking, Masters in Business Administration (Finance majors) from Iqra University.
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