Bhopawar Agency, also known as the Bhil Agency or the Southern States Agency, was a sub-agency under the superintendence of the Governor-General's agent for the Central India Agency in British India with the headquarters at the town of Bhopawar, a village in Sardarpur tehsil, Dhar District of present-day Madhya Pradesh state, hence the name. It was constituted in 1882 by separating the duties of the Political Agent, Bhopawar, stationed at Sardarpur, from those of the Commandant of the Malwa Bhil Corps, and by abolishing the appointment of the Deputy Bhil Agent at Manpur. In October 1911 the headquaters of the Agency were transferred from Sardarpur to Manpur and in 1914 its designation was changed to that of the Southern States Agency. The Malwa Agency was in the charge of the commandant of the Central India Horse, with headquarters at Agar, until 1895, when it was placed under an officer of the Political Department with headquarters at Neemuch. In 1907 the two Dewas States were included in the Agency, these were transferred to the Bhopal Agency in 1931. In May 1925 the two Agencies were amalgamated under one Political Agent, designated "the Political Agent in the Southern states of Central India and in Malwa", with headquarters at Manpur. The Manpur pargan was transferred in 1932 to the Government of His Highness the Maharaja Holkar in exchange for the Chandgarh pargana, a portion of the Nimar district in the Central Provinces which was found, after prolonged enquiry, to have been inadvertently omitted from the territories handed over to the Indore State at the time of the territorial exchanges of 1861-81. Consequent on the above transfer the headquarters of the combined Agency were moved in Angust 1932 from Manpur to Indore.  In 1934 the designation of the officer in charge of the Agency was changed to "the Political Agent in Malwa". The outlying portions of the Indore State, with the exception of  the parganas of Nandwai and Alampur, are in the political charge of this Agency for the purpose of routine matters, such as extradition.


ALI-RAJPUR2,165.24307 100,000 50,185Rathore includes jagirs of Ondhwa and Sondhwa, plus Phulmal (merged earlier)
BARWANI 3,051.02334450,000 76,136Sisodia figure for villages includes 1 town
DHAR 4,571.35516900,000 140,700Puar - Maratha area includes 852.11 kmē for the estates and 3,745.14 kmē as khalsa.
JHABUA 3,460.24686110,000 80,889Rathore including 18 jagirdars, paying tribute (nazrana / khillat) directly to Indore
JOBAT 362.60n/a21,0009,443Rathore also known as Ghora-Jobat on account of its two capitals
KATHIAWADA 179.0n/a4,000 3,425Jadon a Thakurate
MATHWAR 168.35n/a4,000 1,022Ponwar a Thakurate
RATANMAL 82.88n/a5,000 1,200Ponwar a Thakurate
Manpur (British)155.40--19,800 4,890 a British pargana
Gwalior (Portion)3,302.25--58,000 96,426Scindia - Maratha n/a
Indore (Portion)1,144.78--156,600 39,343Holkar - Maratha including a few enclaves - Petlawad Tehsil, Lawani, Chikalda, Dahi, etc.
Railways and Military Station3,410
Dhar also included various Thakurates and Bhumiates under administrative control of the State
BAKHATGARH 168.353560,000 6,774Panwar - Mahipawat Thakurate
BARKHERA (Chhota)59.57--5,000 1,929Bhilala Bhumiate
BARKHERA (Mota)113.96--25,000 6,027Bhilala Bhumiate
BHARUDPURA56.98--6,000 1,259Sanchora Chauhan Bhumiate
CHIKTIABAR5.18--825 283Sanchora Chauhan Bhumiate
DAHI------ ----not present in 1907 Edition of the Imperial Gazetteer
DHANGAON------ ----not present in 1907 Edition of the Imperial Gazetteer
DHOTRIA 41.441912,000 3,040Rathore - Fatehsinghota guaranteed Thikana, also known as Bhaisola
GARHI15.54--3,000 564Sanchora Chauhan a Bhumiate, also known as Bhaisakho
JAMNIA 103.60724,000 2,877Songara Chauhan a Bhumiate
KACCHI-BARODA 113.96--30,000 2,783Rathore - Ratansinghota guaranteed Thikana
KALI BAORI 31.0886,000 1,646Bhilala Bhumiate, originally known as Tatarpura
KATHORIAn/a52,000 n/aGohil Bhumiate, also known as Kathodia
KOTHIDEH25.90--1,400 328Sanchora ChauhanBhumiate
MAKSUDANGARH 259.0 8037,000 14,284 Khichi Chauhanlapsed in 1907
MULTHAN235.692960,000 7,644Rathore - Ratansinghota guaranteed estate
NIMKHERA 235.69--18,000 4,641Bhilala Bhumiate, also known as Tirla
RAJGARH 51.8085,000 682Sanchora Chauhan Bhumiate

TOTALS19,901.563,034 2,123,625 Rs547,546 figure for villages includes 3 towns