NAGPUR (Princely State)

AREA: 217,560 km² REVENUE: Annexation: 11th December 1853
STATE: Central Provinces

PRESENT HEAD OF HOUSE: The Raja Bahadur of Deor
PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: The city of Nagpur was founded in 1702 by the Gond King, Raja Bakht Buland Shah of Devagad, on the banks of Nag River, hence its name. He founded the city by joining 12 small hamlets formerly known as 'Rajapur Baraasa' or 'Barasa'. His successor, Raja Chand Sultan, further developed the city, but on his death in 1742 (or 1739), there were disputes as to his succession, and his widow invoked the aid of the Maratha leader Raghoji Bhonsle who was governing Berar on behalf of the Maratha Peshwa. He intervened again in 1743, but this time he retained Nagpur, and it became his capital. The Bhonsle family were originally headmen from Deora, a village in Satara District. Raghoji's grandfather and his two brothers had fought in the armies of Shivaji, and to the most distinguished of them was entrusted a high military command and the collection of chauth (tribute) in Berar. In 1853, on the death of Raghoji III, the state lapsed due to failure of heirs and was annexed to British India. After annexation the family received pensions totalling 203,000Rs yearly. Nagpur province, which consisted of the present Nagpur region, Chhindwara and Chhatisgarh, was administered by a commissioner under the central government from 1853 to 1861, when it became part of the Central Provinces, ruled by a British governor, with Nagpur as its capital. Berar was added in 1903. Rulers were...
  • Unknown
    • Shrimant Rupaji Bhonsle
    • Shrimant Mudhoji Bhonsle, married and had issue.
      • Shrimant Parsoji Bhonsle Sena Saheb Subha, married Shrimant Baiya Bai, and had issue. He died 1709 at Khed.
        • Shrimant Vimboji Bhonsle, married Shrimant Kasi Bai, and had issue.
          • Maharaja Chhatrapati Raghuji Bhonsle I (qv)
        • Shrimant Kanhoji Bhonsle Sena Saheb Subha, married and had issue.
          • Shrimant Rupaji Bhonsle
        • Shrimant Ranoji Bhonsle
        • Shrimant Sabaji Bhonsle
      • Shrimant Sabaji Bhonsle

  1. Maharaja Chhatrapati RAGHUJI BHONSLE I, 1st Maharaja of Nagpur 1734/1755, he was bold and decisive in action, twice his armies invaded Bengal, and he obtained the cession of Cuttack. In addition, Chanda, Chhattisgarh, and Sambalpur were added to his dominions between 1745 and 1755, the year of his death; he married and had issue. He died 14th February 1755 at Nagpur.
    • Maharaja Chhatrapati Janoji Bhonsle (qv)
    • Maharaja Chhatrapati Madhoji [Raghunathrao] Bhonsle I (qv)
    • Maharajkumar Bimbaji Bhonsle
    • Maharajkumar Sabhaji Bhonsle, died in battle, 26th January 1775.

  2. Maharaja Chhatrapati JANOJI BHONSLE, 2nd Maharaja of Nagpur 1755/1773, he took part in the wars between the Peshwa and the Nizam of Hyderabad, and after he had in turn betrayed both of them, they united against him and sacked and burnt Nagpur in 1765; married Maharani Darya Bai, and had adoptive issue. He died sp on 21st May 1773.
    • (A) Maharaja Chhatrapati Raghoji Bhonsle II (qv)

  3. Maharaja Chhatrapati MADHOJI RAGHUNATHRAO BHONSLE I, 3rd Maharaja of Nagpur 1773/1788 (Regent), Senadhurandhar, fought for the succession with his brother, until the battlefield of Panchgaon, and succeeded to the regency on behalf of his infant son Raghoji II who was Janoji's adopted heir. In 1785 Mandla and the upper Narmada valley were added to the Nagpur dominions by treaty with the Peshwa; married and had issue. He died 19th May 1788 at Nagpur.
    • Maharaja Chhatrapati Raghoji Bhonsle II (qv)
    • Maharajkumar Vyankoji Bhonsle [Manyabapu], Senadhurandhar, married and had issue. He died 1811 at Kasi.
      • Maharaja Chhatrapati Madhoji Appasaheb Bhonsle II (qv)
    • Maharajkumar Chimnaji Bhonsle, died 1789.
    • Maharajkumar Lachman Dada

  4. Maharaja Senasaheb Subha Chhatrapati RAGHOJI BHONSLE II, 4th Maharaja of Nagpur 1788/1816, born 1760, Senasaheb Subha [cr.1775], his predecessor had courted the favor of the British East India Company, and this policy was continued for some time by Raghoji II, who acquired Hoshangabad and the lower Narmada valley between 1796 and 1798, in 1803 he united with Daulatrao Scindia of Gwalior against the British, but the two leaders were decisively defeated at the battles of Assaye and Argaon, and, by the Treaty of Deogaon of that year, Raghoji ceded Cuttack, southern Berar, and Sambalpur to the British, although Sambalpur was not relinquished until 1806; he married (amongst others), Maharani Baka Bai, died 7th September 1858 at Nagpur, aged 77 years, having received a pension of 120,000Rs, and had issue, as well as further issue. He died 22nd March 1816.
    • Maharaja Chhatrapati Parsoji Raghoji Bhonsle (qv)
    • Maharajkumari Banu Bai, married and had issue.
      • Maharaja Chhatrapati Raghoji Bapusaheb Bhonsle III (qv)
      • generation, married Shrimant Nana Ahira Rao, and had issue.
        • Shrimant Yashwant Rao Bhonsle, he was the Heir in 1853, and succeeded in the dignity of Maharaja of Nagpur as Maharaja Senasaheb Subha Chhatrapati Janoji II Yeshwantrao Bhonsle (qv).
        • Shrimant Ahilojirao Ahirarao, married and had issue. He died 1906.
          • Shrimant Ramchandrarao Ahilojirao.
    • Maharajkumar Dharmaji Bhonsle (natural son), murdered 5th May 1816.

