NADIA (Zamindari)

AREA: 8,161 km2 REVENUE: xx ACCESSION: 16th May 1951
STATE: Bengal (Nadia Dist.)
DYNASTY: Kulin Brahmin RELIGION: Hindu
PRESENT HEAD OF HOUSE: Maharaja MANISH CHANDRA Roy Bahadur, 39th and present Zamindar of Nadia
PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: The family claim descent from Bhattanarayan, a Brahmin who was selected by Raja Adisur of Bengal, for the conduct of ceremonies of purification. The Nadia Raj family is one the oldest and most respected Hindu families in Bengal, spanning some 36 generations from the founder. Since the estabhshment of British rule in Bengal each Raja of Nadia in succession has been created a Maharaja Bahadur. Estate holders were...
  • Raja BHABANANDA, 21st Zamindar of Nadia, married and had issue.
    • generations
      • Maharaja Rudra Ray (qv)
  • Raja SRI KRISHNA RAY, 22nd Zamindar of Nadia
  • Raja GOPAL RAY, 23rd Zamindar of Nadia
  • Raja RAGHAB RAY, 24th Zamindar of Nadia
  • Maharaja RUDRA RAY, 25th Zamindar of Nadia 1683/1694, the title of Maharaja was granted by the Emperor of Delhi as a hereditary distinction.
  • Raja RAMJIBAN RAY I, 26th Zamindar of Nadia
  • Maharaja RAM KRISHNA RAY, 27th Zamindar of Nadia, he resided at the new capital of Krishnagar.
  • Raja RAMJIBAN RAY II, 28th Zamindar of Nadia
  • Raja RAGHU RAM RAY, 29th Zamindar of Nadia for two years.
  • Maharaja KRISHNA CHANDRA RAY Rajendra Bahadur, 30th Zamindar of Nadia 1728/1782, 30th in descent from founder, born 1710/1712, son of Raghuram Roy of Krishnanagar, he was adopted by Bhabananda Majumdar, founder of the royal family of Krishnanagar, he received two farmans from the Emperor Shah Alam, conferring on him the title of Maharaja, he was later granted the title of Maharaja by the British for services rendered at Plassey, he established a large Shiv temple at Shivnibash in 1762, established many Sanskrit schools in Nadia, he was a patron of literature and music, married Rani Bhabani, born 1716, died 1795 (she married 1stly, Raja Ramkanta, Zamindar of Natore) who was also a patron of Sanskrit culture in Bengal, and had issue. He died 1782.
    • Maharaja Shivachandra or Sibchandra Ray Bahadur (qv)
  • Maharaja SHIVA CHANDRA RAY Bahadur, 31st Zamindar of Nadia 1782/1788, born 1741, died 1788.
  • Maharaja ISHWAR CHANDRA RAY Bahadur, 32nd Zamindar of Nadia 1788/1793, born 1738, died 1793.
    COURT OF WARDS 1793/1795
  • Maharaja GIRISH CHANDRA RAY Bahadur, 33rd Zamindar of Nadia 1793/1837, born 1777, died 1837.
  • Maharaja SRISH CHANDRA RAY Bahadur, 34th Zamindar of Nadia 1837/1857, born 1819, his title of Maharaja Bahadur, granted by the Emperor of Delhi, was confirmed by the British Government; married and had issue. He died 1857.
    • Maharaja Satish Chandra Ray Bahadur (qv)

    COURT OF WARDS 1857/1858
  • Maharaja SATISH CHANDRA RAY Bahadur, 35th Zamindar of Nadia 1857/1870, born 1837, he was eminently loyal to the Government, and exceedingly liberal, especially to his tenants and to educational institutions, he presented a beautiful park as the site for the Krishnagar State College of the Calcutta University, at the town of Krishnagar, which is the capital of Nadia ; and he subscribed largely to the funds, both for the building and for the endowment of that important institution; married and had adoptive issue. He died 1870.
    • (A) Maharaja Kshitish Chandra Ray Bahadur (qv)
    COURT OF WARDS 1870/1889

  • Maharaja KSHITISH CHANDRA Roy Bahadur, 36th Zamindar of Nadia 1870/1910, born 16th April 1868 (#1), the title of Maharaja Bahadur was granted on 1st January 1890 as a personal distinction, married and had issue, one son. He died in August 1910.
    • Maharaja Kshaunish Chandra Roy Bahadur (qv)
    COURT OF WARDS 1910/1911
  • Maharaja Kshaunish
                    Chandra Ray Bahadur of NadiaMaharaja KSHAUNISH CHANDRA Roy Bahadur, 37th Zamindar of Nadia 1910/1928, born 29th October 1890 in Krishnagar into one of the oldest aristocratic families in Bengal; educated privately; he was granted the title of Maharaja at the Coronation Durbar, Delhi in December 1911; he was granted the title of Maharaja Bahadur in January 1917 and he was granted the privilege of a return visit from the Governor of Bengal; First non-official elected Chairman of Nadia District Board, 1920/1924; Member of the Bengal Legislative Council, 1921/1923, he married Maharani Jyotirmoyee Devi, youngest daughter of Maharaja Ashutosh Nath Roy of Cossimbazar, and had issue, two daughters. He died 1928.
    • Maharajkumari (name unknown) Devi, born 1st November 1916 in Calcutta.
  • Maharaja SAURISH CHANDRA Roy Bahadur, 38th Zamindar of Nadia
  • Maharaja SAUMISH CHANDRA Roy Bahadur, 39th Zamindar of Nadia, married and had issue.
    • Maharaja Manish Chandra Roy Bahadur (qv)
  • Maharaja MANISH CHANDRA Roy Bahadur (see above)
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SOURCE: Nadia District by J. H. E. Garrett, 1910, (Chapter XV "The Nadia Raj")