MIRAJ Senior (Princely State)

AREA: 886 kmē PRIVY PURSE: 85,800Rs ACCESSION: 8th March 1948
STATE: Bombay DYNASTY: Patwardhan RELIGION: Hindu
AGENCY: Southern Maratha Country States Agency
POPULATION: 82,580 (1931)
REVENUE: Rs4,31,817 (1931)

PRESENT RULER: HH Raja Shrimant GANGADHARRAO BALASAHEB PATWARDHAN, 6th and present Raja of Miraj-Senior, since 25th March 1999.
born 1946 at Miraj, married in Pune, HH Rani Shrimant Soubhagyavati Umaraje G. Patwardhan, and has issue, two sons.
  • Shrimant Yuvaraj Ramchandrarao Gangadharrao 'Rahul' Patwardhan, married Shrimant Soubhagyawati Janaki Devi Patwardhan, and had issue. He died of a heart attack on 1st July 2012.
    • Shrimant Yuvaraj Madhavrao Ramchandrarao Patwardhan
  • Shrimant Rajkumar Gopalrao Bhayasaheb Gangadharrao Patwardhan, Manager of the Engineering companies in Pune under the name of Duke Industries Ltd.
PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: For predecessors see Jamkhandi. The state of Miraj was founded before 1750 and split into Senior and Junior branch's in 1820. It was the former capital of the Pre British Indian State of Sangli and lies in the Southern part of the present state of Maharashtra. Rulers were...
  • Raja Shrimant GOVIND RAO PATWARDHAN, 1st Raja of Miraj, began as a commandant of the body of horse, distinguished himself in several expeditions against the Nizam of Hydrabad and Hyder Ali of Mysore, established the Maratha ascendency in Southern India and pushed the Maratha Conquests to the Tungbhadra on the frontier of Mysore, appointed Sardar by the Peshwa, took an active part in all the main events of the third Peshwa's reign and, in 1761, recieved an annual income of 2,541,900Rs for the expense of 8,000 horse to be maintained by him, married and had issue. He died in 1771.
    • Raja Shrimant Vaman Rao Patwardhan (qv)
    • Raja Shrimant Pandurang Rao Patwardhan (qv)
    • Raja Shrimant Gangadhar Rao Patwardhan (qv)
  • Raja Shrimant VAMAN RAO PATWARDHAN, 2nd Raja of Miraj 1771/1775, inherited his father's military talents and was able to inflict a defeat on Haider Ali of Mysore. He died in 1775.
  • Raja Shrimant PANDURANG RAO PATWARDHAN, 3rd Raja of Miraj 1775/1777, married and had issue.
    • Raja Shrimant Harihar Rao Patwardhan (qv)
    • Raja Shrimant Chintaman Rao Patwardhan (qv)
  • Raja Shrimant HARIHAR RAO PATWARDHAN, 4th Raja of Miraj 1777/1782, born about 1765, died 1782.
  • Raja Shrimant CHINTAMAN RAO APPASAHEB PATWARDHAN, 5th Raja of Miraj 1782/1801 and 1st Raja of Sangli 1801/-, born 1775, in 1801, during one of his battles, he was rumoured to have died and therefore his uncle, Gangadharrao crowned himself as Raja of Miraj. When Raja Chintamanrao returned he was angry and left the state with only an idol of Lord Ganesha and he vowed to set up another Capital for his Jagir, and thus he became the first Ruler of Sangli (#1).
  • Raja Shrimant GANGADHAR RAO PATWARDHAN, 6th Raja of Miraj-Senior 1801/1820

  1. Raja Shrimant GANPATRAO I PATWARDHAN, 1st Raja of Miraj-Senior 1820/1833

  2. Raja Shrimant GANESHRAO GANGADHARRAO alias TATYASAHEB PATWARDHAN, 2nd Raja of Miraj-Senior 1833/1875

  3. Raja Shrimant Sir GANGADHARRAO GANESHRAO alias BALASAHEB PATWARDHAN K.C.I.E., 3rd Raja of Miraj-Senior 1875/1939, born 9th February 1866, he was adopted on 6th June 1875 by the widow of the late chief and succeeded to the gadi on 6th June 1875; he was invested with ruling powers on 1st February 1887 (#3 p.21), educated at Rajaram High School, Kolhapur; he was appointed a K.C.I.E. in 1903, at the time of the Delhi Darbar; married 1884, Shrimant Saubhagyavati Rani Umabaisaheb, and had issue, two sons and two daughters. He died 1939.
    • Raja Shrimant Narayanrao Gangadharrao alias Tatyasaheb Patwardhan (qv)
    • Shrimant Hariharrao Gangadharrao alias Dadasaheb Patwardhan, born 1901.

  4. Raja Shrimant NARAYANRAO GANGADHARRAO alias TATYASAHEB PATWARDHAN, 4th Raja of Miraj-Senior 1939/1947, born 6th September 1898, succeeded 11th December 1939 (#2), married and had issue.
    • HH Raja Shri Madhavrao Narayanrao Raosaheb Patwardhan (qv)
    • Shrimant Mangalaraje Narayanrao Patwardhan

  5. HH Raja Shrimant MADHAVRAO NARAYANRAO alias RAOSAHEB PATWARDHAN B.A., 5th Raja of Miraj-Senior 1947/1999, born 17th April 1922, educated at Fergusson College, Pune (B.A.); married HH Shrimant Rani Soubhagyavati Indumatidevi M. Patwardhan, and had issue. He died 25th March 1999 in Pune and was cremated on 27th March.
    • HH Raja Shrimant Gangadharrao Balasaheb Patwardhan (qv)
    • Rajkumar Shrimant Ganpatrao Bhausaheb Patwardhan, married Rani Shrimant Gayatri Devi, and has issue.
      • Rajkumari Nandita Raje, born about 1978, married 28th November 2004, Sumeer Kalmadi, born 1974, son of Suresh and Meera Kalmadi.

  6. HH Raja Shrimant GANGADHARRAO alias BALASAHEB PATWARDHAN, 6th Raja of Miraj-Senior (see above)
  • Radhikadevi Patwardhan
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