  5. Maharaja Senasaheb Subha Chhatrapati PARSOJI BHONSLE, 5th Maharaja of Nagpur 1816/1817, born 1778, deposed and murdered by Madhoji II on 2nd February 1817.

  6. Maharaja Senasaheb Subha Chhatrapati MADHOJI APPASAHEB BHONSLE II, 6th Maharaja of Nagpur 1816/1818, born 1796, in 1817, on the outbreak of war between the British and the Peshwa, Appa Sahib threw off his cloak of friendship, and accepted an embassy and title from the Peshwa. His troops attacked the British, and were defeated in the action at Sitabaldi, and a second time near Nagpur city. As a result of these battles, the remaining portion of Berar and the territories in the Narmada valley were ceded to the British. Appa Sahib was reinstated to the throne, but shortly afterwards was discovered to be again conspiring, and was deposed and moved to Allahabad in custody. On the way, however, he bribed his guards and escaped, first to the Mahadeo Hills and subsequently to the Punjab; he married (a), Maharani Savitri Bai, received a pension of 10,000Rs, married (b), Maharani Uma Bai. He died sp in 1840 in Jodhpur.

  7. Maharaja Senasaheb Subha Chhatrapati RAGHOJI BAPUSAHEB BHONSLE III, 7th Maharaja of Nagpur 1818/1853, born 1808 (1806), he succeeded to the throne on 26th June 1818 and was entrusted with the administration of the state in 1826 upon attaining his majority; due to his young age, the territories were administered by the resident from 1818 to 1830, when he was allowed to assume ruling powers; he married (a), Maharani Annapurna Bai, received a pension of 50,000Rs, married (b), Maharani Dariya Bai, sister of Daji Sahib Sirke, died 1907, she received a pension of 25,000Rs. He died spm on 11th December 1853. The state lapsed with his death (annexed by the British under the Doctrine of Lapse due to failure of Heirs).
    • Maharajkumar (name unknown), died 22nd October 1831.
    • Maharajkumar Bhimbaji Bhonsle, born 4th May 1831 (#2).
    • Maharajkumari Bannu Bai, died 12th September 1833 (#3).
    • (A) Maharaja Senasaheb Subha Chhatrapati Janoji II Yashwantrao Bhonsle (qv)

  8. Maharaja Senasaheb Subha Chhatrapati JANOJI II YASHWANTRAO BHONSLE, 8th Maharaja of Nagpur, son of Nana Ahirarao (a nephew of Raghuji III) 1853/1881, adopted by Maharani Dariya Bai in 1855, Raja Bahadur of Devur or Deor [cr.1861](Hereditary title), he was granted a pension of Rs1,20,000, (subject to revision after his death), his villages were taken under management in 1873 until a debt of five and a half lakhs was repaid; married and had issue, two sons and three daughterss. He died 5th December 1881.
    • Raja Bahadur Raghoji Deo Janoji Bhonsle (qv)
    • Shrimant Maharajkumar Lakshmanrao, born 1874/1875, married 1stly, a member of the Gaekwad Family, and had issue, one daughter.
      • Rajaramsinhrao Bhonsle, married Shaliniraje Puar, daughter of HH Maharaja Chhatrapati Shahaji II Puar of Kolhapur and Dewas-Snr, and had issue.
        • HH Maharaja Chhatrapati Shahu II Bhonsle of Kolhapur.

  9. Shrimant Raja Bahadur RAGHOJI DEO JANOJI BHONSLE, 9th Raja of Deor 1881/-, born 7th November 1872 (#1), the family properties were divided between the two brothers in 1900; his title was confirmed as a hereditary distinction; married and had issue, two sons.
    • Shrimant Kumar Jaisingh Raje Sahib, second son, married 11th May 1923, Maharajkumari (name unknown) Raje Puar, born 20th February 1910, second daughter of Lt. Col. HH Maharaja Shri Sir Udajirao II Anandrao Puar Sahib Bahadur, 10th Raja of Dhar and his wife, HH Maharani Sahiba, Regent of Dhar. 
  • Shrimant Raje Laxman Rao Bhonsle, of the Junior Palace, married and had issue. (Junior Bhonsle Palace, Mahal, Nagpur - 440002, Maharashtra, India)
    • Shrimant Tejsingrao Raje Bhonsle B.A., born 17th March 1932 in Nagpur, Maharashtra; educated at Nagpur University; married 25th December 1959, Shrimant Rani Chitralekha Raje Bhonsle (née Chitralekha Kadam), born 26th February 1941 in Baroda, daughter of Shri Sharas Chandra Kadam, educated at Sayajirao Gaekwad College and M.S. University, Baroda (B.A.), Member of the 12th Lok Sabha 1998/-, Member, Committee on Energy and its Sub-Committee-II on Coal 1998/1999, Member, Consultative Committee, Ministry of Coal Social and Cultural Activities, Chairperson, Mahalaxmi Jagdamba Trust, Koradi, Nagpur (Maharashtra), Chairperson, Distt. Volleyball Association, Nagpur, interests are Painting and reading; and has issue, two sons and three daughters. (Junior Bhosla Palace Mahal, Nagpur - 440002, Maharashtra, India)
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