PADAMDI (Zamindari)

LOCATION: Bengal (Faridpur, Dhaka)

PRESENT RULER: Lieutenant Colonel Syed Mir ALI IMAM AL MAMUN, present Zamindar of Padamdi (The Padamdi House, 1 Beradanga Road, Rajbari District, Bangladesh)
born 11th September 1950, educated at Nawabpur Government High School, at Notre Dame College, at Jagannath College, and at Dhaka University (Economics and Mathematics, 1969); he joined the Pakistan Military Academy in Kakul and was commissioned as a Second lieutenant in the Artillery Corps of the Pakistan Army on 29th March 1970, he held posts at 35 Heavy Artillery Regiment, Aide-de-Camp to the Corps Commander, and took an active part in the defense of Lahore during the Indo-Pak War of 1971, he was imprisoned in Sagai Fort during the war and later returned to Bangladesh under an I.C.R.C. mediated agreement between independent Bangladesh and Pakistan (1973), 7 Field Regiment Artillery of 55 Infantry Division; Aide-de-Camp to Major General Qazi Golam Dastagir, and later, Major General Khalilur Rahman during the military coup d'etat in August 1975, he commanded a contingent of around 3,000 troops, he raised 21 Rifle Wing (later, Battalion) in 1976, commander of 14 Field Regiment Artillery, served as Deputy Chief Martial Law Administrator for eight northern districts, and then as Deputy Area and Administrative Quarter Master General of the 72 Infantry Brigade during the period of martial law, commanded 4 Mortar Regiment Artillery, 11 Infantry Division, served in United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti, then in Bangladesh Rifles and as Commanding Officer of the 19 Rifle Battalion before retiring in July 2000; he was awarded the Victory Medal in 1971, the Constitution Medal in 1972, the Distinguished Service Medal - I in 1981, Distinguished Service Medal - II in 1991, Distinguished Service Medal - III in 2000, Dabanol (Wild Fire; 1975) with Gold Bar (1997), Bangladesh Rifles - Bicentennial 1995, United Nations Peace Medal 1996, Operation Black Panther 1974, Cyclone Relief Medal 1997, Parliament Elections Medal 1991; he married 11th February 1977, Begum Kalpana Mamun, and has issue.
  • Syed Muntasir Asir Mamun, born 1979, a diplomat (Senior Assistant Secretary) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, People’s Republic of Bangladesh, and later the Political First Secretary and Head of the Chancery, at High Commission for the Government of Bangladesh in New Delhi, Republic of India. Educated in the Takshashila Institution, attended National Maritime Law Enforcement Academy in Washington DC, USA. Awarded MPhil in World Trade Organization and an MBA, Finance and Economics from IBA at the University of Dhaka.
  • Syeda Zarin Imam, born 1981.

PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: Syed Shah Pahlowan, an Iraqi clergyman and a descendant of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad, founded the estate when he came to India and was granted the jagir of Padamdi by Padshah Jahangir in 1607. He died in the area and is buried in Shikara. During the reign of Padshah Shah Jahan, members of the family commanded the Imperial Artillery and were awarded with the title of Mir. The zamindari ended with the abolition of zamindaris, and the acquisition of the estates by the government, under the provisions of the East Bengal State Acquisition and Tenancy Act of 1950 which was drafted on 31st March 1948 following Independence from the British Government on 15th August 1947, and subsequent partition into the Union of India and the Dominions of Pakistan. The bill was passed on 16th May 1951, thereby abolishing all Zamindari families rights, rule and responsibilities. Estate holders were.....
  • Syed SHAH PAHLOWAN, founder and 1st Zamindar of Padamdi 1607/-,
  • ........
  • Nawab Syed Mir MUAZZAM HUSSAIN, Zamindar of Padamdi, married Daulatunessa Begum, and had issue.
    • Syed Mir Musharraf Hussain, he is considered the first Muslim Novelist from Bengal, and is a well known novelist, playwright and essayist and a pioneer of Bangla Literature; he is famous for his novel Bishchaad Shindu; his books are used as part of the Bangla Curriculum by the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Ministry of Education; he married 1stly, 1865, Azizunessa Begum, married 2ndly, 1874, Bibi Kulsoom.
  • Syed Mir SHIRAJUL HAQUE, Zamindar of Padamdi 1860/1890, married a daughter of the Deldward Zamindar of Tangail and had issue.
    • Mir Syed Shamsul Haque (qv)
  • Captain Syed Mir SHAMSUL HAQUE, Zamindar of Padamdi 1890/-, he served as an Indian and later Pakistani Civil Servant and Bureaucrat; he was commissioned into the Royal Indian Army in 1941 and served during WWII in Lucknow, British Raj as a Station Transport Officer under the command of Lt.-Col. Langstone; married and had issue.
    • Mir Syed Ali Imam Al Mamun (qv)
  • Lieutenant Colonel Syed Mir ALI IMAM AL MAMUN, present Zamindar of Padamdi (see above)
  • Hazrat Syed Fateh Ali Shah, a scion of the family whose tomb lies in Bogra.